Fairy Packs It In!

Right then my adoring fans, after weeks of eager anticipation it’s time to put aside all those brochures and for Mr Bear and me to set off on our jolly holidays.

There’s just the small matter of the packing left to do.


So Mr Bear, I hope you have been following my carefully written instructions to the letter?


I have been rushing about all day getting my things together. What precisely have you got ready?


Oh – just the Bear Essentials?!! I might have known!!


Actually I didn’t really have to do all that much running around – my willing army of Mousie helpers have been a little less pesky than usual today. They got all my everythings ready while I had a light snack and a snooze, and another not quite so light snack and a snooze and . . .


So let’s see how well they have done.


Glad they remembered the chairs – you never know when you might need a nice sit down and a cuppa.


I’ll just check there’s sufficient beds – 1, 5, 17, 8, 23 – Oh yes, that seems just about perfect.


Deckchair, spare blankie, emergency wheeled cart with integral helping hand device . . .


Steam Iron, to keep my fur coats all smooth and crease free . . . tra, la, laaaaa.


That all looks to be in order. Well done me. I simply need to pack everything into this capacious traveling portmanteau, then, it’s off we go.


What? Why are you all looking at me like that?


No problem with the packing. All you need is a little bit of Fairy Magic.


Hold tight Mr Bear – oh do leave those Duty Frees alone – we’re off!

Keep a look out for my Holiday Postcards.

Fairy Gets Resolute!

Fairy Takes To The Skies!

Psst! Mr Bear! There seems to be a . . . new Fairy thingy!
Is it pour moi?

Wow – look, it’s got WINGS and everything.

Is this seat arrangement sufficiently errr, ‘ample’, to accommodate for my furry little behind?

Hum . . . at least its got a brake pedal!
What’s all that ‘Joystick’ talk supposed to mean?

Looks like a clear blue sky – perfect for a test flight.

Errr – actually I have no idea what that talk of ‘test flights’ even means – perhaps Mr Bear can elucidate, or explain even.

Right – that’s that all the technicalities taken care of – good job I’m quick on the up take!
This is all well and good in theory, Flight Lieutenant Mr Bear, but what is the whole point of this Hairy plane whatsit? Sitting about in it is all very nice and cosy but . . . well, it isn’t what you’d call ‘exciting’ is it?

That did it – we’re going to set off.
I’m going FLYING!
Fasten your seatbelts everyone, we’re going up for real!

Err! There seems to be something amiss here . . . after all those driving theory lessons, shouldn’t it be little ME in the driving seat?

Performing my pre flight checks now . . .
SNACKS – check.
FLAPS UP – ears in place – check.
Doors to annual – or something – check.
Come in, flight control. It is Fairy-pilot-in-command here requesting a bit of clearance . . . this seat is a little too cosy!
Hold very tight! Taxi – for Mr Bear – out you go.

I’ll just take her up for a solo flight if that’s alright with you . . . . neeeeeooooowwwww . . . . chocks away!
Oooooops – who put that hedge there? HELP!!!

Brave and fearless Mr Bear to the rescue – complete with emergency salad rations.

Phew, back down on rocky garden – all safe and sound.
Oh – Mr Bear – you’re my hero!

I’m sure this will come as something of a surprise to you all – but all this flying about has made me very peckish.
No time to hang around – must fly!