Fairy – And The Noble Craft Of The Deckchair

Good morning my people. I had a dream last night that Summer is finally on it’s way. Time to prepare myself for the beach! I am all signed-up for a very special course Mr Bear is running on how to do something complicated with a folding chair. Sounds a bit barmy to me – but if you don’t go to these events . . .


Right then. What’s all this Deckchair malarkey all about then?


Oh I see – it’s very complicated and potentially hazardous to health and takes a very special piggy to master – just the job then!


All the basics are contained in this slim little pamphlet.

Lets see. Err it would appear to be a little more ‘challenging’ than I first suspected!


Oooooo Mr-r Be-e-e-a-r. I only suggested that although it was very simple and straight forward for me to comprehend and everything, it was clearly going to be way beyond Daddy. He is now insisting that I ‘stand aside and let the professionals show us how it’s done’.

This may take some time!


Excuse me Mr Bear. Does it usually take this long? He’s been juggling with those planks of wood things for ages.


I’m sure it looked exactly like that half an hour ago.


Calm down Daddy – I was only offering you a helping paw.


In my expert opinion, I think putting your fingers there might result in ‘complications’.


Don’t say a word Mr Bear – leave all the ‘I told you so’s’ to me.

Now where are those bandages?


Luckily I recently attended Mr Bear’s ‘What to do when someone interferes and traps their silly fingers in a folding chair’ Course, last week!


Right then – enough messing about. It’s time for Fairy to take charge.


Ahhh – I see your problem Squire. What cowboy did this job for you? It’s going to cost a bit to put right. Three sugars please.


And if I am not mistaken, with a little twist of the wrist . . .




Gosh, this is extra comfy – well done me!


Oh yes – another certificate for my wall.


MR BEAR –  Err Fairy – excuse me, I know these Deckchairs make extra cosy resting places, but it really is time to go home now!

Fairy’s Flower-Bower!

Hello . . . . HELLO! Is there anyone out there?
I am here – in HERE! I KNOW you can’t SEE me, but I AM here!
I am busy right now, being a little Flower-Fairy . . . can you come back later, please . . .

Hehehe! That should keep all my viewers guessing!

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z

I’m just having 5 more minutes in here . . . yes! IN HERE!! What’s that? Yes! Those ARE MY flowers, keep your paws OFF!

Yes! I really am here this time! And I will show you what’s what just as long as you stand well back – that goes for you too Marigold, and YOU – Mariella . . . you are NOT getting your big bulgy body in HERE!

I’ll give you a twirl then . . . . the left side . . .

. . . and the right side.

So! There you have it! Or rather, there I have it – my very own Fairy-Flower-Bower! All pretty, just like me!
Thank YOU, Aunt Jenny, for making me such a wonderful, flower-powery creation. I LOVE it!

C’mon then you two, you can have a little go while no is looking.
You first, Marigold. Just don’t go and get stuck!

Everything In The Garden’s Perfect!

We have a problem.

In between snacking and snoozing, and snacking a bit more, all I keep hearing are mutterances about the garden.
The gist of it is, the long, cold winter killed a load of plants off.

Well, it isn’t a problem now! Mum! Look at all these nice new plants I’ve found for you.

Just pop them in where the gaps are and things will be as right as . . . as right as . . . err . . . HAY!
Look! This one is nice. Well, it IS pink so it must be ok.

Anyway, it isn’t all doom and gloom. I am sure there’s something good over yonder . . . can you prise me out? It is a bit of a snug fit in this plant tray. What do you mean, ‘my bottom’s too round’? Humph!

No! I didn’t mean this! It is far too YELLOW.

I was actually thinking about something a bit more GREEN.

Ahaha! This is much better. Who needs flowers when you can your teeth into some jolly decent grass?
Nom, nom, nom . . . . everything in the garden’s grassy – perfect!

Only another 349 days to go until next Christmas!

Christmas is all over but don’t worry, it’s the New Year now! I hope it brings you health and happiness, cuddles and kisses, salads galore and all good things like that!

It is also a time to make something called ‘resolutions’. When you are a small piggy like me, with so much to think about, it isn’t always easy to make them. I did, however, make some for Marigold and Mariella.

Marigold’s New year’s Resolution is to be even more cuddly and to let me snuggle up under her fur whenever I want. And Mariella’s is to let me share all her food! Good!

Whatever you do have a very . . .

Happy new year pigs! Blog