Fairy’s The Pig’s Whiskers!

This is the life, what ho and all that. I am not sure why Daddy needs BOTH his paws to support me though, I’m not THAT big . . . am I? Did I hear him say his arms are aching, goodness me, whatever next?

Fairy's new whiskers (7)

Humph! Back in my cuddle cup now – mind you, it IS very comfy thanks to Jen creating a made to measure one just for me, in MY size.

Fairy's new whiskers (3)

And while I am here I may as well show you these. Look! My new set of whiskers! They are coming along very nicely! You can hardly notice I had a shave a few weeks ago. And there’s no sign of that nasty little lump on my sweet, angelic face.

Fairy's new whiskers (2)

Have a close look, you can see how strong and long they are, and that groove has almost disappeared altogether. All smooth and tidy.

Fairy's new whiskers (9)

Oh garroo, Daddy, what do you think you are DOING? Oh, holding my whiskers up for everyone to see how good they are? That’s ok then, I suppose.

Fairy's new whiskers (5)

Phew, that’s better, back where I belong. Thank you for looking at my whiskers. – did you notice the really long, stand up type ones, I am particularly proud of those ones! I grew them all by myself!

Fairy's new whiskers (1)

A bit later . . .

Are you still there? Good! I just wanted to say to all those little pigs out there, EAT YOUR GREENS! It is the only way to make your whiskers grow. That is exactly what I did, and look at me and MY whiskers. You don’t need expensive unguents or any other complicated and expensive methods. Take it from me, one who knows about these things. A regular bowl of salad and you too will soon be all whiskered up!

Fairy's whisker grease (2)