Our Grand Opening!

There was great excitement and a good deal of traditional British Pomp & Ceremony at the Piggery today. It was our OFFICIAL OPENING CEREMONY.

We were indeed fortunate to have secured the services of Princess Alice and Dame Rachel to perform the necessaries.

Early this morning an exuberant audience gasped in wonder as our royal guests arrive and attempt to walk up the red carpet. Dame Rachel is a little unsteady on her pins these days, bless her.

Here Princess Alice is caught in the very act of cutting the ribbon.

Goodness knows why she had to pontificate at great length about being ‘unaccustomed’ and asking everyone what they did, and had they travelled far.

And why she had to be given a jolly big bouquet of yummy carrots for doing it, is beyond me.

At least she had the good grace to leave it within easy nibbling range – burp.

The humans celebrated the momentous moment by swigging lots of fruity stuff – Yuk!

Hello, everybody – what about some special celebratory treats for us Mummy?

Hummp – perhaps the treats are up there.

No Bear, nommm, nommmm, nothing up here!

Any chance of a celebratory cuddle then? Anyone?

That’s better – Dame Rachel came in useful after all.

And, so did Princess Alice!

Well, all’s well that ends well. What a super day – we all had a jolly nice time!



Scary Fairy And A Pair Of Halloween Horrors!

Now then my people, what have we here then?

Oh yes, I remember! It is almost that time of year to perform spookily scary Halloween type things involving witches hats and pumpkins and, and, and all things orange.

Right ho. This year I have two new souls to conjure with.

Listen up you two – if you thought Mummy was scary . . . tonight we are going to unleash, err something spooky. Any ideas?

Well Fairy, I thought it might be appropriate to loll around in this cosy pumpkin . . . in a vaguely tormented manner.

Or lie down on this soft cushion and look all mean, moody and menacing.

And while Bear scares sundry articles of under clothing off terrified viewers . . .

I’ll crawl in here and practise snoozing like, like . . . like a Banshee.

And I will hide in here and do my finest manic Halloween type laughter, ‘Tee Hee’ (in a really sinister voice).

All this Halloween type stuff is making me very peckish. I thought there would be trick-or-treat type treats!

Maybe I need to increase my horror inducing activity a notch or two.

Here we go – ‘Screech, howl, err, sundry zombie type moans’.

Perfect, or what?!

Pixie, I don’t want to appear unduly critical, but I think we may have gone a little too far with all this horror inducing mayhem.


What a dress rehearsal disaster. Not even remotely chilling, and that was the BEST those pesky two could do.

I give up. I’m staying in here until Halloween is over, or at least until teatime.

Give Us A Cuddle!

This is especially for you, AliMouse.

When Fairy was very small she soon found the comfiest places to snooze. One of those was in the protective arms of Pasquale, the bear. She had no idea how tiny she appeared – and how sweet!

Here she is at about 10 weeks of age.

Fairy and her teddy, zzzzz  G

You can imagine how comfy it must be to rest your chin on Pasquale’s furry arm with his other arm supporting you and keeping you safe.

Fairy and teddy 310809 (5)

Here she is now! She is almost one year old and a much bigger armful for Pasquale to cuddle!

Fairy gets a Pasquale cuddle (7)

She may have grown up and know what she wants, but deep down she is still the gentle, little, sweet piggy she was when she was a little toddler. And she still loves being cuddled!

Fairy gets a Pasquale cuddle (8)

Bear Cuddles!

Fairy has always enjoyed being cuddled and enjoys many hours asleep nestling in her Daddy’s hands! Being blind and deaf has its compensations – there’s nothing to distract you. So once you are in a warm, safe and comfortable snuggle, it is easy to nod off.

Before last Christmas, Fairy proclaimed Pasquale Bear as officially the best cuddler in the world! He was soft and supportive, and never grew tired of pandering to Fairy’s cuddly demands.

However, it seems Fairy is fast becoming a little too portly for Pasquale’s lap.

Humph, this feels okay. Just so long as mummy photos us from down there.

Pasquale gives Fairy a hug (3)

Er, is it me imagining, or have your legs shrunk? What do you mean, your arm’s gone to sleep? Keep still, why don’t you.

Pasquale gives Fairy a hug (1)

That’s better! All cosy now! I think I will just take a . . . short . . . nap . . . . zzzzz!

Pasquale gives Fairy a hug (12)

Oh! Hello again!

It wasn’t always like this. I fitted perfectly back in August when I was little and new.

Oh, Pasquale, you’re so strong and brave. My Hero!

Fairy and Pasquale bear (2)

The moment Pasquale’s strong, furry arms wrapped securely around Fairy, she would fall fast asleep!

 Fairy and teddy 310809 (5)

Pasquale had to keep a firm grip of the sleeping Fairy . . . otherwise . . .

Fairy and her teddy, zzzzz (4)

. . . she had a tendency to slip down into a little squashy, snoozy heap!

Fairy and her teddy, zzzzz  G