Remembering Marigold.

What ever do we need an iron for?
Are we expected to iron our own beds, or something, now?

Oh well, will you look here . . .

Aw! That’s is our beautiful and especially dear Auntie Marigold pictured on there!
Now we will never forget her, Pixie and Bear.
Not only was she a very cuddly piggy to snuggle up to, she taught me all I needed to know about locating the tastiest nibbles of salad.

Thank you to our friend Paul who created this very special masterpiece.
We all love it – just as we all loved our dear Marigold x

Our Dear Marigold

Our dear Marigold has had some health issues recently.

We made the decision (the one we all dread) to let Marigold leave with some dignity on Friday. Her health deteriorated over Thursday night, but she seemed to enjoy her romp at 7am when she and Fairy went into the Piggy Palace where they both always loved to tunnel through the fresh, deep, sweet hay.

I went to check them at 8am. She was back in a corner, hunched up, her chin resting on the hay, her breathing rapid . . . . and she was very still. She didn’t take the cucumber I offered her. When I stroked the fur on her little head it felt ‘different’, no bounce, and her head was so very still. The vet was so kind and her end so peaceful.

Yes, of course there are tears. Somehow though, I am trying to focus on the most important fact . . . . every single day was a joy to our dear Marigold. From waking up, to going in her basket where there was always a special treat to sustain her on the 20 metre journey to the Piggy palace in the garden. To that morning hay-burrow, as refreshing as a morning swim in the brightest blue, warm and sparkling sea! To companionable munching with her sisters, followed by snoozes, dreaming of the next wonderful thing to happen. Lunch! Always a tasty treat served with a side order of ear rubs or gentle scritchy-scratches! Not a day missed, ever. Then back into the kitchen to snooze the rest of the afternoon away with the background chitter of the radio, the mixer, and me and Ian, and random ear fondles, and kind words. Then the overwhelming joy of a leisurely afternoon tea, while we ate our tea right next to them! A cuddle up with Fairy followed before supper later on. Always with the tastiest treats, the things she most loved – the leafy bits from the celery, some slices of the sweetest, tiny tomatoes, some romaine lettuce, fresh dandelion leaves, juicy, mouthwatering cucumber slices! And another flurry of fresh hay to sustain her through the night!

Surely though, the biggest joy, both ways, was the joy she got from being Fairy’s Best Friend, her sister, her cuddler-upper-pig! And the joy that she gave TO Fairy, giving Fairy confidence, showing her the ropes! And close behind that was the complete joy she gave to us! She was such a character, easy going and straightforward, gentle and giving, and so very, very sweet.

Not once was Marigold frightened, harmed, worried. Her life was the very happiest it could have been. Joyous! I can see it when I look at photographs of her (but not now, it is just too painful).

She wasn’t a ‘cuddle pig’ so we didn’t force her to be cuddled, although she loved her head-top rubs so much! She loved her romps on the grass! She loved every minute of every day and that is what we have to focus on.

We are so grateful for all your support, and to my friends who follow Fairy’s Blog but who do not post, thank you every one.

This is the saddest time . . . but I KNOW we did everything to make Marigold’s life wonderful, magical and as happy as can be . . . . thank you all xxxx and thank you, Marigold. You will always be in a safe part of our hearts and we will think of you forever with so much love.

Oh, We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside – Episode 2

Meanwhile – back at the beach.


SQUEAK – Sssssh, keep the noise down chaps and chapesses. We don’t want to rouse the ‘sleeping beauty’ from her slumbers just yet, do we?


Asleep? Moi? Oh no . . . I was just resting my eyes a bit.


Now where was I? Oh yes, time for some organised Fairy-Fun and games.


The Rev Mr Bear wins the ‘Deckchair sitting-on’ competition with another personal best.


Well, that’s enough ‘fun and games’ malarkey for the moment – it’s time for a huge slap-up pignic. Hope it’s not sand-wiches!


‘Tis a well known fact . . . munch . . . that food tastes even better when . . . chomp . . . eaten out of doors.


Hummmph – just a moment, is this all there is? I thought Mummy was joking when she mentioned the ‘diet’ word. Looks like a case of Salad Distribution Malfunction to me.


Goodness that was close – watch-out for low flying seagulls everyone!


Excuse me Primrose ma’am – you couldn’t send one of your flunky type mousies to the nearest ‘All things Bright & Munchable’ Food Emporium for a hearty top-up or two could you?


The main problem with all this jolly holiday spirit is that people loose all their inhibitions and begin to act out of character. Not that you would notice any differences in Monty and Minty, hehe!


Marigold!!!!! Put the Rev Mr Bear’s sherry down. Oh you already have!


Right, that’s it! Time for a little ‘Life on the Ocean Wave’ type activity to take everyone’s mind off the Sherry.


Yes Sir, I do appreciate that it might be a little futile in the Rev Mr Bear’s case.


Luckily his recovery rate is very rapid these days.


Woo Hoo – ‘We are sailing. We are sailing . . .’


. . . and the winner of the ‘Most Mousies crammed into a boat Award’ goes to . . .


MEEEEE! Well, who do you think stuffed them all in there?


Budge-up Marigold – time to play Pirates.

Avast m’hearties, shivver m’timbers, standby to board and other swashbuckling type utterances.


SQUEAK – while Fairy tries to make Marigold walk the plank – we’re taking Mr Bear to the Sherry Shop for a swift top-up.


Episode 3, The Finale, is HERE!

Happy 4th Birthday, Marigold!

But Marigold, it MIGHT be MY Birthday. When they were handing out the Birthday-dates, maybe they gave you MY Birthday so that must mean that this Birthday that is yours is actually, more than likely in fact, mine.

Why can’t it be MY Birthday? What’s that? I can share YOUR Birthday?

Well, that’s just the pigs-knees! Thanks, Marigold! I can stop pretending to sulk now.

Come on, Mr Bear, let’s get this party swinging.

Nice flowers, Fairy, thank you.

La . . . la (a bit higher) and laaaa. I am just warming up, Marigold . . . .

Happy Birthday to yooooou, Happy Birthday to yooooooooou!

Happy Birthday dear Marigold, we all love you too!

A fine singing voice even if I say so myself.

You can have your present now. I found this on PigBay. Look, it’s a very old copy of Super Salads written by Great, Great and Really Great Auntie Mildred.

Oh, thank you, sweet Fairy. You are the best sister a piggy could ever wish for (errr . . . has anyone noticed Fairy is all smudged with grass stains? It must be her special ‘party make-up’.)



Right then, enough of all this singing  . . . . Mum, Dad! You can bring on the snackettes NOW?

Nom nom nom, by jove, this really IS a Super Salad.

This really IS the best 4th Birthday ever!

Howdy, Folks!

Hummmph – either someone has tidied away the view (Mummy), or someone is trying to sneak up on me.

Funnily enough, I have spotted the odd couple of strange ears on the horizon lately.

Marigold, have you spotted any stranger than usual going on type things in the ‘strange ears on the horizon’ department recently?

No? Oh well, never mind. Nice hat by the way.

Humm – now what can this ropey looking appliance be? Sorry to string you along, but it’s time for my daily stroll on the lawn.

Oh goody – there looks to be a tasty treat trap – fine grass and tomatoes – my favourite.

And a jolly useful piece of rope too. I wonder what’s on the other end.

Oh, it’s just a couple of strange ears on the horizon, with a couple of mousie types attached.

SQUEAK-SQUEAK – Howdy, darn tooting pardner!

I’m Roger Roy and this is my Lass, Sue. I work in the Wild West Bank as The Lone Arranger.

Marigold! I told you a couple of strangers just drifted in to town.

Looks like we may need to call on the services of General Custard – we are surrounded by red skins!

Yes I know that was a bit wheek, but I couldn’t resist it! And now . . . back to the story . . .

Okay you two no good, low down hombres – go for your Bun.

Waddah ya mean – which one is ‘Ugly’?!

Now then my little Amigo’s, what is this Wild West malarkey all about?

I like the dressing-up bit – very ME, don’t you think?

Oh, it’s a Lasso is it? I knew that.

Would you like to see my Clint Eastwood impression, Sue?

When a Piggy with a Tasty leaf, meets a Mousie with a Lasso – the Piggy with the Tasty Leaf is me. Or anyway, something equally profound, oblique and suitably tough sounding.

I like the sitting around the campfire telling stories about how great darn tootin’ I am too.

Errr Muuum!

Enough of this sitting around – it’s time to round-up that thar posse and go rustle up some salad.

Adios, folks!