Happy 4th Birthday, Marigold!

But Marigold, it MIGHT be MY Birthday. When they were handing out the Birthday-dates, maybe they gave you MY Birthday so that must mean that this Birthday that is yours is actually, more than likely in fact, mine.

Why can’t it be MY Birthday? What’s that? I can share YOUR Birthday?

Well, that’s just the pigs-knees! Thanks, Marigold! I can stop pretending to sulk now.

Come on, Mr Bear, let’s get this party swinging.

Nice flowers, Fairy, thank you.

La . . . la (a bit higher) and laaaa. I am just warming up, Marigold . . . .

Happy Birthday to yooooou, Happy Birthday to yooooooooou!

Happy Birthday dear Marigold, we all love you too!

A fine singing voice even if I say so myself.

You can have your present now. I found this on PigBay. Look, it’s a very old copy of Super Salads written by Great, Great and Really Great Auntie Mildred.

Oh, thank you, sweet Fairy. You are the best sister a piggy could ever wish for (errr . . . has anyone noticed Fairy is all smudged with grass stains? It must be her special ‘party make-up’.)



Right then, enough of all this singing  . . . . Mum, Dad! You can bring on the snackettes NOW?

Nom nom nom, by jove, this really IS a Super Salad.

This really IS the best 4th Birthday ever!