Fairy In The Kitchen!

I am back! I went for a jolly long flight but I am here, safe and sound, on terra firma – well, actually I am perched atop a Quince at this exact moment –

Hey, Mum! What are we doing with these Quincey type fruits then?

Oh well, I did ask. Looks like my salad, all sliced up properly!

We made chutney – lots of chutney!

Now then, what shall we make next? A treat for mummy and daddy, for making lots of lovely salads for me!

Are the cakes ready yet? Hurry!

I am a salad-pig myself but even I could be tempted by these sticky fingers!

We’ve had a smashing day, busy in the kitchen, but it must be MY teatime now.

That’s it! I am fed and watered and now it is time to settle down to my favourite radio programme – Desert Island Salads!


Taking Stock!

Some of you lucky people who follow my antics on the super-duper Guinea Lynx Forum will recall the recent excitement when I held a little competition to guess how many beds, cosies, hideys and houses and things I had acquired.

Here’s how it all came about.

Gather round, make yourselves comfy as I announce the winner of the Grand – Fairy Gives Away A Treasured Possession – Competition.

The judges have conferred, double checked, rubbed their eyes and started all over again – but at long last a proper, verified, official conclusion has been reached. I am happy to substantiate the result with genuine Photoshop free, photographic evidence proving conclusively what a truly well be-bedded, some would say thoroughly spoiled, (although I would argue that there is definitely room for extra spoilings) piggy I am, Iam.

In between weekend showers I sought out all the beds and things I could put my little fluffy paws on. After arranging them in a logical sequence on the lawn, I set out to record them with clip boards and special, complicated adding up type machines.

After feeding all the data into a specially commissioned bed-data-base the results are ready for your perusal – and I am delighted to announce – We have a WINNER!

Before I go any further though I will be happy to take you through the truly complicated procedure – we even had an Auditor/Daddy type person to ensure fair play and everything.

Zroooom. Right – lets get this competition on the lawn – time to get counting!

Yes! You can get off that rotund bottom and come and help too, Mariella.

1, 13, 7, 41, ssh – I’m COUNTING!

16, 3, 37, 49 . . . have you counted THAT one, Mariella?

45 . . . has anyone seen Marigold?

478 . . . is she hiding in there? Oh! Mariella! You made me loose count. Never mind . . . I’ll just carry on where I might have left off.

68, 72, 77, 108 . . . and that one makes 110!

Yes, that little one counts too.

Oh crikey . . . look at this little lot . . . 123, 125, 142, 156 . . . come on, Mariella, keep UP!

It’s no good, there isn’t time for a rest.

Look at all these spots, my poor brain . . . 158, 166, 168, 169, 188. Err, I might have counted one twice, so let’s say 190.

193, 195, 199 . . . big breath . . .


Time for a rest . . . phew! I need a snack!

She is NOT giving MY bed away, Mariella. Let’s sit fast and try not to get involved – it must be time for some nibbles soon.

Nearly there now . . . 301, 423 . . .

This must be nearly the last one . . . 566 . . . probably.

Yep! All done! Did you manage to add them all up?

Just checking . . . psst where’s Daddy with the answer?
(Oh and this is YOUR last chance to guess how many before I reveal the total!)

Trumpet fanfare and all that sort of thing!


If it was up to me I would send ALL my friends a bed – especially the close guesses – Pennie (47) and Buffy (45) I personally think you should have a consolation prize. Well done, Snickers and Ouiser (42 and 43), Clover and Pixie (44 and 49) and Bella (48) and I thought your guess was good Patrick and Pebbles (249), I am going to make that my aim!

I know you will all be busy counting them up in the photo – and you’ll get 45! BUT . . . that little white fluffy pad is a bit hidden behind another bed! It WAS there on the day . . . so it IS 46! How did YOU do?


Fairy’s Flower-Bower!

Hello . . . . HELLO! Is there anyone out there?
I am here – in HERE! I KNOW you can’t SEE me, but I AM here!
I am busy right now, being a little Flower-Fairy . . . can you come back later, please . . .

Hehehe! That should keep all my viewers guessing!

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z

I’m just having 5 more minutes in here . . . yes! IN HERE!! What’s that? Yes! Those ARE MY flowers, keep your paws OFF!

Yes! I really am here this time! And I will show you what’s what just as long as you stand well back – that goes for you too Marigold, and YOU – Mariella . . . you are NOT getting your big bulgy body in HERE!

I’ll give you a twirl then . . . . the left side . . .

. . . and the right side.

So! There you have it! Or rather, there I have it – my very own Fairy-Flower-Bower! All pretty, just like me!
Thank YOU, Aunt Jenny, for making me such a wonderful, flower-powery creation. I LOVE it!

C’mon then you two, you can have a little go while no is looking.
You first, Marigold. Just don’t go and get stuck!


Meddling In Mousie Affairs!

Oh hello. Would you mind keeping the noise down a bit? I am trying to have my nap.

I am worn to a furry frazzle.

Why? You may well ask.

I was up all last night meddling in a certain Minty and Monty Mouses affairs – it is their Wedding Anniversary tomorrow and knowing what a forgetful little mousie Monty is, I knew it would be left to little old me to organise a bit of a do. I can hear you all saying what a good little organiser I am!

Snoozy Fairy 1

Anyway, if you don’t mind, I am going to have my sleep now.
You can come back tomorrow for the Mouse Do!

Fairy snoozy 2


Fairy’s Gone Potty!

Let me out NOW – this minute!
What’s all that noisy, squeaky fuss about, Marigold? There’s an awful lot of ‘language’ coming from somewhere!

There does seem to be rather a lot of noise.
Never mind. Lets just ignore it. Look – we are about to get our photo taken. Smile sweetly and say GRASS!

Oh PHEW! Yes! There WAS a lot of fuss and it was coming from poor little ME, Mariella!
Didn’t you KNOW I was trapped under that plant pot?

I almost missed getting MY photo taken.
Look here, Mummy, bring the camera thingy! I am ready for it!

No! You wouldn’t dare hide me again would you Marigold?

NO! NO! And thrice NO!

DADDY! Come and protect me! NOW!

Oh! there you are . . . about time.

All aboard!

Take me away from all this. They were going to put me under a nasty plant pot! Boo hoo, sniffe ETC.

What’s that Daddy? You wouldn’t let them?

Oh Daddy! My hero!
Actually – I knew they weren’t really – I just wanted an extra Daddy Cuddle!