‘Tis The Season . . .

Oh come all ye faithful, tra la – friends, new callers here for the very first time (and what took you so long, may I ask?) and my best, most Important New Best Friend,  Raj Mahal.

It is time to ready ourselves for that special time of the year once again. The day will soon be upon us when we drag a jolly little unsuspecting tree into the glamorous world of Fairy-Land and adorn its branches with twinkly lights and baubles. When the fridge will be full to bursting with shelves groaning under the weight of fresh salad and vegetable treats of the finest kind. Actually, come to think of it, no real change there. Anyway, where was I . . . and when we hang up our stockings knowing they will be filled to over flowing with a veritable cornucopia of piggy-treats.

Before all that malarkey though, I need to raid the jolly old piggy-bank.

I’ve been saving my fur-pocket money all year, depositing it for safe keeping under the watchful and Scrooge like eye of Mr Bear.

Mummmmmmmmy! Can someone come and give me a paw with this piggy-bank type thingy, please?

It’s all change!

I bet there will be a jolly tidy sum when we get it all added up – bring on the calculator Mr Santa Bear, looks like we are going to need it.


Lets see, what have we here then, 20p + 17p + £1.62 + err, about £32.01 that’s hummph . . . LOTS!!!!

Well that didn’t take too long, did it?

I am a very lucky little Piggy and have everything I need. And so do Marigold and Mariella.

This Christmas I want to try to make extra sure other less fortunate Piggies have a good life too. I’m going to send all my savings to Piggy Rescues.

If you’ve enjoyed my Stories and Tales this year, please don’t be sending me any presents or any such like, I would much rather that you too send a donation to help those Piggies that really need it. After all – that’s what Christmas Fairies are for.

Nanny Fairy To The Rescue!

I didn’t know the new babies would be such hard work, Monty. I am just about at my tails end trying to cope with everything. I haven’t slept in nights! They don’t give me a moment’s peace – look at them! It’s bedtime now and they simply won’t settle down and go to sleep!

Don’t worry, Minty my sweetheart! I’ve just called Fairy and she is coming round later, as soon as she has finished her snacks. I am sure with her supreme diplomatic and organisational skills she will soon have everyone under control and life will be all hunky-dory again. You’ll see. If not, I have kept the receipt . . . Shh – she’s here!

Babies being naughty

Now then you three! Sit up straight and pay attention. It’s time we had a little chat.

Baby mouse bedtime (1)

No Marmaduke you can’t be excused – you should have ‘been’ at break time.

I want you to show your new mummy and daddy how good you all can be.

Baby mouse bedtime (25)

Come on now! It’s bed time. Settle down there. None of this shilly-shallying.

NO – I am not going to read you another story Mabel!

Baby mouse bedtime (4)

Well thank you, Petunia. I know you love me SO MUCH and a big hug is always lovely . . .

Baby mouse bedtime (7)

. . . oh! A very big hug it is then! These Cuddle Cup beds are not very big, are they?

Baby mouse bedtime (9)

4 hours later . . . that’s better – all that huggling has tired them out. I think everyone has nodded off . . . zzzzzzzzzzzz

Baby mouse bedtime (10)

The next night.

I brought one of my Baby Bowls around. I thought it would make a suitable bed!

In you get Petunia, there’s just enough room for a little’un!

Baby mouse bedtime (18)

What’s that, Marmaduke, you’re HUNGRY? You can’t be! It isn’t long since you had your supper.

No, I won’t get off until you promise to stop being naughty and go to sleep!

Baby mouse bedtime (16)

There – that worked! Good NIGHT . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Baby mouse bedtime (12)

The third night.

This old packing case from my office (the kitchen) makes a jolly good bed too. But you will soon either outgrow it or wear it out. Particularly if you don’t stop all that wriggling about.

Baby mouse bedtime (21)

Hmmm . . . I’ve got my work cut out here. However, I think I have solved the underlying problem – we need some new, proper beds – just like Monty and Minty’s. The babies want to be treated as part of the family.

Mummy! Daddy! Get your credit cards warmed up, we’re going shopping!

Baby mouse bedtime (23)

The Next Night

There we are – Bob’s your uncle!

The kiddy-winks feel all grown-up and appreciated and have settled down a treat.

All tucked up in the correct beds (3)

Mummy – does this mean I should have a brand new, super duper, luxury four poster bed with silk sheets and integral fridge (to help stave off night starvation) – just like yours? No!?

Hummph – one rule for mice another for Fairy! It’s so unfair!

All tucked up in the correct beds (6)

Oh well, at least it looks like my work here is done. All’s well that ends well!

Good night, Minty – good night Fairy! Good night, Monty . . . good night Fairy! Good night, Mabel, night night Auntie Fairy . . . good . . . night, Marm . . . zzzzz

All tucked up in the correct beds (8)ch

The Birds, The Bees and Babies!

G’day my people!

I am just on my way to visit Minty and Monty. I need to have a little ‘talk’ with them about something very important.

Fairy's bunch of flowers (10)

I hope Minty likes these pretty flowers, I picked them especially and didn’t even eat one!

Fairy's bunch of flowers (12)

Now then Minty and Monty, I thought I’d drop by and see how married life is treating you?

You have been married for a month now and there are certain matters of a delicate nature that we need to discuss.

It’s nice that we can sit out in the sunshine and relax while we have our little chat. Would it be possible to arrange for some snacks though? It seems ages since I had my post lunch top-up. Oh and a cooling drink – I’m beginning to feel a bit hot.

Fairy and adopt a mouse baby (1)

Now while you two sit up straight and concentrate on paying attention and not giggling, I am going to get a little booklet that will help me to explain certain matters more fully.

Fairy and adopt a mouse baby (2)

Right, deep breath, here goes. Minty and Monty my dears, you are both healthy mice and it is only natural that your thoughts may be turning towards err, gulp – starting a family.

Oh dear, is it me or is it getting very hot in here?

Fairy and adopt a mouse baby (10)

Planning a family is not a matter to take lightly. There are many pitfalls and lots of things can go wrong.

Pay close attention to this section, and those diagrams, and all will become clear. Hopefully!

Fairy and adopt a mouse baby (12)

Goodness, where’s mummy when you need her?

You see, it isn’t too complicated is it? All you need to ensure is that you follow the procedures carefully and don’t worry if nothing seem to be happening. It can take ages sometimes but it will be worth the wait. Before you both know it, you will be blessed with the pitter patter of tiny paws.

Fairy and adopt a mouse baby (14)

That wasn’t so difficult.

Monty and Minty are going to send off for a baby mouse from their local Adopt-a-Mouse Rescue centre. They have some beautiful little mice.

Fairy and adopt a mouse baby (5)

Well done you two – there are so many babies needing good homes.

Maybe you could ask for a baby AND a toddler mouse, then they can play together then!

Fairy and adopt a mouse baby (8)

Your local Adopt-a-Mouse Rescue Centre will be glad you had the good sense to act responsibly.

Can you excuse me now, I really need to go and have my tea.

Fairy and adopt a mouse baby (16) b

Gosh Minty, I thought Fairy was going to give us her ‘Birds and Bees’ talk!

Minty and Monty plan their adoption (1)

Yes Monty, so did I! How embarrassing would that have been? Give us a kiss!

Minty and Monty plan their adoption (4)