Fairy’s Flower-Bower!

Hello . . . . HELLO! Is there anyone out there?
I am here – in HERE! I KNOW you can’t SEE me, but I AM here!
I am busy right now, being a little Flower-Fairy . . . can you come back later, please . . .

Hehehe! That should keep all my viewers guessing!

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z

I’m just having 5 more minutes in here . . . yes! IN HERE!! What’s that? Yes! Those ARE MY flowers, keep your paws OFF!

Yes! I really am here this time! And I will show you what’s what just as long as you stand well back – that goes for you too Marigold, and YOU – Mariella . . . you are NOT getting your big bulgy body in HERE!

I’ll give you a twirl then . . . . the left side . . .

. . . and the right side.

So! There you have it! Or rather, there I have it – my very own Fairy-Flower-Bower! All pretty, just like me!
Thank YOU, Aunt Jenny, for making me such a wonderful, flower-powery creation. I LOVE it!

C’mon then you two, you can have a little go while no is looking.
You first, Marigold. Just don’t go and get stuck!

Meddling In Mousie Affairs!

Oh hello. Would you mind keeping the noise down a bit? I am trying to have my nap.

I am worn to a furry frazzle.

Why? You may well ask.

I was up all last night meddling in a certain Minty and Monty Mouses affairs – it is their Wedding Anniversary tomorrow and knowing what a forgetful little mousie Monty is, I knew it would be left to little old me to organise a bit of a do. I can hear you all saying what a good little organiser I am!

Snoozy Fairy 1

Anyway, if you don’t mind, I am going to have my sleep now.
You can come back tomorrow for the Mouse Do!

Fairy snoozy 2

Fairy’s Gone Potty!

Let me out NOW – this minute!
What’s all that noisy, squeaky fuss about, Marigold? There’s an awful lot of ‘language’ coming from somewhere!

There does seem to be rather a lot of noise.
Never mind. Lets just ignore it. Look – we are about to get our photo taken. Smile sweetly and say GRASS!

Oh PHEW! Yes! There WAS a lot of fuss and it was coming from poor little ME, Mariella!
Didn’t you KNOW I was trapped under that plant pot?

I almost missed getting MY photo taken.
Look here, Mummy, bring the camera thingy! I am ready for it!

No! You wouldn’t dare hide me again would you Marigold?

NO! NO! And thrice NO!

DADDY! Come and protect me! NOW!

Oh! there you are . . . about time.

All aboard!

Take me away from all this. They were going to put me under a nasty plant pot! Boo hoo, sniffe ETC.

What’s that Daddy? You wouldn’t let them?

Oh Daddy! My hero!
Actually – I knew they weren’t really – I just wanted an extra Daddy Cuddle!

Fairy’s Beautiful Pea-Green Boat!

Ahoy! I say! AHOY THERE!
Chocks away!
I am going to sail my my beautiful new boat on a voyage across the seas.

Errr . . . what do you mean, ‘I have to row’? Isn’t it powered by anything?
Well, I’ll soon see about that!

That’s it, Marigold – row, row, row the boat, and off we go!
That Marigold is very useful sometimes.

Oh no! Look at all that water . . . it’s coming in!

We’re filling up! It’s time to bail out!

Whe . . . where’s Fairy? She’s left me in a sinking ship.
Bail out, Marigold, swim for it . . . squeaks a little voice from the shore.

Phewee, back on my kitchen table now after all that excitement.
I think we will keep the boat moored here, then I can hop in and have a snooze whenever I like.

Fairy’s New Bed!

Fairy . . . oh, Fairy! Wakey, wakey!

*blows gently on a Fairy-flap*

Oh crumbs! What does she want now . . . . fuff and fum!

I was just having a nice nap in my brand new, snuggly, buggly, cosy, dozy bed.
Oh hello! What! What do you want now . . .

Look here! Do you like my present? It’s from Fred_and_co you know. I like this flowery pattern.

It’s the first bed I have encountered with an integral sheep-like-fur pillow.
It makes a perfect chin rest . . . .

And look – it can also be put to good use as a hat!

What’s that? Speak up . . . oh! It would seem my gift is for ALL of us. Well, I will let Marigld and Mariella know . . . later . . . . . . tomorrow.

I know . . . I am just about to . . .

. . . . say THANK YOU, Auntie Fred! I love my . .. oops, OUR new bed and I love YOU!

Now then, if you don’t mind, go amuse yourselves for a while. I need my nap.
Good night!

A Fairy Interloper?

Hello, Fairy here! I have to admit to feeling somewhat muddled today. I keep thinking I am seeing things, it must be my age . . . or lack of food or something. Whatever it is, it is serious – come on, I’ll show you what . . .

Fairy and Mini Fairy! b(11)

Here’s WHAT! Look! A small, round, white furry . . . . WHAT? And it’s in MY jug!

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (4)

And WHAT is on MY kitchen dresser . . . it’s FUZZY! That’s WHAT!

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (1)

And it is NOSEY!

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (2)

And DARING – that shelf is very high, even I am not allowed up there.

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (3)

It is technically minded too. Tuning in to some radio station, making itself right at home!

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (6)

I think it is time I met this little whatever it is!

Oh! There you are then . . . let’s get things straight from the start. This is MY cosy cup, you can peep over the edge – and tread NO further. Have you got that?

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (8)

WHAT the heck-is-in-my-bed?


A WHAT is in MY bed!

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (9)

Oh! Right! It’s a ‘Mini-Me’. I see. That explains a few things then.

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (10)

Ha! It is rather cute actually – and now I understand WHY it is called a ‘Mini Me’. Look! It has pink Fairy-Flaps, just like mine. Very pretty!

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (15)

Hum. It could come in quite handy – when I don’t feel like posing for my photo, ‘Mini Me’ can stand in for me! And yes – a stunt double too . . . maybe it can pretend to be me at the dentist, in the bath, getting my toenails trimmed . . . . it’s funny, but I suddenly love having a ‘Mini Me’ and life isn’t too confusing at all!

Fairy and Mini Fairy! (16)

Thanks to Sue’s Felties.

Driving Miss Fairy!

Peeep! PEEP! PEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Look out everyone! Here I come!

Driving Miss Fairy! (2)

Brumm-brumm . . . brumm-brumm!

Watch out – make way!

Driving Miss Fairy! (8)

Am I doing ok, Mum? I like driving – I don’t even think I need driving lessons!

Driving Miss Fairy! (11)

It might be a different matter when I get those two back seat drivers in with me though. I can hear Marigold now, ‘Fairy! Fairy! Slow down’! And Mariella, fussing over her long fur as it gets all blown about in the breeze.

Driving Miss Fairy! (5)

Oh well . . .

Whooooo! Hold on! Is that my tea I see, over there?
*slams paw on the brakes*

Driving Miss Fairy! (10)

I’ll just make a quick pit-stop. There’s plenty of time to practice driving round the bend later!

Driving Miss Fairy! (7)

One’s beautiful new car was delivered by Jenny’s Custom Cars. Official car-maker to the Pig-nicenti, by Royal Appointment.

Driving Miss Fairy! (13)

‘Tis the season to be . . .

SANTA! Here I am, all dressed up and ready for Christmas in my tastefully designed seasonal snuglage ensemble.

Speech? SPEECH? Did I hear you say? Oh ok then – you asked for it!

(Here I go then, in my best posh regal type accent).

Dear readers, followers, fans and what have yous, welcome.

Christmas is, for most of us, a rest from working hard to provide salad (Daddy), a time to get together with our sisters and family and prepare salad (Mummy), a time to concentrate on eating our salad (Me). Also a traditional time to reflect on the highs and highers of the year gone by (all of us) – and what a year that has been. I have made lots and lots of new bestest friends and would like to wish them, and all my old bestest friends, a very, very Happy Piggy Christmas for starters.

When One is a hugely successful and in the public eye as often as One is, it is easy to imagine everyone everywhere is sailing along merrily through life just like me. Well I know that isn’t always the case and this Christmas I will be sending special, magical Fairy-Wishes to my friends, both piggy and human, who could use a supportive helping paw. I would like you to know, you special folk, that I am thinking about you (apart from when I am thinking about my salad) and will make sure to send you lots of Fairy-Magic.

Happy Christmas!

And now for some super duper Fairy pics! Firstly, my official Queen Victoria lookalike portrait.

Santa Paws 1

Here is a memento of me visiting Santa-Bear the other day. I had such a long list to get through, reminding him to send bulging salad sacks to every single piggy in the kingdom.

Fairy and Santa

And finally . . .

Fairy builds her snowman! (4)b

. . . . to ALL of you!

Fairy builds her snowman! 1


Snow, snow and more snow! I expect you thought that is what you would find here today. Well, you were wrong! Nasty cold wet stuff that sticks to my whiskers – brrrr! So instead I am bringing you a little bit of summer. Sit down on a nice comfy chair, put your paws up and chill(!) while I show you a few of my favourite garden flowers.

My love of flowers can be traced back to the Big Royal Mouse Wedding Of The Year where I, among all my other important and complicated duties, was co-opted to do the wedding flowers. Remember Minty’s spectacular bouquet? A pretty little posy of Sweet Williams with some other little whatsits thrown in for good measure. Fairy-sized flowers, delicate, sweet and mini – just like little ol’ ME. A triumph!

Fairy's bunch of flowers (10)

Look! They are jolly snazzy.

If you need me to do your wedding flowers I am sure it could be arranged.

Fairy's bunch of flowers (12)

If you are going to a sophisticated wedding, you can always find a suitable hat hidden amongst the flower petals. This jolly posh hat was just the job for the famous Mouse Wedding of the Year. An occasion made all the more enjoyable by my meticulous planning and superior organisation skills. Oh and a particularly good Cheese-cake!
That reminds me, I must invite Minty and Monty round for tea, it’s ages since we got together!

Fairy flower power (5)

Have you ever tried lounging around in the flower bed? Daisies are particularly comfy and quite handy to hide among, their being white and everything!

No time for loafing today though. Let’s be taking a look over yonder . . .

Fairy Daisy (8)

. . . err . . . I am in here. HERE! Can you see me ok?

Fairy checks the garden for pollen (3)

Pink! My favourite colour! Mummy says it has something to do with my ears, I think . . . not sure what though.

Fairy flower power (14)

Now then . . . where was I? Oh yes, flowers.

The very best kind of flower is of course, the edible non petal flower – more commonly known in horticultural circles as ‘grass’. Not only is it comfy to loll about in, it also makes a tasty and nutritious snack. Yum!

Fairy lawnmower (11)

Fairy’s The Pig’s Whiskers!

This is the life, what ho and all that. I am not sure why Daddy needs BOTH his paws to support me though, I’m not THAT big . . . am I? Did I hear him say his arms are aching, goodness me, whatever next?

Fairy's new whiskers (7)

Humph! Back in my cuddle cup now – mind you, it IS very comfy thanks to Jen creating a made to measure one just for me, in MY size.

Fairy's new whiskers (3)

And while I am here I may as well show you these. Look! My new set of whiskers! They are coming along very nicely! You can hardly notice I had a shave a few weeks ago. And there’s no sign of that nasty little lump on my sweet, angelic face.

Fairy's new whiskers (2)

Have a close look, you can see how strong and long they are, and that groove has almost disappeared altogether. All smooth and tidy.

Fairy's new whiskers (9)

Oh garroo, Daddy, what do you think you are DOING? Oh, holding my whiskers up for everyone to see how good they are? That’s ok then, I suppose.

Fairy's new whiskers (5)

Phew, that’s better, back where I belong. Thank you for looking at my whiskers. – did you notice the really long, stand up type ones, I am particularly proud of those ones! I grew them all by myself!

Fairy's new whiskers (1)

A bit later . . .

Are you still there? Good! I just wanted to say to all those little pigs out there, EAT YOUR GREENS! It is the only way to make your whiskers grow. That is exactly what I did, and look at me and MY whiskers. You don’t need expensive unguents or any other complicated and expensive methods. Take it from me, one who knows about these things. A regular bowl of salad and you too will soon be all whiskered up!

Fairy's whisker grease (2)

Fairy Makes An Important Announcement!

My dearly beloved people. You have all been gathered here today, at my great personal inconvenience I might add, to hear the latest of my very important proclamations delivered on my specially commissioned Soapbox. An Announcement of such import that even little ol’ me is getting very excited! Tee hee.

Get on your soapbox Fairy! (10)b

Humph, you two have finally deigned to put in an appearance, have you? I was in full flow and just getting to a really good dramatic bit when, in you barge, willy nilly, making me all loose my drift.

Get on your soapbox Fairy! (5)

I’ll just need to have a bit of a rest and gather my thoughts. I will need a big basket to put them in because some days I have lots of thoughts – mostly relating to food it must be said, but there are lots of them, hence the need for a jolly big basket! Now where was I? Was it something to do with food?

Get on your soapbox Fairy! (1)

Oh actually, that reminds me of the time I addressed the massed ranks of local salad growers, exhorting them to redouble their efforts to keep me supplied with light snacks. What a marvellous speech that was – they all enjoyed it so much, they threw lettuces and tomatoes! Kept me going for a day or two, that did.

Get on your soapbox Fairy! (2)b

What was that Marigold? Which point would you like me to get to exactly?

Get on your soapbox Fairy! (6)

Oh yes, that reminds me of the occasion I was guest speaker at the Grand Order of Pointy Things annual convention. What an unalloyed triumph that was too.

Get on your soapbox Fairy! (7)

There was I, surrounded by enthusiastic purveyors of all things pointy, when all suddenly and without warning I was unanimously elected Piggy with the Pointiest Finger Nails of the year, with certificates, major awards and a medal type thing.

Get on your soapbox Fairy! (8)

Mariella, you can admire them at closer quarters if you wish.

Get on your soapbox Fairy! (8)b

Or even closer. These extra special pointy ones come pre-adorned with optional Piggy Poo adornment.

Get on your soapbox Fairy! (8)c

Err, right, back to the very serious and highly important, if not world shattering then jolly well close to it, ‘Announcement’.

Get on your soapbox Fairy! (10)

I’d better just make sure the autocue operator has managed to keep up. It wouldn’t do to miss any dramatic bits out.

Get on your soapbox Fairy! (14)

Right you two, places please. Remember to look all excited and anxious, hanging on my every word and generally paying attention and not wandering off. That means you too Marigold. MARIGOLD!

Get on your soapbox Fairy! (16)

Right, that’s better. Do at least try and keep all lined up neatly.

Get on your soapbox Fairy! (18)

Just time for a quick photo opportunity for the massed rank of the paparazzi, so Mummy can capture this truly historic Announcement.

Try not to crack the lense with your smile Mariella.

Get on your soapbox Fairy! (19)

Okay, I’m ready for the big finish. The dramatic tension has reached breaking point. Nerves have been suitably shredded sufficiently and national TV and Radio have interrupted their transmissions to record these historic words –

Get on your soapbox Fairy! (23)

We will be holding a Grand Fairy-Fest Piggy Party at my house next year – and you are all invited! Timings to be finalised in due course. There will of course be tea and cakes and what not, for the grown ups.

Salads’R’Us, superior caterers to the top piggies, have been booked. They will provide mixed salads, plain salads, 4 varieties of hay, green salads, fresh grass lightly chilled, tomato salads, leafy salads, tossed broccoli salad,  . . .  oh and due to Health & Safety – guest piggy’s will have to bring their own nibbles!

Book your cuddle cups – NOW!

Get on your soapbox Fairy! (20)b

Fairy Gets A Helping Handy!

It’s a bit much, one can’t even enjoy a nice gentle stroll around the kitchen table searching for Mariella’s secret salad stash without bumping into something some careless person has left lying about.

Who left this here then? And, more to the point, what on earth is it?

Handy Fairy 2 (1)

What does it say on this here label?

Oh! ‘Handle with care’ and ‘Hand wash only’.

Handy Fairy 2 (2)

Maybe if I just take a closer look at this bit over here . . .

Handy Fairy 2 (4)

Those bright red blobs look just like Mummy’s extra special ‘Going out once in a Blue Moon’ shiny finger nails.

Handy Fairy 2 (9)

Hummmph – and that chain thingy looks very much like her special – ‘What on earth do you want for Christmas this year’, bracelet! Charming!

Just a minute – let’s examine all the evidence. Mummy’s finger nails, Mummy’s wrist. Ooo err, it can’t be –  can it? IT IS!!!!!

Handy Fairy 2 (11)

Eeeeeeeeeeeek – Mummy’s hand has dropped off!

She was always saying that she wore her fingers to the bone keeping up with my modest dietary requests.

Don’t panic . . . do not panic! DADDDDDDYYYYYYY – quick! There’s a hand on the loose!

Handy Fairy 2 (8)

Errr, I was only, err, teasing. I knew it wasn’t really Mummy’s real hand. I DID!

Mummy is busy clicking away with the ‘Box that Captures Fairy Magical Moments’ thing, and she needs BOTH hands for that.

Handy Fairy 2 (5)

Panic over. Not that I was actually panicking you understand. Picnicking maybe – but not panicking!!!

It’s actually amazingly nice and soft and snuggly . . .

Handy Fairy 2 (13)

. . . and those little charms things look good enough to eat!

Goodness – all this exploring, YAWN, makes a fearless Fairy very tired. Time for a little . . .

Handy Fairy 2 (15)

. . . Handy, snooze zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Handy Fairy 2 (16)

5 hours later . . . yawn  . . . stretch . . . this wonderful handy pad snuggle cosy was specially hand crafted for Fairy by my best friend Jenny, and will come in handy for when Mummy and Daddy are too busy for cuddles. It’s FHANDTASTIC!

Handy Fairy! (4)