‘Tis the season to be . . .

SANTA! Here I am, all dressed up and ready for Christmas in my tastefully designed seasonal snuglage ensemble.

Speech? SPEECH? Did I hear you say? Oh ok then – you asked for it!

(Here I go then, in my best posh regal type accent).

Dear readers, followers, fans and what have yous, welcome.

Christmas is, for most of us, a rest from working hard to provide salad (Daddy), a time to get together with our sisters and family and prepare salad (Mummy), a time to concentrate on eating our salad (Me). Also a traditional time to reflect on the highs and highers of the year gone by (all of us) – and what a year that has been. I have made lots and lots of new bestest friends and would like to wish them, and all my old bestest friends, a very, very Happy Piggy Christmas for starters.

When One is a hugely successful and in the public eye as often as One is, it is easy to imagine everyone everywhere is sailing along merrily through life just like me. Well I know that isn’t always the case and this Christmas I will be sending special, magical Fairy-Wishes to my friends, both piggy and human, who could use a supportive helping paw. I would like you to know, you special folk, that I am thinking about you (apart from when I am thinking about my salad) and will make sure to send you lots of Fairy-Magic.

Happy Christmas!

And now for some super duper Fairy pics! Firstly, my official Queen Victoria lookalike portrait.

Santa Paws 1

Here is a memento of me visiting Santa-Bear the other day. I had such a long list to get through, reminding him to send bulging salad sacks to every single piggy in the kingdom.

Fairy and Santa

And finally . . .

Fairy builds her snowman! (4)b

. . . . to ALL of you!

Fairy builds her snowman! 1