It’s Cold Enough For Snow!

Although May 1st was beautifully warm and sunny, today it is decidedly chilly here in our part of the UK. Fairy is safely snuggled up in her favourite Cuddle Cup enjoying a relaxing afternoon nap in the warm kitchen.

I have just returned from a brisk walk down the lane for ‘grass collecting’ purposes – it is far too cold for Guinea Pigs to be grazing on the lawn! In fact it feels cold enough for snow!

Fairy’s experience of the snow a few months ago was from the handy strategic positioning of a bowl full of fresh, clean white snow on the kitchen table!

Look! We’ve been busy building a snowman!

Fairy and Mr Bear build their snowman (5)

Mr Bear, there seems to be something missing . . .

Fairy and Mr Bear build their snowman snow scene

. . . Muuum! Can we have a hat for the snowman, please?

Fairy and Mr Bear build their snowman (11)

There! We all look very smart now!

Fairy and Mr Bear build their snowman (2)

Haha! Take THAT, Mr Bear!

Out for a walk 090110 (35)

Ow!! You got me!

Out for a walk 090110 (23)

C’mon! Will it go any faster?!

Fairy and Mr Bear on sledge (1)

All this playing has tired me out . . . . . zzzzz

Fairy in pink cuddle sack (9)

Fairy Supports Guinea Pig Rescue Charities.

Fairy really appreciates how lucky she is to have a happy, loving home here with her sisters, Marigold and Mariella. She enjoys top quality Guinea Pig food, has a beautiful bedroom, gym, playroom and garden. She has a personal specialist healthcare advisor and dentist. She has regular baths, cuddles, ear rubs and chin tickles. Her every need is catered for.

Not all guinea pigs are this lucky. Many find themselves unwanted, forgotten, abandoned, uncared for and unloved. They may become ill, but their need for healthcare is ignored. Their owner may forget to feed them regularly, to fill their water bottle, or clean them out, or allow them to exercise. Even more seriously, some piggy’s suffer physical cruelty.

Thank goodness then, for people like Wendi, Karen, Julie, Lisa and many 100’s of others who rescue, care for and re-home these less fortunate piggies. They all deserve a very big pat on the back! They selflessly attend to health issues, feed a well balanced diet, and patiently nurture them to be happy, confident Guinea Pigs ready for life in a brand new, carefully selected ‘Forever Home’ where they will be loved and cared for in the manner they deserve.

Fairy supports several Rescue Charities and Organisations in her own small way. She often makes donations from her pocket money, and lets everyone know what an invaluable service these charities and organisations perform.

Thistle Cavies Rescue is one such charity. Here is Fairy checking out their online shop!

This is a jolly good website! Look at those super Guinea Pig Badges! We already have a calendar from Thistle Cavies Rescue. It’s super!

Supporting Thistle Rescue (5)

Let’s see, how much can I afford to donate this week!

Supporting Thistle Rescue (11)

It may be a small amount, but I know that every penny will help!

Supporting Thistle Rescue (10)

I just need to check this cheque!

Supporting Thistle Rescue (9)

There! Please support your favourite Guinea Pig charity in any way you can. Aww, thank you!

Supporting Thistle Rescue (13)

For various reasons Fairy does not approve of Pet Shops or breeders selling Guinea Pigs whose only intention is to profit from selling as many animals as possible with little regard for their welfare.

If you are thinking about getting a Guinea Pig please consider adopting rather than buying from a pet shop. There are 1000’s of beautiful Guinea Pigs looking for their special ‘Forever Home’ in rescue centres all around the country.

Useful UK links:

Guinea Pig Rehome with a comprehensive list of rescue centres

North East Guinea Pig Rescue

Reading Guinea Pig Rescue

Guinea Pig Welfare with a list of rescue operations

Thistle Cavies Rescue

Useful USA links:

Guinea Lynx List of Rescues

Forum Article about adopting

Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue

Atlanta Metro Guinea Pig Rescue

Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue

If you know of a good rescue organisation I can add it to the list.

Please email the details to hello@

Fairy On Manoeuvres!

Fairy is very good at posing for the camera. She is a consummate professional  – keeping still, applying just the right expression to suit the scene, she could not be more cooperative. She seems to know exactly what is expected of her and provides it willingly! Seeing her posing for the camera and taking into account she is blind and deaf, you may wonder how Fairy copes ‘on manoeuvres’! Well she has a remarkable ability to memorise where objects and obstacles are. She methodically explores an area until she is happy, and if the mood takes her, builds up her pace until she is zooming around at high speed, expertly leaning round the corners, accelerating on the straights and pulling the odd wheelie!

Here’s a short film of Fairy in action.

Fairy Bee DVD

Some countries do not allow the video with the accompanying music. You can view it without, but it isn’t quite the same.

Christmas Comes But Twice A Year!

Christmas was a very special time for Fairy. Not only was it her first Christmas ever, it was also a time of giving of gifts and receiving surprise presents in return! The highlight of her day was Christmas Dinner. Mr Bear joined Fairy for a not quite traditional meal.

Oh yummy! Look at my Christmas Salad, Mr Bear! It looks lovely. Those cakes are probably quite tasty too, are you going to try one?

Lunch for Fairy and Mr Bear Xmas Day Best

This leafy stuff is my favourite! Nom, nom, nom . . .

Lunch for Fairy and Mr Bear Xmas Day Best (1)

Nom! Oh! Where DID it all go? Can we get seconds do you know?

Lunch for Fairy and Mr Bear Xmas Day Best (2)

Please Note: Although she ate quite a lot, Fairy did not eat ALL the salad on her plate. Guinea Pigs should be fed a balanced diet including fresh food, hay and pellets.

Bears should not be fed knitted cakes.

Push Ups!

Although, like most guinea pigs, Fairy’s favourite pastime is eating she is also very aware of the importance of exercise. And what could be better than combining the two!

Fairy’s little hay tin contains some chopped ‘special blend’ hay. Each ‘Push Up’ results in a small treat! The perfect combination!

Fairy and her hay tin (2)

What a great game!

Fairy and her hay tin (9)

Minty’s Marvellous Wedding Dress!

Fairy took Minty to choose her wedding dress the other day. Plans are well under way for ‘The Wedding Of The Year’. The invitations will be in the post any day – look out for yours!

Here’s Fairy to take us through the proceedings.

Morning, Mr Bear. It is so kind of you to offer to make Minty’s wedding dress. We spotted some of your marvellous creations when we went up to London. You are so talented! We want nothing but the best for Minty.

Choosing dress fabric  (42)

Come along now, Minty, behave yourself!

Choosing dress fabric  (34)

Yes, this is a gorgeous fabric, this cotton matches perfectly.

Choosing dress fabric  (39)

This is a beautiful shade too . . . pale pink, just like my ears!

Choosing dress fabric  (32)

. . . what do you think, Minty?

Choosing dress fabric  (31)

Haha! You look so funny in THAT!

Choosing dress fabric  (36)

Well now, that is divine too . . .

Choosing dress fabric  (16)

. . . and this pale blue is so pretty! Is it pure silk do you know?

Choosing dress fabric  (23)

Oh! Oh! Oh! I am going to . . . SNEEZE! Atichoo! S’cuse me!

Choosing dress fabric  (22)

Yeees . . . . it is quite lovely as well.

Choosing dress fabric  (30)

Hum . . . those ribbons would tone in perfectly too.

What do you reckon, Mr Bear?

Choosing dress fabric  (15)

The shade suits your fur colouring so well.

Choosing dress fabric  (24)

Hang on! I’ll ask Mum – Muuuuum! do you like it?

Choosing dress fabric  (26)

And, more importantly, what do YOU think?

Choosing dress fabric  (14)

Let’s try it on then!

Choosing dress fabric  (27)

Oh my whiskers! Just look at you! Mr Bear, you are a clever tailor!

Choosing dress fabric  (13)

You look simply amazing, Minty!

Choosing dress fabric  (4)

I think I’ll just have a nap while you do all the measurements and things, Mr Bear.

Choosing dress fabric  (1)

Minty, you are going to be the most beautiful bride I have ever seen!

Monty is a very lucky little mouse!

Choosing dress fabric  (43)

Baby Fairy!

Fairy was born on June 11th 2009. Brillo, her mum, was among five guinea pigs we rescued from an intolerable situation. She gave birth to 3 babies, Fairy, Flash and Jiff, a little boy piggy. It didn’t take long to realise Fairy was blind and a few days after that it was apparent she had no sense of hearing either. She had problems eating too, and no wonder! Her top incisors were non existent and her lower ones projected forward. All her food had to be sliced up into bite sized nibbles and we hand fed her many times throughout the day, every day for probably the first 6 months of her life. For the first week or so it was difficult to encourage her to eat anything at all but gradually she realised how tasty fresh salad and vegetables were, and also how scrumptious fresh picked grass was. Then she discovered hay! Not only could you eat it but you could play in it too!

Her siblings were thriving but Fairy remained around half the weight of them. Her little head with its large pink ear flaps, seemed very narrow and was often tilted to one side. Then there were the occasional ‘seizures’ or ‘fits’. I wasn’t sure what was wrong, and I took her to the vet. After a cursory glance she suggested we ‘put her out her misery’. She wasn’t in pain and it didn’t seem right to end the life of such a beautiful creature without at least understanding what was wrong with her. It was only by trawling the internet after a friend mentioned the term ‘Lethal’ that I discovered exactly what was the problem was.

Fairy is what is known as a ‘Lethal White’ Guinea Pig.  She has a genetic condition due to certain ‘Roan’ genes present in both parents. ‘Lethals’ can often have short, difficult lives and are a lesson to us all that we should never, ever breed from our Guinea Pigs. You can read more about Lethals by searching the Guinea Lynx Forum. This article is very informative too. Casper is a very special Lethal White, her story is also on the Forum.

Careful nurturing, regular trips to a trained Rodentologist for tooth correction, the best food possible, lots of patience and even more important, lots of love, Fairy is now a happy, healthy, wilful, loving and very special guinea pig – she is magic!

Looking back, we didn’t take many photographs of Fairy during the first few weeks of her life. Jiff and Flash, her siblings, were due to go to their new forever home in July, along with their Mum, Brillo. We knew it would be hard saying ‘goodbye’ to this beautiful little family and were reluctant to become too attached to them.

3 days old, Fairy facing the wrong way, with her brother, Jiff.

Brillo and babies 140609 (1)c

4 days old – Flash, Jiff and Fairy.

Piglets 4 days old

In a different order – Fairy always seemed to be facing the wrong way!

Piglets 4 days old (3)

And here she is aged about 4 weeks.

Fairy being cute

She was very shy!

Fairy 6 weeks old (11)

Getting the hang of nibbling some lettuce at 6 weeks of age!

Fairy 6 wheeks old today (16)

Going for a romp!

Fairy, Mati & Mari on lawn (6)

This was a favourite photo from that time.

Piglets on the lawn 10 days old b

Hay Fairy!

As we all know, Guinea Pigs eat a lot of hay. Indeed, it should be available at all times so they can graze throughout the day. Fairy has a particular way of enjoying her hay. As well as eating it she likes to burrow into it, enjoying the sensation of the hay tickling her back!

Wooo! Look at this pile of hay!

Fairy eats her way out the hay (2)

It’s almost as big as me.

Fairy eats her way out the hay (1)


Fairy eats her way out the hay (3)


Fairy eats her way out the hay (4)

Hum, very tasty . . . . nom, nom . . .

Fairy eats her way out the hay (5)

Can I have some more please!

Fairy eats her way out the hay (7)

It’s so tickly!

Fairy eats her way out the hay (10)


Fairy eats her way out the hay (8)

Spring is in the fur!

Fairy, doing what she does best . . .

. . . eating and posing!

Fairy and the daffs front of cottage (14)

And . . . . washing her nose.

Fairy and the daffs front of cottage (26)

And exploring!

Fairy and the daffs front of cottage (25)

And checking.

Fairy on grass (7)

And eating some more!

Fairy and the daffs front of cottage (16)

Girl’s Night In!

This is nice, Minty. Our favourite tunes on the radio and some good books to share! This one has some handy hints about the latest fashions!

Miss Mouse and Fairy listening to the radio and reading (10)

What do you mean, ‘You don’t have anywhere to wear your nice things?

Don’t you have a mousefriend?

Miss Mouse and Fairy listening to the radio and reading (8)

Hum, let me see, I’ll just have a look in my little red book!

Miss Mouse and Fairy listening to the radio and reading (6)

Good job it’s in Braille.

Miss Mouse and Fairy listening to the radio and reading (12)


Miss Mouse and Fairy listening to the radio and reading (7)

I am going to set up a blind date for you with my good friend, Montmorency Mouse.

Don’t worry, I will come along and keep you company!

Miss Mouse and Fairy listening to the radio and reading (17)

. . . . now, where can I take them . . . . errum . . .

Miss Mouse and Fairy listening to the radio and reading (2)

. . . . . oh, I know! Join me again soon and I’ll show you!

How it all began.

Fairy was born on June 11th 2009.

Her mum, Brillo, was a ‘rescue piggy’, taken from an unpleasant situation, along with her many assorted brothers, sisters and other relations.

More piglets (1)

Here’s her Dad, Ernie!

Ernie 1

Fairy was a very small piggy. As well as being blind and deaf she also had many problems with her teeth.

Fairy 6 wheeks old today bp2

Her food had to be sliced up very small and a lot of the time she was hand fed to ensure she ate a balanced diet. It was difficult, at times, to entice her to eat anything! With patience though it soon became apparent what foods Fairy liked.

Daddy feeding Fairy 1 (1)

With lots of care and regular trips to the dentist, a trained Rodentologist, Fairy thrived, steadily putting weight on and coping better with her handicaps.

Here she is aged 16 weeks.

Fairy 16 weeks old today! (1)

As the weeks and months passed Fairy’s character developed.

She liked nothing better than spending time with Marigold and Matilda!

Fairy Matilda Marigold in the wrong cups! G (6)

Going for a spin!

Piggies riding in their cart! 020809 ADJ

And taking things easy!

Fairy falling asleep with Daddy! (9)

But best of all, she liked being with her pals.

The Team line up (13)

Grazing alongside Matilda!

Floortime 130110 (2)

Having a word with Mr Bear!

Fairy and Mr Bear goodnight (7)

And chatting with her dear friends, Monty and Minty Mouse!

Fairy Minty Monty on their beany bags (1)

There will be a lot more of Minty and Monty soon!

In the beginning . . .

I would like to introduce Fairy’s Blog with an inaugural photo tribute.

A Fairy was born . . .

Fairy 10 days old Little card

It was obvious Fairy was going to be exceedingly fond of food . . .

Fairy 6 wheeks old today (10)tu

She likes her salads to be tidy!

Salad servers with Fairy (9)

Lead on, Fairy!

Fairy, Mati & Mari on lawn (4)

A family outing . . .

Piggies riding in their cart! 020809 ADJ (2)

Room for a little one!

Marigold Fairy Matilda in the garden (2)

Fairy’s new Best Friends, Monty and Minty . . .

Minty gets some flowers from Monty (21)

The world’s a scary place!

Fairy in her Fairy CuddleCup Realyl nice

In contemplative mood . . .

Sunny Fairy 090210 (1)

A Fairy in the hand . . .

A handful of Fairy (4)

Fairy’s hero, Pasquale . . .

Fairy and Pasquale bear (3)

Aw, Fairy gets a well deserved hug . . .

Testing the new beds (15)

Goodnight . . . zzzzzzz

Fairy has a nap