Jolly Boating Weather, ma’am!

Greetings my loyal subjects.

Apparently there are lots of Street Parties and everything in the UK today Р are Roads and Motorways invited too?

There is also a huge flotilla of boats type pageant extravaganza going on down the River Thames in London town.

All this festivity must be to do with MY upcoming Birthday. But all is not well. HRH The Queen and Prince Philip were invited on to my luxurious Barge to view proceedings and I can’t see them anywhere.

Oh I see – how thoughtful of Her Majesty – she didn’t want me to think she was muscling-in on ones big day.

As if anyone could outshine Fairy indeed? The very idea! She isn’t even wearing a proper crown.

Phew – all this pageantry is very hungry making – now who said something about there being cucumber sandwiches?