Fairy Discovers Some Smugglers!

Hummph! Has my super sized, snuggly SMUGG boot shrunk? I can’t seem to get in to it properly.

Just a minute, there are some kind of furry obstruction type things getting in my way. Fearless Fairy will have to investigate – gulp!

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (2)

Oh I might have known – a pair of Mousies!

What on earth were you two up to in MY boot? Be very careful before you reply – this is a Fairy Family Friendly Blog!

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (3)

Oh I see, you were out for a walk and got tired and needed somewhere cosy to lay your pointy little heads.

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (4)

Hummph again – very likely – I don’t think!

Well you can jolly well extricate yourselves from out of my boot and be quick about it. I am overdue my pre-pre-pre-tea snuggly snooze.

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (5)

Pfhoof! I still can’t seem to fit properly . . . there’s something else . . . uff . . . lumpy and very furry . . . stuck back here . . .

If I am not out in five seconds flat, shout for MUMMY!!!!

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (8)

Minty and Monty! OUT you come!

Well, well, well! What the dickens? This isn’t some public meeting boot you know. The cheek of it! Don’t you have a posh Cheese House to go to?

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (10)

You can all jolly well sit out here and make extra sure no one else creeps in to disturb my snooze.

Right then, I am going for my little . . . Oh no – not more obstructions!


This one’s got ears – very little EARS! And it has lots of them – EEEEEK!!!!

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (12)

Aaaaaagh – there’s a herd of them!

Come on. OUT, you furry, squeaky road blocks!

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (14)

I might have known – it’s those Pesky Baby Mices!

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (15)

Look here Baby Mabel, it’s no good you giggling like that – it’s not that funny!

And you, Marmaduke, stop all that rolling about on the floor – you’ll wear the carpet out!

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (18)

Right mice type persons, sit nicely and entertain yourselves for 5 hours or so.

It is definitely time for my NAP!

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (20)

Petunia! What ARE you doing up there? You, you . . .

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (23)

Oh you are going to watch over me and keep my dreams sweet and lovely and full of beautiful golden sunshine, type stuff.

Oh – how sweet! It is really difficult to be grumpy when they are so adoring.

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (22)

Okay, here’s the plan. You mices have a lovely family snooze  – over there, while I try to get some peace and quiet in my boot.

Right then, that’s that sorted. Night, night. Yawn.

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (25)

Oh my goodness – What NOW????

NO! No you jolly well can’t keep me company and check I am all tucked-in and warm and cosy and . . .

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (26)


Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (35)

Fairy’s Feeling Smugg!

I was just having a quiet nose around the house and came across this interesting object. Now what ever can it be?

SMUGG Fairy! (2)

Now then, I might just have a little look into that interesting top bit.

SMUGG Fairy! (11)

Ah, just as I suspected – methinks it looks like a perfect Mariella-free snuggling zone. Onwards and upwards!

SMUGG Fairy! (12)

Can you see me mummy?

SMUGG Fairy 2 (2)

This is so comfy, I might get it fitted with wheels – vroooooooooooooom!

Perfect for long walks!

SMUGG Fairy! (5)

Or perhaps I could address my loyal followers:

“Friends, Romans, Country-pigs, lend me your salad”.

“My fellow piggy’s – ask not what your country can do for you – ask rather what it can do for me? Or something similar!”

SMUGG Fairy 2 (6)

What a wonderful view – I can spy my super salady supper snacks from way up here.

SMUGG Fairy! (8)b

And I can snuggle right in – and keep my nose safe and warm.

SMUGG Fairy 2 (4)

This super Smugg Fairy-size bootee is so cosy, I might just move-in. Ha! The boot’s on the other feet now!

SMUGG Fairy 2 (7)