Fairy’s Marmalade Get Top Award – With Special Guest Appearance!

Welcome to Fairy’s Marvellous Magical Marmalade Factory

Hello my adoring fans and other people. I’m glad you could join me on this historic day in Fairy’s Fruitery. We have been selected by a very important group of Magical Marmalade big-wigs to be visited by an even more important celebrity type someone for possible inclusion in a world famous Marmalade Guide or Brownie or something equally grand. Oh joy!

I had better start rehearsing my welcome speech.

Ahem . . . you must be highly honoured for me to deign to accept this stupendous award . . .

What was that? I haven’t been awarded anything yet? Ooooops! Maybe we ought to get properly prepared for the inspection and all that.

Right, Mr Foreman Bear. I want you to try and keep your pesky mousie type helpers under control. I run a tight ship here and everyone has to look as if they know what’s what. Oh, and there’s no need to keep testing the Whisky Marmalade is there?

What was that noise?????

Ooooooh, errrr, I think the very important celebrity superstar type inspector has arrived.

Nervous? Me? Don’t be silly, I am performing a welcoming tap-dance with my knees.

Oh my ears and whiskers, it’s only that marvellous marmalade munching miracle – Mr Paddington, all the way from deepest, darkest Appleby!

Oh do come in your highness, take off your boots and make your self at home.

Please feel free to start your inspection whenever you want to. Oh, you have started already have you?

Squeak Squeek – Oh for goodness sake you two, come on stop messing about – stand up straight!

Squeak Squeak – One day I want to be big enough to fill Paddington’s shoes!

Oh the un-bearable tension! I don’t care for all this deliberating malarkey.

Oh my – I think he must have finished – he’s coming over ( and about time too – I’m feeling distinctly peckish!)

Oh thank goodness – not only have we been accepted into the special book type thingy – I have been awarded Three Spare Tyre Awards!

Well done everyone – Three cheers for Fairy!
Hip, hip, hooray!

And if that wasn’t honour enough – Fairy’s Magical Marmalade has received the highest accolade of preserve making achievement ever –

Paddington’s own ‘Official Seal of Approval’!

Very nice I’m sure – but not quite as good as Mummy’s special salad snacks. Bye now Paddington – off you go – I’m not sure this blog has room for two such inter galactic super egos. Anyway all that chest fur reminds me it’s almost time for my Daddy cuddle!

Happy First Anniversary!

All clear left! Check the mirror – and we’re off!

Toot, TOOT! Watch out everyone, Fairy’s behind the wheel.
What a glorious day for a spiffing drive in the country.

No canoodling in the back. I’ve got my eye on you two!

Now then, before we go any further, I think you ought to know – I have organised a very special surprise for you.
As you may recall, it is exactly one year ago since the Big Day – your splendiferous wedding. A day not one of us will ever forget – especially me! I hear it is still discussed in hushed tones throughout the land.

Hold tight! We’re there! Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech!
Oooops – bit heavy on the old brakes there!

SURPRISE! Happy First Anniversary!

Squeek, squeek (translate: Hello, Mariella. Hello Marigold. Wow – look Monty – all our friends and family are here, in Fairy’s marvelous marquee!)

Right lets get the catering arrangements under way. Come on Mariella and Marigold, give me a paw to get things ready will you please?

Now then – I left it all under that chair here.

Humph – maybe it was over here.

Er, excuse me. You don’t happen to have seen a whole lot of scrummy yum yums do you?

Unfortunately, the lack of tasty nibbles appears to be causing some ‘consternation and discontent’ amongst the guests.

There was no need for that – it’s not poor Minty’s fault you’re starving!!!

Mr Bear had something in his eye – he was NOT making improper suggestions! Apologise to him this minute.
Oh, you WERE making improper suggestions Mr Bear!!!!!!

That’s better. Nice group photo time.

What do you mean, Marigold? You’re tired and hungry and want to go home this minute?

Squeek, squeek, squeeeeeeeeeeek! (Translate: It was an EVENTFUL party, Monty. Fairy is such a unique little organiser and always manages to produce something that will er, stay in the memory!)

Right, that’s enough of all that party type stuff. All aboard – just time to make one of my memorable speeches.
Thank you everyone for coming to my surprise Anniversary event and making it such a wonderful success! Bye, bye!

Broom, broom!! Hold very tight you two – we’re off!

That all went very well didn’t it? And I don’t think anyone realised that I had eaten all the ‘catering’ earlier today!

We’re On The Move!

The newly weds have been spending time relaxing in their brand new rented apartment in London. It is Japanese style!
Meanwhile Peregrine and Pandora are busy decorating Minty and Monty’s new home, with a little help from Fairy of course.

Come along Peregrine, you will have to brush-up your technique – you’ve missed a bit!

Peregrine and Pandora painting (1)

It’s looking very smart. Maybe Minty and Monty can move in at the weekend.

Peregrine and Pandora painting (2)

This Oriental style penthouse apartment in Town is all well and good . . . but I feel like I am in a cage when I come to visit!

Minty and Monty go Japanese! (4)

Mind you, I must admit I quite like this super hat thingy!

Minty and Monty go Japanese! (22)

And the pair of you look very fetching in yours!

Minty and Monty go Japanese! (2)

And those shoes are the height of fashion, Minty!

Minty and Monty go Japanese! (13)

Muuum! Look! Can I get a pair of these please? I could use my Birthday money!

Minty and Monty go Japanese! (12)

They make me look taller, and everything!!! I promise I won’t fall off them.

Minty and Monty go Japanese! (10)

Oh! Is it time for a snack? Good! I was beginning to feel rather peckish! Can we have sushi salad without the fish please?

Minty and Monty go Japanese! (14)

A couple of days later . . .

We’re on the move! Minty and Monty’s new home is ready now. We’ve loaded the cart and we are on the way! I hope they haven’t forgotten anything . . . beds, blankets, cuddle cups, food bowl, salad . . . SALAD?!

House move (1)

Where’s the salad? It’s no good, we’ll have to go back . . .

House move (3)

. . . what’s that Marigold? You’ve already stocked up the fridge? Well, why didn’t you say?! Phew! That’s one less thing to worry about. Let’s get this lot unloaded then and we can make a start on lunch.

House move (6)

There! That is much better! Nom, nom . . . lovely salad!

Err, Snow Bear, get off the bed!

They're in! (3)

I didn’t mean, ‘Help yourself to MY salad’!

They're in! (7)

More tea, Minty?

They're in! (6)

Actually, this bed is quite comfy and seems to be just my size.

They're in! (16)

And Snow Bear fits nicely on the rug!

They're in! (17)

Maybe I could stay over and keep you and Monty company, Minty!

They're in! (13)

Hehe! I was only joking! I like my own house far too much to live in a mouse-house!

More salad anyone?!

They're in! (4)b

Honeymoon cut short – shock!

We have had such a lovely honeymoon. I have kept an eye on the newly weds and we have gone everywhere together. I will be sending more pics soon so everyone can see what we’ve been up to. However, it seems we are returning home a bit early though, ready for my Big Birthday on Friday. Minty and Monty say that Mummy has arranged a big party for me with lots of presents and tasty nibbles; so I am really sorry Minty and Monty but the honeymoon will just have to finish early!

Now then where are those pesky love-mice? They sent me along early to reserve the seat but they will have to hurry otherwise they might miss the bus. I can’t imagine how they would cope without me to organise everything for them!

Greyhound bus

Oh dear! They are leaving it a bit late, the driver has started the engine. Lucky I managed to get a nice comfy seat. When do they come around with the snacks?

Greyhound bus seat

Bye bye Fairy – see you back in Appleby! Right Minty – it’s just you and me now – at last!

Fairy leaving, on the road

The Grand Wedding Reception!

It has been an exciting morning for everyone seeing the lovely Araminta and Montmorency tie the knot! Now we join the guests as they assemble in Fairy’s garden for the wedding reception this afternoon.

Here they are, tucking into their buffet, toasting the happy couple, and discussing the bride’s mother’s hat! And here’s Fairy to tell you all about it in her own inimitable way.

Good afternoon! This all looks jolly nice and the weather is perfect!

Is everyone having a good time? Good! Help yourselves, there’s plenty to go round (hopefully).

The reception on the lawn best (1)

I think I’ll have a tiny little mouthful to be going on with. I was just feeling a little peckish!

I have been meaning to say, Primrose ma’am, just how . . . burp . . . much I like your wedding hat . . . burp, ‘scuse me!

The reception on the lawn (9)b.

It will be your turn next, Pandora. Well done catching the bride’s bouquet by the way! Has Peregrine popped the question yet?

12 The reception (2c).

Are you enjoying the buffet, Auntie Pearl? This Super De-luxe spread was supplied by Fortnomnomnom & Masons don’t you know.

The reception on the lawn best (20)

Now then, what on earth is going on over there?

The reception on the lawn best (6)

Oh my goodness, it looks like Rev Mr Bear has overindulged yet again!

The reception on the lawn best (4)

. . . yep! He’s been at the communion sherry! How embarrassing!

12 The reception (5)

Just tidy up Rev Mr Bear can you girls? I’ll go check out that gatecrasher.

12 the reception 4

‘Scuse me! Yes you! Humm . . . you look familiar . . .

The reception on the lawn best (12)c

The little dog came with Rev Mr Bear, Primrose. They are wearing matching collars!

12 The reception (11)

Come on you love mice – it is time to cut the wedding cake.

12 The reception (2e)

I’ll go and get things organised! Right happy couple, follow me over here, and don’t dilly dally.

The reception on the lawn (20)

Oh wow! Look at this!

2 Cutting the cake on the steps  (1)

Well! Did you ever see such a cheesy cake?

2 Cutting the cake on the steps  (2)

Hahaha! It is incredibly cheesey! Mind you, a tad more salad in it wouldn’t have gone amiss.

2 Cutting the cake on the steps  (4)

Come along quickly over here everyone. The Bride and Groom are cutting their cheese cake!

2 Cutting the cake on the steps  (5)

Hum. I wonder if these grapes taste as good as they look!

14 The Cake (7)

Time for the Official Wedding portrait of all the family.

It’s the first little sit down I’ve had all day. I think I will just have a little . . . snooze . . . zzz

Family group on bench (6)

Here’s one for the album. Over here with that camera please.

2 Family Group in daisies with Monty (3)

Mariella, Mariella look. It is starting to get dark and I think the happy couple are going to make a move.

Picnic on lawn (54)

Minty! Monty! Where are you going? Come back. You can’t go now – you haven’t opened your wedding presents yet. There are lots of interesting looking gifts!

2 getting in to go (1)

What do you mean, ‘What are you doing?’ I am making myself nice and cosy in the cart. I thought I’d drive!

You didn’t think you would leave me behind did you?

Why? What? Squeak – I don’t believe it!!! WHY can’t I come on The Honeymoon too?

4 Boohoo I want to come too (2)

I WANT TO COME TOO! It’s not fair. I am going to squeem and squeem

** stamps paw **

4 Boohoo I want to come too (1)

Boo-hoo! Booo-hoo-hooo sniffle. Nobody loves me . . . do you have a tissue, please? SOB and SNORT!

4 Boohoo I want to come too (3)

Humph, I was looking forward to a super adventure, seeing new places, trying tasty new salads, and maybe catching up with some pals across the pond. It isn’t too much to ask is it – after all the hard work I have done bossing everyone about and tidying away the left over buffet salad?

6 can I drive (3)

I didn’t know you were planning to leave me behind. You two have had a grand day. I just feel abandoned like some poor piggy, dumped when they are not wanted any more . . .

6 can I drive (2)

I CAN COME?! Oh goody! Okay, yes! I promise I won’t be a nuisance and get in the way on your honeymoon. You’ll hardly know I’m there Minty.

I knew you wouldn’t really leave me behind. Hop in then! Let’s be off! Monty – why the long face?

20 Going Away (7)

It’s getting a bit dark. I can’t see where I’m going . . . I’ll steer by sense of smell.

Off they all go (13)

Peep! Peep! Make way there! Bloomin’ roundabout, plonked in the middle of the road!

Monty, what do you mean, ‘It’s going to be a long night’?

Off they all go (15)

All clear! And we are OFF on OUR Honeymoon! Toot, toot!

9 Going away (2)

The Wedding Of Araminta and Montmorency Mouse!

Welcome to the wedding of Fairy’s close friend, the beautiful international model Araminta Mouse, to the esteemed Mouse about town Montmorency Mouse.

It seems like yesterday that Fairy played matchmaker, accompanying the pair on their very first date, going along to make sure Minty didn’t forget the chocolates on Valentine’s Day,  and being there at the actual moment our hero, Monty, popped the question!

After an enjoyable family dinner with Minty’s parents, the couple finally chose their new home, with Fairy’s help of course.

And now the Big Day has arrived!

Fairy is here to tell you all about it . . .

Here’s Minty with her parents in my garden posing for a family portrait earlier this morning. Minty couldn’t wait to don her wedding gown – and no wonder! Her embroidered silk dress with close fitted wrap style bodice in gold, flowing train and attractive veil, looks stunning! Designed by the talented designer and upcoming star, Mildred Mouse-Couture, it is certain to be on all the fashion show mousewalks this season!

The proud parents, The Rt Hon Plantagenet and Primrose Big-Mouse are thrilled to bits about the wedding. ‘Monty is a very suitable young mouse, a very decent sort. He is joining the company too, you know,’ commented Plantagenet. ‘We are simply delighted,’ said Primrose, ‘It really is a marvellous occasion. Do you like my hat?’

1 Family Group in daisies  (3)

Your frock is truly amazing, Minty! I hope Marigold and Mariella, your Bridesmaids, can help you to steer the train. Now, don’t forget to smile at the camera and say cheese a lot!

Grab your bouquet and let’s be off!

1 Family Group in daisies  (4)

Come on then! Let’s get a move on. We don’t want to keep Monty waiting at the altar – well, not for too long anyway! It’s a lovely morning for a ride in the Fairy Carriage.

1 Arriving at church (8)

Oh look at the crowds! Don’t forget to give them a gracious wave.

‘Hello!’ ‘Yes, beautiful!’ ‘Thank you!’

1 Arriving at church (3)

Now, where are those bridesmaids . . .

1 Arriving at church (5)

Oh jolly good, there you are! What lovely fur coats you are wearing!

11 Leaving church  (20)

We’re here now! I’ll get out and help you dismount, Minty. We don’t want you tripping up over your hem now do we?

1 Arriving at church (7)b

Morning, Mr Plantagenet sir. Lovely day for it. Err, can I have a quiet word? Minty is feeling a little nervous . . . her whiskers are all trembly and she says she has little butterflies in her tummy. I think she feels trapped! It has all got a bit much. Perhaps a light snack would help?

3 A word with Daddy (5)

Thank you for calming Minty down Mr Plantagenet, you have been a great help. Everything is going to be just fine.

I will go and make sure everyone is ready and in their place! No peeping, Monty!

3 A word with Daddy (1)

Marigold, Mariella, can you check Minty’s train and take care of her bouquet? Mrs Primrose ma’am, can you and Plantagenet come forward to join us at the altar? Quickly please – there is such a lot to do! Guests . . . . we are starting now. Please check that your mobile phones are turned off! Right!

6 The bridesmaids (1)

We are ready for Araminta and Montmorency to tie the knot!

Make sure you get the words right, Reverend Mr Bear! Oh, I do hope he hasn’t been at the sherry!

5 At the altar (1)

What’s that Rev Mr Bear? Do speak up! The Ring . . . . what RING?

Oh no, THE RING? Gulp!

7 The ceremony (5)

Oooooo Mariella, Fairy has lost The Ring! She is usually so well organised.

Pity you’re not wearing your tummy button ring! They could have used that, Marigold!!

6 The bridesmaids (8)

Excuse me Plantagenet sir, we seem to have a small problem. I would appear that I have misplaced the ring . . .

5 At the altar (2)b.

Err . . . . I won’t be a moment! I just need to go and be on my own for a while.

You carry on without me . . . sing a hymn or something.

7 The ceremony (1)

Let’s look for it, Mariella! It can’t have gone far . . .

6 The bridesmaids (6)

. . . I’ve found it! Fairy, come back, it’s all going to be okay.

6 The bridesmaids (7)b

Well done, Marigold! You have saved the day.

The wedding is back on! Has anyone seen Reverend Mr Bear? Did you hide that sherry, Mariella?

8 Done! (2)b.

Shhhh now . . . it is their big moment . . .

‘I now pronounce you Mouse and Mouse!’ announces Rev Mr Bear, reverendly!

6 Mouse and wife!

Well done! Thank you, Rev Mr Bear. You did a great job! And such a lovely service.

7 The ceremony (18)

Congratulations everyone! Didn’t it go well?

8 Done! (3)

Come along . . . it’s traditional that we cover you with flower-petal confetti!

No, I have no idea why either!

9 Confetti (2)b

It is time to make our way to the carriage. This way, look sharp.

8 Done! (7)

We are setting off for the reception now! See you all there!

11 Leaving church  (10)

Bye bye everyone – see you back at my house for the next bit. Can someone tidy up all that confetti please?

11 Leaving church  (3)

Oh Minty, you were wonderful. I am so proud of you.

I don’t suppose you brought any food with you did you?

11 Leaving church  (34)

‘Don’t sniff Plantagenet. You are not loosing a daughter, you are gaining a son.’

‘I know – that’s why I am crying!’

11 Leaving church  (26)

Gosh – that was exciting. We have all had such a wonderful time!

I’ll get my paw down – I’m starting to feel more than a little peckish. I can’t wait for the buffet!

11 Leaving church  (33)