A Sunday Jaunt!

Hello – is there room in there for little ‘un?


Oh okay then. what with my mighty strength and magic Fairy-Powers I will soon have this wagon rolling.

Heave . . . oh just a grass-picking minute, they must be joking.
But don’t worry, we already have a man-powered engine on paw.

DAAAAADDY? Come on now, give us a push can you, and hurry up about it. My new pig sisters are not going to sit still for much longer!

That’s just the ticket – hold on tight everyone while we zoom round the garden!


Great! That went well.

I think we ALL enjoyed the high speed bit – we should do this EVERY Sunday, what do you think, Pixie . . . Pixie, are you ok?!

Oh dear, the youngsters of today, ¬†they can’t stand the pace!