Handle With Care!

Fairy is usually a very clean piggy but occasionally she gets ‘kebab toes’. Grubby little paws from paddling though ‘unmentionables’. If she washes herself with these ‘gloves’ she resembles a tiger with her pig-made stripes. Very un-Fairy-like!

It isn’t quite as pleasant cuddling a piggy with grubby toes and stripy fur – especially if she is a little smelly!

A soak in the bath and a Fairy sized nail brush are required to remove these baked on gloves. A good wash with some Gorgeous Guineas shampoo, Fairy favours Posh’n’Go, and she is back to her usual spick and span self once more.

What a lovely day.

Portrait of a Fairy (1)

Hum . . . . is something wrong?

Portrait of a Fairy (3)

Oh! You are looking at my ‘gloves’!

Portrait of a Fairy (5)adj

I’ll hide them!

Portrait of a Fairy (11)

A couple of hours later . . . . .

They’ve gone! I have had my bath.

Look! Thanks to Gorgeous Guineas Shampoo I’m all clean

and shiny now and my toes are just like new!

Portrait of a Fairy with clean toes (2)


Fairy’s Beauty Tips!

Fairy likes to keep herself ‘whiter than white’ and takes her beauty routine very seriously. She enjoys a bath every week or so, has her nails carefully trimmed every 2 weeks, gets weighed regularly, and generally enjoys a healthy lifestyle, with plenty of exercise, fresh salad and vegetables, top quality hay, and daily cuddles!

Here’s Fairy having her bath.

Bathtime for Fairy 1 (3)

She will only use Gorgeous Guineas Shampoo and Conditioner!

Bathtime for Fairy 1 (5)


Bathtime for Fairy 1 (9)


Bathtime for Fairy 1 (12)

More rub-a-dubs!

Bathtime for Fairy 1 (19)


Bathtime for Fairy 1 (21)

And . . . .swoooooofhf!

Bathtime for Fairy 1 (26)

There! Whiter than white!

Bathtime for Fairy 1 (25)

Toe nails now, Fairy.

Fairy gets her tootsie nails trimmed (9)

Some gentle snuggles!

Fairy cuddling with her daddy (7)

And a bedtime story! She is enjoying a chapter from one of her little books.

Fairy cuddling with her daddy (6)

Fairy’s Tales 1, Fairy Goes To The Dentist,

Fairy’s Tales 2, A Day In The Life Of Fairy,

Fairy’s Tales 3, Fairy’s First Christmas

can all be downloaded free by clicking on the links!