Fairy Princess!

Oh! You’ve caught me in the act! I am just undoing another present! It must be for me, what with pink packaging and what-not.

Princess Fairy in her tiara! (1)

It tastes a bit funny. That’s odd! It isn’t an edible gift!

Princess Fairy in her tiara! (2)

Well, let’s be having a sniff under here . . . pfhoof, it smells SHINY!

Princess Fairy in her tiara! (3)

It’s a HAT! Well, it could be a hat! I rather think it suits me.

No, it isn’t a hat . . . right . . . what the dickens IS it then?

Princess Fairy in her tiara! (6)

It’s a CROWN! Is it . . . could it be . . . for ME?

Princess Fairy in her tiara! (9)

What? It’s for Mr Bear? No! No, no and thrice no!!

Princess Piggies! (8)

Muuuum! If I let Mr Bear wear my Noddy hat, can I wear the crown?

What do you mean, ‘When the others have had a go’?

Princess Piggies! (2)

Beautiful Princess Marigold! Sorry – it’s too high! It makes your face look tall!

Princess Piggies! (12)

And Regal Princess Mariella! It’s too low! It’ll squash your ears!

Princess Piggies! (17)

And now it’s MY go! Perfect! Please allow me to introduce myself, Princess Fairy, Queen of the Piggies, Bears, Cups and Saucers of the Kitchen Dresser Kingdom!

Princess Piggies! (4)

Does this mean I get to have servants who will obey all my commands? Oh good!

You there, yes, YOU! I’d like a big bowl of salad now . . . and another two big bowls full, but not quite as big as my bowl full, for the Pretend Princesses, Marigold and Mariella. And when you have done that we would all like a load of hay to play in. Please! Thank you! And don’t forget to courtesy before you go!

One just can’t get the staff these days.

Princess Piggies! (6)

A great big Royal Thank You to my friend Jenny for sending me this most perfect of gifts. I am extremely grateful. My very own bejewelled crown – it’s perfect!