My Little Garden!

I received lots of lovely gifts for my Birthday the other day but one in particular was most welcome: Grow-it-yourself Grass!

Our good friends at Gorgeous Guineas sent me a bag of magical seed things which Daddy planted for me. We watered them every day and now look! Lots of yummy, tall, extra fresh tasting grass – just for ME!

Here I am sampling it for my lunch today. Mummy, can you pass me a napkin, please.

Fairy lawnmower (14)

Mmmmmmmmmm! I am getting hints of summer meadow, with tincture of morning dew, and a distinct aftertaste of seconds. Not a bad vintage!

Fairy lawnmower (7)

It works equally well as a pudding! Jolly good exercise for the jaw too. Nom, Nom, Nom.

Fairy lawnmower (1)

It really is very nice, perfect some would say.

You should try some! Err – not from this batch of course. You really wouldn’t like it as much as I do, so it would be wasted.

Fairy lawnmower (2)

Mine came as a gift from Gorgeous Guineas, so you can jolly well visit Planet Guinea and grow your own. Now if you will excuse me, I have some serious munching to get on with. Bye – burp (oops pardon), bye for now.

Fairy lawnmower (3)

Everything In The Garden’s Sneezy!

As you know, I am a hay fever sufferer. It isn’t very nice when your dose gets all blocked up or you start sneezing everywhere. I am only allowed to go in the garden in the evening at present, when the pollen is a little less troublesome.

Here I am examining the flowers last night.

These pink and white flowers seem to be special hypo-allergenic varieties . . .

Fairy checks the garden for pollen (2)

. . . but the same can not be said for these purply ones – pfhoof!

Fairy checks the garden for pollen (3)

Hee-hee! I am feeling on top of the world – doing my hedgehog impression!

Fairy checks the garden for pollen (12)

Hum . . . this smells ok, but it’s decidedly not for nibbling – I wonder why mummy and daddy bother to grow it!

Fairy checks the garden for pollen (13)

. . . hang on though! It has yummy lettuce leaf snacks growing in it. Now that really is what I call a magical hedge!

Fairy checks the garden for pollen (9)

Wow! These poppies are very tall! I will need my binoculars to see the flowers.

Fairy checks the garden poppies for pollen  (1)

They look very pretty from down here though – almost as pretty as moi!

Fairy checks the garden poppies for pollen  (2)

I’d better go indoors now, before I start sneezing. I think it is also time for a little snack!

Fairy checks the garden for pollen (16)

Happy Birthday, Fairy!

Fairy is ONE today!

Fairy's card from shadowkitten

And look who are here! The love struck mice have returned from their Honeymoon – and just in time.

It looks as though Fairy has a big pile of cards and presents, Minty! I can’t wait to see her face when she knows we have come home from our honeymoon especially to share her big day! This super de-luxe salad basket weighs a ton – and might even last Fairy until teatime!

Fairy's Birthday Treats (2)

Fairy . . . . FAIRY! Come on! Look what we brought you?

Fairy's Birthday Treats (1)b

Oh! Minty, Monty! So – you decided to come home then?

Fairy's Birthday Treats (3)

Some of my special friends thought I was a bit upset when you didn’t make it to the bus the other day, but seeing as you have come for my Birthday AND you seem to have brought along a very big present, I will happily forgive you. Oh shucks, enough of all that lovey dovey cuddly stuff – you two are worse than Daddy!

Fairy's Birthday Treats (4)

Now, let me check this salad for freshness, crispiness and tastability.

Nom, nom, my favourite – Romaine Lettuce! Keep it coming Minty.

Fairy's Birthday Treats (5)

Gosh, a present you can wear AND eat – perfect!

Fairy's Birthday Treats (8)

I love Birthdays – particularly first Birthdays, and even more particularly – My First Birthday!!!!

Fairy's Birthday Treats (9)

That little light snack was good. Now then, what have we here?

Fairy's Birthday Treats (24)

This paper is a bit tough . . . gnash, gnash, rip . . .

Fairy's Birthday Treats (25)3

. . .  I am tearing away and don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

Why are you two giggling? What’s that Monty? The present flew out the other end!

Fairy's Birthday Treats (30)

WOW! Look at this fantastic new PINK cuddle sack and beautiful card.

Thank you very much, Waddles, I love my snuggly present, it fits perfectly . . . you are very thoughtful!

Fairy's Birthday Treats (12)

I expect this card is from you two – it’s a bit cheesy!

Fairy's Birthday Treats (16)

Here I am with my cards from Daddy Ernie, and my Grandma and Grandaddy! Look at Daddy’s jolly Birthday hat – it is HIS Birthday today too! Happy Birthday, Daddy Ernie!

Fairy and Ernie's cards (1)

Woooo – look at all my lovely cards and gifts – what a lucky girl I am.

Fairy's Birthday Treats (20)

Ha ha! Yes Minty! It IS comfy, isn’t it? Now, don’t get too comfy – the colour does nothing for you!

Fairy's Birthday Treats (42)

I am modelling this lovely new Cuddle Cup, my present from Mummy and Daddy! This yellow fleece complements MY sunny disposition perfectly!

Fairy's New Cuddle Cup (8)

It’s really cosy and looks smashing with my special celebratory Fairy Bunting.

Right everybody – after three. One, Two, THREE . . .

Fairy's New Cuddle Cup (7)

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to yooou,

Happy Birthday, dear Fairy . . . .

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Happy BD from us all (2)

Gosh even Mariella was singing in tune. That carrot cake smells lovely.

Aw! Thanks again everybody, you have made a very small little Piggy, very, VERY happy!

It has been the best Birthday EVER!

Fairy's Birthday Treats (37)

Err, is it teatime yet?

Give Us A Cuddle!

This is especially for you, AliMouse.

When Fairy was very small she soon found the comfiest places to snooze. One of those was in the protective arms of Pasquale, the bear. She had no idea how tiny she appeared – and how sweet!

Here she is at about 10 weeks of age.

Fairy and her teddy, zzzzz  G

You can imagine how comfy it must be to rest your chin on Pasquale’s furry arm with his other arm supporting you and keeping you safe.

Fairy and teddy 310809 (5)

Here she is now! She is almost one year old and a much bigger armful for Pasquale to cuddle!

Fairy gets a Pasquale cuddle (7)

She may have grown up and know what she wants, but deep down she is still the gentle, little, sweet piggy she was when she was a little toddler. And she still loves being cuddled!

Fairy gets a Pasquale cuddle (8)

Fairy Flower Power!

The wedding preparations are well under way. Fairy has done an outstanding job as ‘event organizer’, planning everything with meticulous attention down to the last detail. We expect the big day to go without a hitch!

This morning Fairy went for a wander round the garden in search of suitable flowers.

Wow! Look at these ‘pinks’!

Fairy flower power (14)


Hum . . . maybe they are a little bit too PINK!

Fairy flower power (20)


These are nice though . . . very delicate . . .

Fairy flower power (7) 


. . . and they smell gorgeous! Phoof!!

Fairy flower power (12) 


Haha! These are almost as tall as me!

Fairy flower power (22)


I know . . . I AM only little!

Fairy flower power (25) 


Oh yes, these are perfect. They will make nice hats! I think this one rather suits me.

Fairy flower power (3)


We’ll take them all please!

Fairy flower power (5)

Everything In The Garden’s Fairy!

Hello! I am over here! In amongst the daisies – they are white, just like me, and almost as pretty!

Fairy Daisy Best (1)

They smell lovely but I know they are not edible!

Fairy Daisy Best (4)

They are very comfy to sit on. I think I may just take a nap.

Fairy Daisy (6)

Why Is Everything So BIG?!

*Fairy shouting* Errr, ‘scuse me . . . I’m over here!

Everything in the garden is so big! Even with Marigold and Mariella’s help, I will not be able to eat this huge carrot.

Garden 160510 (10)

And just look at Big Wilma! Did you ever see such a big guinea pig?

Garden 160510 (14)

I am down here now. Squirrel Nutkin is SO TALL!

Garden 160510 (5)

Big Mavis seems even bigger than the biggest thing ever!

Garden 160510 (19)

Is it me that is small, or everything else that is big?

It all takes some thinking about. [Fairy philosophises for a little while]

Garden 160510 (6)

Hum . . . well . . . errr . . . yes! I see! I’ve got it! Hum!

Is it teatime now? All that thinking has made me hungry!

Garden 160510 (8)

A Clean Pair Of Heels!

Sunny day. Guineas on the lawn. And this is what they get up to!

Hello, Marigold, are you coming with me? I am going exploring.

On the lawn again (1)

C’mon you two, keep up! Humph – this is a bit of a dead end!

On the lawn again (10)

Shhhh, I am going to sneak over here now . . .

On the lawn again (5)

. . . into third gear, squeeze the accelerator and  . . .  whoosh! I’ll show those two a clean pair of heels.

On the lawn again (6)

That was brilliant fun! Who is that hiding under the fleece over there? I am going to creep up . . .

On the lawn again (8)

. . . and JUMP on her!! Crumph!!!

On the lawn again (4)

Tee hee – that was fun! Now, where is my Tea????

On the lawn again (9)

Life On Earth, and beyond!

Fairy enjoys very deep, satisfying sleeps! Her ears can be seen twitching, her toes jigging and she makes tiny little squeak noises – I always hope she is having a nice dream and not a nightmare.

Errr, where am I then? It feels as though I am on another planet. The ground is all hard and there isn’t any grass!

Fairy in focus (4)

Hellooooo! Is there anyone out there?

Fairy in focus (2)

I don’t like it . . .

Fairy in focus (3)

. . . it feels all funny underfoot.

Fairy in focus (7)

Come and get me NOW!

Fairy in focus (6)

‘It is ok Fairy, it was all a bad dream! You are back home now, safe and sound.’

Fairy in focus (14)

Oh! Thank goodness! Terra firma! Is there any grass, please? I am feeling rather peckish!

Fairy in focus (13)

Fairy Cakes!

I love Birthdays! Other peoples that is, not my own and especially NOT those BIG ones! I have one of ‘those’ tomorrow.

Fairy has a really big, special Birthday coming up. Her Birthday is on June 11th, she will be one. Fairy has decided she doesn’t want any presents and any cash she receives is going to a very important fund raiser for some very special little guinea pigs. It is all ‘hush hush’ at the moment but if anyone wants the details please email and I will send the secret link.

The best bit about Birthdays has got to be The Cake . . . especially when those cakes are ‘Fairy Cakes’.

It was hubby’s Big Birthday last year (I just thought I would remind you, sweetie!). Me and Fairy were busy the week before creating the perfect Fairy Cake. Mr Bear was on hand to ensure everything ran smoothly.

*small, worried squeaky voice* I feel really worried, Mr Bear, I haven’t ever made a Birthday Cake before!! I am simply bowled over by it all!

Baking Day getting ready to mix (1)

That’s better! We’ve got our ‘thinking caps’ on! We are on the case now!

Baking Day getting ready to mix (7)

There are some lovely cakes in the cook book but they just don’t seem quite right somehow, they are just too cakey.

Baking day deciding what to bake (8)

*whispering* what about if we make a nice big Fairy Cake, Mr Bear?

Baking day deciding what to bake (3)

C’mon! Let’s get a move on – look out Mr Bear, I need to get to the flour!

Baking day deciding what to bake (4)

Tralalaaaa! A real Fairy Cake – it looks just like me! Do you think the ears are big enough though?

Fairy 6 months old today with Mr Bear and cake (7)

Happy Birthday to yoooou! Happy Birthday to yooooooou! Happy Birthday dear Daddy . . . . Happy Birthday to YOU! Don’t forget to make a Fairy-wish!

Fairy Cake BP (4)

Ouch! That didn’t hurt a bit!

Cutting Fairy's cake (2)

Happy Piggy Birthday to everyone who has a Birthday today or tomorrow.

It’s Off To Work We Go!

Another Mouse Tale today.

You can follow this ongoing story starring Fairy and her friends, Minty and Monty, as well as other magical characters, by going to the Index page and selecting the Blog Posts from the Mouse Tales Category list. The Tales are also to be found in HELLO! Fairy magazine and the Special Souvenir Supplement. These are free pdf downloads.

Here’s Fairy with today’s tale.

Now then Monty pay attention. If I can prise you away from Minty for five minutes, we have to think about your future. When you are married you will need an income. You can’t expect Minty to run a home and everything on fresh air! I realise Minty will continue with her modelling career but you will need to provide for her and make arrangements for a pension too. And one day there could be Baby Mice . . . they will be very expensive, what with employing a Nanny Mouse, and then there is their education!

Anyway, I have had a very interesting chat with Minty’s parents. It looks like there could be an opportunity in the Rt Hon Plantagenet’s Big-Cheese Factory for a dynamic young executive type mouse. We are going over there first thing tomorrow morning for an exploratory chat. Well, after breakfast that is.

A chat with Minty and Monty (15)

The next day . . .

It is very good of you, Mr Plantagenet sir, to help Monty take his first step up the ladder of success. Your Cheese Factory is a fascinating and profitable business. I can see now where you made your millions – but I didn’t realised there was money to be made in cheese. All that pressing talk gives me a churning feeling. I am more of a specialist in the Salad market don’t you know.

A job at the cheese facatory  (4)

Gosh! Are all those mice part of your workforce? Goodness, I had no idea what a huge concern it was.

A job at the cheese facatory  (2)

While Plantagenet hangs around with Monty showing him the whey, I’m going to avail myself of the nibbles. All this food talk  was making me peckish. Hard cheese Monty, I have eaten them all.

A job at the cheese facatory  (5)c

Now that the Rt Hon Big-Mouse has shown you the ropes here on the factory floor Monty, we’ll show you round the offices and get you fitted up with some work wear. You’ll need overalls, boots, hat and gloves for a start. This cheese making can be messy business.

A job at the cheese facatory  (6)

Thanks very much Mr Plantagenet, sir. I’ll make sure Monty is here bright and early on Monday morning to strengthen the cheesy team!

A job at the cheese facatory  (4)c

The Big-Mouse Cheese Factory – hummph, that sign will need altering! The ‘Fairy, Big-Mouse and Son-in-law, Cheese Factory’ sounds about right!

A job at the cheese facatory  (11)

Bear Cuddles!

Fairy has always enjoyed being cuddled and enjoys many hours asleep nestling in her Daddy’s hands! Being blind and deaf has its compensations – there’s nothing to distract you. So once you are in a warm, safe and comfortable snuggle, it is easy to nod off.

Before last Christmas, Fairy proclaimed Pasquale Bear as officially the best cuddler in the world! He was soft and supportive, and never grew tired of pandering to Fairy’s cuddly demands.

However, it seems Fairy is fast becoming a little too portly for Pasquale’s lap.

Humph, this feels okay. Just so long as mummy photos us from down there.

Pasquale gives Fairy a hug (3)

Er, is it me imagining, or have your legs shrunk? What do you mean, your arm’s gone to sleep? Keep still, why don’t you.

Pasquale gives Fairy a hug (1)

That’s better! All cosy now! I think I will just take a . . . short . . . nap . . . . zzzzz!

Pasquale gives Fairy a hug (12)

Oh! Hello again!

It wasn’t always like this. I fitted perfectly back in August when I was little and new.

Oh, Pasquale, you’re so strong and brave. My Hero!

Fairy and Pasquale bear (2)

The moment Pasquale’s strong, furry arms wrapped securely around Fairy, she would fall fast asleep!

 Fairy and teddy 310809 (5)

Pasquale had to keep a firm grip of the sleeping Fairy . . . otherwise . . .

Fairy and her teddy, zzzzz (4)

. . . she had a tendency to slip down into a little squashy, snoozy heap!

Fairy and her teddy, zzzzz  G