Minty’s Marvellous Wedding Dress!

Fairy took Minty to choose her wedding dress the other day. Plans are well under way for ‘The Wedding Of The Year’. The invitations will be in the post any day – look out for yours!

Here’s Fairy to take us through the proceedings.

Morning, Mr Bear. It is so kind of you to offer to make Minty’s wedding dress. We spotted some of your marvellous creations when we went up to London. You are so talented! We want nothing but the best for Minty.

Choosing dress fabric  (42)

Come along now, Minty, behave yourself!

Choosing dress fabric  (34)

Yes, this is a gorgeous fabric, this cotton matches perfectly.

Choosing dress fabric  (39)

This is a beautiful shade too . . . pale pink, just like my ears!

Choosing dress fabric  (32)

. . . what do you think, Minty?

Choosing dress fabric  (31)

Haha! You look so funny in THAT!

Choosing dress fabric  (36)

Well now, that is divine too . . .

Choosing dress fabric  (16)

. . . and this pale blue is so pretty! Is it pure silk do you know?

Choosing dress fabric  (23)

Oh! Oh! Oh! I am going to . . . SNEEZE! Atichoo! S’cuse me!

Choosing dress fabric  (22)

Yeees . . . . it is quite lovely as well.

Choosing dress fabric  (30)

Hum . . . those ribbons would tone in perfectly too.

What do you reckon, Mr Bear?

Choosing dress fabric  (15)

The shade suits your fur colouring so well.

Choosing dress fabric  (24)

Hang on! I’ll ask Mum – Muuuuum! do you like it?

Choosing dress fabric  (26)

And, more importantly, what do YOU think?

Choosing dress fabric  (14)

Let’s try it on then!

Choosing dress fabric  (27)

Oh my whiskers! Just look at you! Mr Bear, you are a clever tailor!

Choosing dress fabric  (13)

You look simply amazing, Minty!

Choosing dress fabric  (4)

I think I’ll just have a nap while you do all the measurements and things, Mr Bear.

Choosing dress fabric  (1)

Minty, you are going to be the most beautiful bride I have ever seen!

Monty is a very lucky little mouse!

Choosing dress fabric  (43)

A Romp In The Park!

A glorious Spring day and Fairy and her pals are off on a picnic!

Pignic time (23)

C’mon you lot, it’s time to get out!

Pignic time (19)

Well, it seems Pandora and Peregrine, Minty’s Brother, are getting along fine and dandy.

Pignic time (10)

It’s nice here, isn’t it?

Pignic time (12)

Lovely place to enjoy a spot of sunbathing.

Pignic time (15)

What a marvellous hat, Monty! I love your scarf too, Minty!

Pignic time (9)b

The grass is scrumptious.

Pignic time (6)

What do you reckon to that Church over there, Mariella? I wonder if they do weddings!

Pignic time (8)

Maybe we should pay a visit to see how to book one!!

Busy Baking!

Now then you two, I’m glad you could come over today – we are going to bake a cake. I like your pinny, Minty, just the job! Let’s get on then, it will be a certain person’s Birthday soon, so you need to know what to do.

Baking class (1)

This IS going to be fun!

Baking class (11)b

Now, where did I put my rolling pin?

Baking class (5)

Oh! Here it is! Give that a good mix, Minty!

Baking class (3)

Let me check . . .

Baking class (14)

. . . . yes, it’s very flourery!

Baking class (15)

Careful, Monty, the oven will be very hot . . . . it is ready for . . .

Baking class (4)

. . . the cake to go in now.

Baking class (18)

Just time for a quick nap!

Baking class (20)

Ooooooo! Can I smell burning?

Baking class (44)

No! It is alright – look, your cake is perfect.

Baking class (25)

What a productive day we have had – well done!

Baking class (27)

That tomato looks tasty!

Baking class (29)

Now then, can you guess what comes next? The washing up! You should always leave your kitchen clean and tidy.

Baking class (38)

I think we have earned a well deserved nap . . . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Baking class (43)