Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid . . . .

Coming sooooooon

Fairy Discovers Some Smugglers!

Hummph! Has my super sized, snuggly SMUGG boot shrunk? I can’t seem to get in to it properly.

Just a minute, there are some kind of furry obstruction type things getting in my way. Fearless Fairy will have to investigate – gulp!

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (2)

Oh I might have known – a pair of Mousies!

What on earth were you two up to in MY boot? Be very careful before you reply – this is a Fairy Family Friendly Blog!

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (3)

Oh I see, you were out for a walk and got tired and needed somewhere cosy to lay your pointy little heads.

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (4)

Hummph again – very likely – I don’t think!

Well you can jolly well extricate yourselves from out of my boot and be quick about it. I am overdue my pre-pre-pre-tea snuggly snooze.

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (5)

Pfhoof! I still can’t seem to fit properly . . . there’s something else . . . uff . . . lumpy and very furry . . . stuck back here . . .

If I am not out in five seconds flat, shout for MUMMY!!!!

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (8)

Minty and Monty! OUT you come!

Well, well, well! What the dickens? This isn’t some public meeting boot you know. The cheek of it! Don’t you have a posh Cheese House to go to?

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (10)

You can all jolly well sit out here and make extra sure no one else creeps in to disturb my snooze.

Right then, I am going for my little . . . Oh no – not more obstructions!


This one’s got ears – very little EARS! And it has lots of them – EEEEEK!!!!

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (12)

Aaaaaagh – there’s a herd of them!

Come on. OUT, you furry, squeaky road blocks!

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (14)

I might have known – it’s those Pesky Baby Mices!

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (15)

Look here Baby Mabel, it’s no good you giggling like that – it’s not that funny!

And you, Marmaduke, stop all that rolling about on the floor – you’ll wear the carpet out!

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (18)

Right mice type persons, sit nicely and entertain yourselves for 5 hours or so.

It is definitely time for my NAP!

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (20)

Petunia! What ARE you doing up there? You, you . . .

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (23)

Oh you are going to watch over me and keep my dreams sweet and lovely and full of beautiful golden sunshine, type stuff.

Oh – how sweet! It is really difficult to be grumpy when they are so adoring.

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (22)

Okay, here’s the plan. You mices have a lovely family snooze  – over there, while I try to get some peace and quiet in my boot.

Right then, that’s that sorted. Night, night. Yawn.

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (25)

Oh my goodness – What NOW????

NO! No you jolly well can’t keep me company and check I am all tucked-in and warm and cosy and . . .

Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (26)


Mouses in the Smugg Boot! (35)

Fairy, The Carroty-Comfort-Cushion and the Cheese-Chair Episode!

. . . earlier today in the Thatched Cottage Garden . . .

What’s that orange thing over there, Petunia?

I don’t know, Marmaduke. Maybe it has been sent here by a vastly superior intelligence from a galaxy far, far away.

Either that or the local supermarket’s delivery service has got the order wrong again!

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (1)

Well, whatever it is, and where ever it has come from, it’s very big and very orange!

Here comes Fairy – she will be sure to know. She knows everything. I know she knows everything because she told me she does.

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (2)

Now then you young mousy type mice. What’s happening?

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (3)

There has been a sudden outbreak of strange, unexplained giant cuddle cup type things? Ooooh, sounds interesting.

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (4)

Now then, where might these unexpected dollops of comfort be hiding themselves exactly?

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (5)

I’m sitting on one?!

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (7)

Yes, of course. I knew that.

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (6)

Well let me see? This one is giant, and orange, very comfy and has an artistic green bit at one end.

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (8)

It looks to me as if yours is triangular, and yellow, very comfy with an artistic ‘nibble’ taken out of one side.

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (9)

Now let me examine all the evidence. Err . . . no idea!

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (10)

Oh, just a minute, did you say you spotted the Postman staggering up the path with a huge parcel that had been sent all the way from America?

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (15)

Oh of course, silly me – they are fabulous ‘designer’ chairs, made especially for us by Jens Custom Crafts! Yours is the all new patented Cheese-Chair, and mine is the Carroty-Comfort-Cushion.

Thanks Jen, they have been awarded my special ‘Approved by Fairy’ accolade.

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (16)

Mine’s A Sweetcorn Leaf!

I know what you are thinking – how could Fairy possibly leave all that spare lovely bright shiny sweet corn leaf treasure behind?

Well – she didn’t! Just after the last photo was taken . . .

Mummy – can you come quickly? Oh, and bring lots of carrier bags with you please!

Out for a ride (35)

A few hours later, back home all safe and sound . . . . .

Settle down now, and I’ll read you a bedtime story.

Once upon a time there were three little mice . . . and a lovely Piggy Auntie called Fairy . . .

Bedtime story (1)

Good  that did the trick – they have all drifted off to the land of nod.

Bedtime story (5)b

It was such a jolly good thing Mummy brought all the Sweet Corn Leaves home from the famous Sweetcorn Leaf Mine. I like to have a little snack just before retiring, and just in case I wake-up during the night, and just in case I might wake-up again during the night, and . . .

Bedtime story (3)

And there’s even some left for breakfast! Woo hoo!

Goodness me – yesterday was the best day ever! It was a champion day!

Time for . . . nom . . . nom . . . sleeps zzzzzzzzzzzzZZZ

Bedtime story (8)

Fairy Gets More Treasures Than She Bargained For!

Nanny Fairy here people, my good works and kindnesses to bestow.

Minty and Monty wanted a quiet day out together today, probably to get me a big prize or plan a huge surprise party for me or something of that me-centred nature. I, of course, volunteered to look after all the baby mices for them. Such a selfless little treasure I am!

Out for a ride (36)

Hello there Marmaduke, Mabel and Petunia. How lovely for you to have me to look after you today.

Out for a ride (8)

Right you three, lets be ‘aving you. Are you all sitting comfortably? Hold tight. We are off for a quiet genteel stroll around the garden on this beautiful sunshiny day, in your beautiful new shiny pram.

Out for a ride (34)

Mummy, we are going to set off now mummy. We won’t be too long, Mummy. You might want to prepare some restorative sustenance for when we get back. I will be very much in need of it because I will be doing all the hard work type things in the hot sun, pushing this great big heavy pram and everything.

Out for a ride (6)

Chocks away! Oh! Hang on . . . I will need a quick energy boost before we move off.

Now where did I put that secret stash of grass? Looks like you are sitting on it, Marmaduke, hotch over.

Out for a ride (9)

Yum, yum. Now, you three can sit there patiently and admire a virtuoso display of piggy formation nibbling and at the same time get a free maths lesson.

Munch, 2, 3, 4. Chew, 2, 3, 4 . . . and what comes next, Petunia? Yep, swallow! Gulp 2, 3, 4 . . .

Out for a ride (13)

That was just the ticket. Right, brace yourselves – time to launch this show on the road.

Just a cotton pickin’ minute – what’s that up ahead?

Out for a ride (4)

It can’t be, can it? It looks like it could be . . . I can’t believe it – we might have stumbled across a mythical, fantastical, storybook type treasure, beyond the wildest dreams of piggy avarice. . . A Sweet Corn Leaf Mine!!!!

Corn drying

Whoooooooah! Look! By ginger! It is!


Out for a ride (16)

Goodness – this looks like a very picturesque picnic spot. Let’s just sit and eat the scenery for a while.

Nomm, nomm, burp – pardon! Nomm, nomm . . .

Out for a ride (19)

We can’t possibly leave all this yummy stuff here to go to waste . . .

I know, let’s pile as much as we can into the perambulator.

Out for a ride (15)

I had better sit up here and make sure nothing falls overboard.

Come on then mices – heave ho. Let’s make tracks for home.

Out for a ride (20)

Put those little mousey backs into it. Puuuuuuush!

Out for a ride (21)

Hummph, we don’t seem to be getting very far. Are you all trying?

Out for a ride (25)

What’s that, Mabel? One of the wheels has sunk into the gravel?

Well, if you had pushed a little harder, and complained a little less . . .

Out for a ride (30)

MUMMMYY – HELP – WE’RE STUCK! Ring the breakdown man, quick. We will need an extra big, strong tow truck!

Out for a ride (32)

No need to panic – I have it all fixed and fettled.

There was nothing for it – I lightened the load – by eating all those yummy leaves!

Out for a ride (33)

We haven’t heard the end of the soon to be legendary Sweet Corn Leaf Mine saga, no doubt . . .

A Very Special Delivery!

Now then, settle down you two. You’ve been pacing about like a cat on a hot . . . oops, sorry about the indelicate feline reference there. No offence!

Everything comes to those who wait – including the Postman.

Speedy delivery (8)

*Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong*

Oh-ho. Is that the doorbell? That’ll be him now.

Speedy delivery (10)

This special delivery will be for me of course – I sent off for some new Cuddle Cup beds, an extra soft blankie and assorted treat-type things and there will probably be a whole sack of fan mail to attend to. Oh and I ordered a home delivery of fresh salad snacks and some . . .

Speedy delivery (13)

Thank you, Mr Postman! Gosh Minty, what big paws he’s got!

It’s a very large and neatly wrapped parcel. Hum . . . actually, it doesn’t look like anything I have ordered. What the dickens can it be?

Speedy delivery (15)

Who is it addressed too?  Oh dear, this label isn’t very easy to read – you’d think they would all use Braille wouldn’t you?

Speedy delivery (19)

Mummy . . . MUM! Is this for me? No?! Humph! Well, that’s put the dampers on things!

I was looking forward to showing off my new lifestyle choices.

Speedy delivery (21)

Well, who on earth can it be for then? Well, not to worry, I’ll just nibble this little bit of string stuff to help unwrap the parcel while you are puzzling it out.

Speedy delivery (24)

What’s that? Oh, it’s for you two, Minty and Monty. There must be some mistake.

Speedy delivery (32)

Oh look, it came by the Speedy Piggy Delivery Service! That’s Great Aunt Mavis there, on the label.

Speedy delivery (30)

What! I can’t see a thing! Who put the lights out?

Speedy delivery (33)

Hang on! What do we have here? An interesting box, it seems to be filled with tissue paper.

Speedy delivery (38)

Yum! Tasty pink – my favourite!

Speedy delivery (50)

Can you see what’s inside it, you two? It’s very well packaged.

Speedy delivery (39)

Check if there’s any spare salad while you’re down there, Monty.

Speedy delivery (40)

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty now, and see what’s inside.

What do we have here then? Goodness, there are . . . . THREE different packages to open and I think I can guess what’s in them.

Speedy delivery (46)

LOOK! There are THREE babies! All bright and shiny and brand spankingly new. Gosh – don’t they look like their photos? The little boy has his daddy’s ears . . .

Of course, it is quite usual for mice to have large families. Monty, you look rather shell-shocked! You had better start saving for their college education right now.

Anyway, don’t you two worry about a thing. I can nip round to baby-mouse sit, and help with their feeds and all the rest of it. Will they eat salad left overs?

Speedy delivery (54)

Boohoo . . . .sniff . . . this is all so lovely. It has made me a little bit tearful. Blub, Snort – pardon! I am so happy for you both!

Speedy delivery (52)

Come on everyone – let’s line up for a grand group photo for the Family Album!

Speedy delivery (63)

I’ve set the camera on its timer thingy – big smiles everyone . . . it will go off in any second now!

Speedy delivery (66)

I’ll just double check that there isn’t anything in there for me – CLICK – Oh blow, it went off!

Speedy delivery (67)

Grandma Marigold! Let’s try again. Sit up now! Everyone say ‘SALAD’!


Speedy delivery (68)

Congratulations Minty and Monty on the safe arrival from the Adopt-A-Mouse Rescue of your new mail-order family.

Two girls and a boy, what could be nicer?

I love the names you have chosen for them too.

I am sure Petunia, Mabel and Marmaduke will be very happy here and will soon be starring in their very own Fairy Stories!

Now, I do believe it is bedtime. Night, night Minty. Night Monty and Mabel. Night, night Marmaduke . . . Night Fairy!

Speedy delivery (65)

The Grand Wedding Reception!

It has been an exciting morning for everyone seeing the lovely Araminta and Montmorency tie the knot! Now we join the guests as they assemble in Fairy’s garden for the wedding reception this afternoon.

Here they are, tucking into their buffet, toasting the happy couple, and discussing the bride’s mother’s hat! And here’s Fairy to tell you all about it in her own inimitable way.

Good afternoon! This all looks jolly nice and the weather is perfect!

Is everyone having a good time? Good! Help yourselves, there’s plenty to go round (hopefully).

The reception on the lawn best (1)

I think I’ll have a tiny little mouthful to be going on with. I was just feeling a little peckish!

I have been meaning to say, Primrose ma’am, just how . . . burp . . . much I like your wedding hat . . . burp, ‘scuse me!

The reception on the lawn (9)b.

It will be your turn next, Pandora. Well done catching the bride’s bouquet by the way! Has Peregrine popped the question yet?

12 The reception (2c).

Are you enjoying the buffet, Auntie Pearl? This Super De-luxe spread was supplied by Fortnomnomnom & Masons don’t you know.

The reception on the lawn best (20)

Now then, what on earth is going on over there?

The reception on the lawn best (6)

Oh my goodness, it looks like Rev Mr Bear has overindulged yet again!

The reception on the lawn best (4)

. . . yep! He’s been at the communion sherry! How embarrassing!

12 The reception (5)

Just tidy up Rev Mr Bear can you girls? I’ll go check out that gatecrasher.

12 the reception 4

‘Scuse me! Yes you! Humm . . . you look familiar . . .

The reception on the lawn best (12)c

The little dog came with Rev Mr Bear, Primrose. They are wearing matching collars!

12 The reception (11)

Come on you love mice – it is time to cut the wedding cake.

12 The reception (2e)

I’ll go and get things organised! Right happy couple, follow me over here, and don’t dilly dally.

The reception on the lawn (20)

Oh wow! Look at this!

2 Cutting the cake on the steps  (1)

Well! Did you ever see such a cheesy cake?

2 Cutting the cake on the steps  (2)

Hahaha! It is incredibly cheesey! Mind you, a tad more salad in it wouldn’t have gone amiss.

2 Cutting the cake on the steps  (4)

Come along quickly over here everyone. The Bride and Groom are cutting their cheese cake!

2 Cutting the cake on the steps  (5)

Hum. I wonder if these grapes taste as good as they look!

14 The Cake (7)

Time for the Official Wedding portrait of all the family.

It’s the first little sit down I’ve had all day. I think I will just have a little . . . snooze . . . zzz

Family group on bench (6)

Here’s one for the album. Over here with that camera please.

2 Family Group in daisies with Monty (3)

Mariella, Mariella look. It is starting to get dark and I think the happy couple are going to make a move.

Picnic on lawn (54)

Minty! Monty! Where are you going? Come back. You can’t go now – you haven’t opened your wedding presents yet. There are lots of interesting looking gifts!

2 getting in to go (1)

What do you mean, ‘What are you doing?’ I am making myself nice and cosy in the cart. I thought I’d drive!

You didn’t think you would leave me behind did you?

Why? What? Squeak – I don’t believe it!!! WHY can’t I come on The Honeymoon too?

4 Boohoo I want to come too (2)

I WANT TO COME TOO! It’s not fair. I am going to squeem and squeem

** stamps paw **

4 Boohoo I want to come too (1)

Boo-hoo! Booo-hoo-hooo sniffle. Nobody loves me . . . do you have a tissue, please? SOB and SNORT!

4 Boohoo I want to come too (3)

Humph, I was looking forward to a super adventure, seeing new places, trying tasty new salads, and maybe catching up with some pals across the pond. It isn’t too much to ask is it – after all the hard work I have done bossing everyone about and tidying away the left over buffet salad?

6 can I drive (3)

I didn’t know you were planning to leave me behind. You two have had a grand day. I just feel abandoned like some poor piggy, dumped when they are not wanted any more . . .

6 can I drive (2)

I CAN COME?! Oh goody! Okay, yes! I promise I won’t be a nuisance and get in the way on your honeymoon. You’ll hardly know I’m there Minty.

I knew you wouldn’t really leave me behind. Hop in then! Let’s be off! Monty – why the long face?

20 Going Away (7)

It’s getting a bit dark. I can’t see where I’m going . . . I’ll steer by sense of smell.

Off they all go (13)

Peep! Peep! Make way there! Bloomin’ roundabout, plonked in the middle of the road!

Monty, what do you mean, ‘It’s going to be a long night’?

Off they all go (15)

All clear! And we are OFF on OUR Honeymoon! Toot, toot!

9 Going away (2)

The Wedding Of Araminta and Montmorency Mouse!

Welcome to the wedding of Fairy’s close friend, the beautiful international model Araminta Mouse, to the esteemed Mouse about town Montmorency Mouse.

It seems like yesterday that Fairy played matchmaker, accompanying the pair on their very first date, going along to make sure Minty didn’t forget the chocolates on Valentine’s Day,  and being there at the actual moment our hero, Monty, popped the question!

After an enjoyable family dinner with Minty’s parents, the couple finally chose their new home, with Fairy’s help of course.

And now the Big Day has arrived!

Fairy is here to tell you all about it . . .

Here’s Minty with her parents in my garden posing for a family portrait earlier this morning. Minty couldn’t wait to don her wedding gown – and no wonder! Her embroidered silk dress with close fitted wrap style bodice in gold, flowing train and attractive veil, looks stunning! Designed by the talented designer and upcoming star, Mildred Mouse-Couture, it is certain to be on all the fashion show mousewalks this season!

The proud parents, The Rt Hon Plantagenet and Primrose Big-Mouse are thrilled to bits about the wedding. ‘Monty is a very suitable young mouse, a very decent sort. He is joining the company too, you know,’ commented Plantagenet. ‘We are simply delighted,’ said Primrose, ‘It really is a marvellous occasion. Do you like my hat?’

1 Family Group in daisies  (3)

Your frock is truly amazing, Minty! I hope Marigold and Mariella, your Bridesmaids, can help you to steer the train. Now, don’t forget to smile at the camera and say cheese a lot!

Grab your bouquet and let’s be off!

1 Family Group in daisies  (4)

Come on then! Let’s get a move on. We don’t want to keep Monty waiting at the altar – well, not for too long anyway! It’s a lovely morning for a ride in the Fairy Carriage.

1 Arriving at church (8)

Oh look at the crowds! Don’t forget to give them a gracious wave.

‘Hello!’ ‘Yes, beautiful!’ ‘Thank you!’

1 Arriving at church (3)

Now, where are those bridesmaids . . .

1 Arriving at church (5)

Oh jolly good, there you are! What lovely fur coats you are wearing!

11 Leaving church  (20)

We’re here now! I’ll get out and help you dismount, Minty. We don’t want you tripping up over your hem now do we?

1 Arriving at church (7)b

Morning, Mr Plantagenet sir. Lovely day for it. Err, can I have a quiet word? Minty is feeling a little nervous . . . her whiskers are all trembly and she says she has little butterflies in her tummy. I think she feels trapped! It has all got a bit much. Perhaps a light snack would help?

3 A word with Daddy (5)

Thank you for calming Minty down Mr Plantagenet, you have been a great help. Everything is going to be just fine.

I will go and make sure everyone is ready and in their place! No peeping, Monty!

3 A word with Daddy (1)

Marigold, Mariella, can you check Minty’s train and take care of her bouquet? Mrs Primrose ma’am, can you and Plantagenet come forward to join us at the altar? Quickly please – there is such a lot to do! Guests . . . . we are starting now. Please check that your mobile phones are turned off! Right!

6 The bridesmaids (1)

We are ready for Araminta and Montmorency to tie the knot!

Make sure you get the words right, Reverend Mr Bear! Oh, I do hope he hasn’t been at the sherry!

5 At the altar (1)

What’s that Rev Mr Bear? Do speak up! The Ring . . . . what RING?

Oh no, THE RING? Gulp!

7 The ceremony (5)

Oooooo Mariella, Fairy has lost The Ring! She is usually so well organised.

Pity you’re not wearing your tummy button ring! They could have used that, Marigold!!

6 The bridesmaids (8)

Excuse me Plantagenet sir, we seem to have a small problem. I would appear that I have misplaced the ring . . .

5 At the altar (2)b.

Err . . . . I won’t be a moment! I just need to go and be on my own for a while.

You carry on without me . . . sing a hymn or something.

7 The ceremony (1)

Let’s look for it, Mariella! It can’t have gone far . . .

6 The bridesmaids (6)

. . . I’ve found it! Fairy, come back, it’s all going to be okay.

6 The bridesmaids (7)b

Well done, Marigold! You have saved the day.

The wedding is back on! Has anyone seen Reverend Mr Bear? Did you hide that sherry, Mariella?

8 Done! (2)b.

Shhhh now . . . it is their big moment . . .

‘I now pronounce you Mouse and Mouse!’ announces Rev Mr Bear, reverendly!

6 Mouse and wife!

Well done! Thank you, Rev Mr Bear. You did a great job! And such a lovely service.

7 The ceremony (18)

Congratulations everyone! Didn’t it go well?

8 Done! (3)

Come along . . . it’s traditional that we cover you with flower-petal confetti!

No, I have no idea why either!

9 Confetti (2)b

It is time to make our way to the carriage. This way, look sharp.

8 Done! (7)

We are setting off for the reception now! See you all there!

11 Leaving church  (10)

Bye bye everyone – see you back at my house for the next bit. Can someone tidy up all that confetti please?

11 Leaving church  (3)

Oh Minty, you were wonderful. I am so proud of you.

I don’t suppose you brought any food with you did you?

11 Leaving church  (34)

‘Don’t sniff Plantagenet. You are not loosing a daughter, you are gaining a son.’

‘I know – that’s why I am crying!’

11 Leaving church  (26)

Gosh – that was exciting. We have all had such a wonderful time!

I’ll get my paw down – I’m starting to feel more than a little peckish. I can’t wait for the buffet!

11 Leaving church  (33)

Wedding Invitation!

Minty and Monty are getting married! What promises to be THE wedding of the year will take place on Friday, 28th of May. After a long engagement, in mouse terms, of almost 3 months, the couple have decided to tie the knot!

Fairy has been a great help planning and organising the wedding as well as assisting her friends in their hunt for a suitable mouse house for them to live in after they are married.

The wedding, which promises to be an extravagant affair, will take place at the Mouse’s local church with a sumptuous luncheon and garden party to follow in Fairy’s very own garden.

After the wedding, it is rumoured that the happy couple of mice will go on a month long Grand Tour. Fairy, naturally, will not be going along to keep them company. Instead, she will remain at home ready to collect the many post cards she expects to receive from far flung places that she has never heard of.

Well known faces are likely to be among the attending family and guests, including of course The Rt Hon Plantagenet and Primrose Big-Mouse, Minty’s parents. Peregrine and Pandora Mouse will be there as Best Mouse and Mouse of Honour respectively. And the latest news is that Marigold and Mariella will take the role of Bridesmaid-pigs.

Here’s your invite!


It’s Off To Work We Go!

Another Mouse Tale today.

You can follow this ongoing story starring Fairy and her friends, Minty and Monty, as well as other magical characters, by going to the Index page and selecting the Blog Posts from the Mouse Tales Category list. The Tales are also to be found in HELLO! Fairy magazine and the Special Souvenir Supplement. These are free pdf downloads.

Here’s Fairy with today’s tale.

Now then Monty pay attention. If I can prise you away from Minty for five minutes, we have to think about your future. When you are married you will need an income. You can’t expect Minty to run a home and everything on fresh air! I realise Minty will continue with her modelling career but you will need to provide for her and make arrangements for a pension too. And one day there could be Baby Mice . . . they will be very expensive, what with employing a Nanny Mouse, and then there is their education!

Anyway, I have had a very interesting chat with Minty’s parents. It looks like there could be an opportunity in the Rt Hon Plantagenet’s Big-Cheese Factory for a dynamic young executive type mouse. We are going over there first thing tomorrow morning for an exploratory chat. Well, after breakfast that is.

A chat with Minty and Monty (15)

The next day . . .

It is very good of you, Mr Plantagenet sir, to help Monty take his first step up the ladder of success. Your Cheese Factory is a fascinating and profitable business. I can see now where you made your millions – but I didn’t realised there was money to be made in cheese. All that pressing talk gives me a churning feeling. I am more of a specialist in the Salad market don’t you know.

A job at the cheese facatory  (4)

Gosh! Are all those mice part of your workforce? Goodness, I had no idea what a huge concern it was.

A job at the cheese facatory  (2)

While Plantagenet hangs around with Monty showing him the whey, I’m going to avail myself of the nibbles. All this food talk  was making me peckish. Hard cheese Monty, I have eaten them all.

A job at the cheese facatory  (5)c

Now that the Rt Hon Big-Mouse has shown you the ropes here on the factory floor Monty, we’ll show you round the offices and get you fitted up with some work wear. You’ll need overalls, boots, hat and gloves for a start. This cheese making can be messy business.

A job at the cheese facatory  (6)

Thanks very much Mr Plantagenet, sir. I’ll make sure Monty is here bright and early on Monday morning to strengthen the cheesy team!

A job at the cheese facatory  (4)c

The Big-Mouse Cheese Factory – hummph, that sign will need altering! The ‘Fairy, Big-Mouse and Son-in-law, Cheese Factory’ sounds about right!

A job at the cheese facatory  (11)

Minty’s Marvellous Wedding Dress!

Fairy took Minty to choose her wedding dress the other day. Plans are well under way for ‘The Wedding Of The Year’. The invitations will be in the post any day – look out for yours!

Here’s Fairy to take us through the proceedings.

Morning, Mr Bear. It is so kind of you to offer to make Minty’s wedding dress. We spotted some of your marvellous creations when we went up to London. You are so talented! We want nothing but the best for Minty.

Choosing dress fabric  (42)

Come along now, Minty, behave yourself!

Choosing dress fabric  (34)

Yes, this is a gorgeous fabric, this cotton matches perfectly.

Choosing dress fabric  (39)

This is a beautiful shade too . . . pale pink, just like my ears!

Choosing dress fabric  (32)

. . . what do you think, Minty?

Choosing dress fabric  (31)

Haha! You look so funny in THAT!

Choosing dress fabric  (36)

Well now, that is divine too . . .

Choosing dress fabric  (16)

. . . and this pale blue is so pretty! Is it pure silk do you know?

Choosing dress fabric  (23)

Oh! Oh! Oh! I am going to . . . SNEEZE! Atichoo! S’cuse me!

Choosing dress fabric  (22)

Yeees . . . . it is quite lovely as well.

Choosing dress fabric  (30)

Hum . . . those ribbons would tone in perfectly too.

What do you reckon, Mr Bear?

Choosing dress fabric  (15)

The shade suits your fur colouring so well.

Choosing dress fabric  (24)

Hang on! I’ll ask Mum – Muuuuum! do you like it?

Choosing dress fabric  (26)

And, more importantly, what do YOU think?

Choosing dress fabric  (14)

Let’s try it on then!

Choosing dress fabric  (27)

Oh my whiskers! Just look at you! Mr Bear, you are a clever tailor!

Choosing dress fabric  (13)

You look simply amazing, Minty!

Choosing dress fabric  (4)

I think I’ll just have a nap while you do all the measurements and things, Mr Bear.

Choosing dress fabric  (1)

Minty, you are going to be the most beautiful bride I have ever seen!

Monty is a very lucky little mouse!

Choosing dress fabric  (43)

Furnishing the mouse house!

Although Minty and Monty have a comprehensive Wedding Gift List, they have anjoyed going on a spending spree recently. Selecting home furnishings has been a thoroughly exciting experience for the trio!

Nice cooker, Minty!

New cooker (4)

Snazzy carpet, it will be just right.

Carpet (6)

A lovely bed!

Mouse beds (10)

A little door mat to wipe my paws on!

Doormat (8)

Some nifty cups and saucers.

Finding cups and things (3)

A Rag Rug, but hurry . . . . there’s more to see yet!

Rag rug (5)

What’s this? A table?

Little table (1)

Oh and some cute little chairs!

Little stools (4)

And MY dish. It will do as a bath, I suppose.

Finding cups and things (6)

This has been great fun!