On Top Of The World!

It has been a very long winter. Five months of what seemed like perpetual cold, wet and windy weather. According to the experts however, this weekend promises to be the warmest of the year so far! A mini heat wave no less! Good! The gang (piggy and people alike) can’t wait to get back to serious lawn mowing duties!

They have a custom built, (by Daddy), secure outdoor run arrangement enabling them to spend a couple of hours safely nibbling the grass, romping round and snoozing in the spring sunshine.

When the sun is shining everything seems a lot more exciting. The days are longer and there is more piggy quality time available!

A few weeks ago on a bright and crisp Spring morning, I introduced Fairy to a little taste of what’s to come with a few minutes in the sun a’top Big Mavis.

Mmmm, this is lovely! I could quite get used to it.

Fairy atop Big Mavis 310110 (2)

I can ‘see’ for miles perched up here! Oh look – is that Mariella over there?

Fairy atop Big Mavis 310110 (3)

All this freshness has gone up my nose! The air smells so . . . . tasty!

Soon be time for home-grown grassy nibbles.

Fairy atop Big Mavis 310110 (4)

Have a sunny weekend!

Spring Is In The Fur!

Like most guineas Fairy likes to feel the warm sun on her fur!

Bed testing in the sun (11)

Front AND back!

Bed testing in the sun (10)

It’s lovely!

Bed testing in the sun (9)

It is nice to sit out with your friends too.

Sunny Seat (3)

Even if you can’t go out, it is good to know the sun is shining!

Sunny Fairy 090210 (4)

It warms your whiskers . . .

Sunny Fairy 090210 (2)

. . . and makes you feel . . . sleepy . . . zzzzz

Sunny Fairy 090210 (7)

Summer Pignic!

In September Fairy had some friends over to join her for an pignic.

Here she is with her friend Ginny enjoying some salad snacks.

Ginny is 6 years old and is just about the cuddliest piggy I have ever cuddled!

Pignic Saturday Gimgin, Maybe, Bubbles, Stardrops, M, M & F (15)

And with Baby-Maybe. She lives with Ginny.

She was one of the beautiful guinea pigs we rescued along with Fairy’s mum.

Pignic Saturday Gimgin, Maybe, Bubbles, Stardrops, M, M & F (20)

There’s Marigold looking for some grass!

Pignic Saturday Gimgin, Maybe, Bubbles, Stardrops, M, M & F (14)

Fairy enjoying a romp!

Piggies on the lawn, briefly (7)

And having a ride in the barrow with Marigold and Matilda.

Piggies on the lawn,best (33)

Posing for the camera!

That’s Big Mavis in the background.

Riding in the cart 260909 (2)

After such a hectic day all a little piggy wants to do is sleep!

Fairy snoozy (7)

How it all began.

Fairy was born on June 11th 2009.

Her mum, Brillo, was a ‘rescue piggy’, taken from an unpleasant situation, along with her many assorted brothers, sisters and other relations.

More piglets (1)

Here’s her Dad, Ernie!

Ernie 1

Fairy was a very small piggy. As well as being blind and deaf she also had many problems with her teeth.

Fairy 6 wheeks old today bp2

Her food had to be sliced up very small and a lot of the time she was hand fed to ensure she ate a balanced diet. It was difficult, at times, to entice her to eat anything! With patience though it soon became apparent what foods Fairy liked.

Daddy feeding Fairy 1 (1)

With lots of care and regular trips to the dentist, a trained Rodentologist, Fairy thrived, steadily putting weight on and coping better with her handicaps.

Here she is aged 16 weeks.

Fairy 16 weeks old today! (1)

As the weeks and months passed Fairy’s character developed.

She liked nothing better than spending time with Marigold and Matilda!

Fairy Matilda Marigold in the wrong cups! G (6)

Going for a spin!

Piggies riding in their cart! 020809 ADJ

And taking things easy!

Fairy falling asleep with Daddy! (9)

But best of all, she liked being with her pals.

The Team line up (13)

Grazing alongside Matilda!

Floortime 130110 (2)

Having a word with Mr Bear!

Fairy and Mr Bear goodnight (7)

And chatting with her dear friends, Monty and Minty Mouse!

Fairy Minty Monty on their beany bags (1)

There will be a lot more of Minty and Monty soon!