A Sunday Jaunt!

Hello – is there room in there for little ‘un?


Oh okay then. what with my mighty strength and magic Fairy-Powers I will soon have this wagon rolling.

Heave . . . oh just a grass-picking minute, they must be joking.
But don’t worry, we already have a man-powered engine on paw.

DAAAAADDY? Come on now, give us a push can you, and hurry up about it. My new pig sisters are not going to sit still for much longer!

That’s just the ticket – hold on tight everyone while we zoom round the garden!


Great! That went well.

I think we ALL enjoyed the high speed bit – we should do this EVERY Sunday, what do you think, Pixie . . . Pixie, are you ok?!

Oh dear, the youngsters of today,  they can’t stand the pace!

Shenanigans On The Lawn!

C’mon you lot!

Where are we going, Fairy?

This way everyone. Look sharp!

Fairy won’t notice me stopping for a wee smackerel!

What ARE you doing, Bear?

Who has been eating MY snacks?

Oh-ho! I WAS spotted!

I wasn’t!

Good job there’s plenty of grass for everyone.

It’s nice here, isn’t it Pixie . . . sure is, Bear – yummy salad, a jolly cosy place to sit AND a lovely little Fairy to keep a watchful eye on us!

What more could we ask for?!

Fairy Goes On An Expotition!

Everything and everyone is ready for off!

I am ready too – let’s hit the road!

What’s this? We seem to be crossing the border into Scotland.

Are we nearly there yet?

One hour later . . .

Not only are we THERE we are on our way back now – with extra cargo!

Hold on a minute while I get my breath.
All that bouncing along in the car has made me feel rather peckish.

Ready Now!

Meet my brand new friends!

And very nosey friends they are too!


Look! They even wanted to inspect my world famous teeth!

Come on everyone, this way . . .

Welcome to Fairy’s Fine Diner – THE place to be seen eating grass.

Triple portions please, waiter!

And if we form an orderly queue here and call very loudly, we will be rewarded with a jolly good scritchy scratch.

DAAAAAAADDY! We are ready now!

These new girls seem very well behaved and ready to follow my command.

They can STAY!!

Now there’s just the little matter of NAMES.


PS Thanks to Thistle Cavies Rescue. We are very grateful to Wendi and Martyn for the trouble they went to. Meeting up with us to save a couple of hours off our long journey, and for sending us these delightful girls! Thank YOU :))


Fairy And Her Friends Are All White – Almost!

Whoooo! What’s all this then?
And WHO is disturbing my ‘copter-nap?

Oh, it’s Dougal . . . and those snow-bright-white-polar BEARS. Keep the noise down.

Errr, don’t look now chaps, but Dougal has forgotten to put his white suit on.


Who’s this? Oh not to panic, it’s only daddy.


‘Come on out, my time is up?’
Oh no! You don’t get me that way.

It can’t possible be time for a bath. I only had one . . .
err . . . let me see . . . a week last Thursday’ish maybe. Yes, that was it.
So I am perfectly ok in here thank you very much.

Oh, you just wanted to give me a scritchy scratchy cuddle. Well that’s different. By the way, what time is it?

Ooooh – that’s nice. Humans do have their uses. Must be time for a snack!

Our Dear Marigold

Our dear Marigold has had some health issues recently.

We made the decision (the one we all dread) to let Marigold leave with some dignity on Friday. Her health deteriorated over Thursday night, but she seemed to enjoy her romp at 7am when she and Fairy went into the Piggy Palace where they both always loved to tunnel through the fresh, deep, sweet hay.

I went to check them at 8am. She was back in a corner, hunched up, her chin resting on the hay, her breathing rapid . . . . and she was very still. She didn’t take the cucumber I offered her. When I stroked the fur on her little head it felt ‘different’, no bounce, and her head was so very still. The vet was so kind and her end so peaceful.

Yes, of course there are tears. Somehow though, I am trying to focus on the most important fact . . . . every single day was a joy to our dear Marigold. From waking up, to going in her basket where there was always a special treat to sustain her on the 20 metre journey to the Piggy palace in the garden. To that morning hay-burrow, as refreshing as a morning swim in the brightest blue, warm and sparkling sea! To companionable munching with her sisters, followed by snoozes, dreaming of the next wonderful thing to happen. Lunch! Always a tasty treat served with a side order of ear rubs or gentle scritchy-scratches! Not a day missed, ever. Then back into the kitchen to snooze the rest of the afternoon away with the background chitter of the radio, the mixer, and me and Ian, and random ear fondles, and kind words. Then the overwhelming joy of a leisurely afternoon tea, while we ate our tea right next to them! A cuddle up with Fairy followed before supper later on. Always with the tastiest treats, the things she most loved – the leafy bits from the celery, some slices of the sweetest, tiny tomatoes, some romaine lettuce, fresh dandelion leaves, juicy, mouthwatering cucumber slices! And another flurry of fresh hay to sustain her through the night!

Surely though, the biggest joy, both ways, was the joy she got from being Fairy’s Best Friend, her sister, her cuddler-upper-pig! And the joy that she gave TO Fairy, giving Fairy confidence, showing her the ropes! And close behind that was the complete joy she gave to us! She was such a character, easy going and straightforward, gentle and giving, and so very, very sweet.

Not once was Marigold frightened, harmed, worried. Her life was the very happiest it could have been. Joyous! I can see it when I look at photographs of her (but not now, it is just too painful).

She wasn’t a ‘cuddle pig’ so we didn’t force her to be cuddled, although she loved her head-top rubs so much! She loved her romps on the grass! She loved every minute of every day and that is what we have to focus on.

We are so grateful for all your support, and to my friends who follow Fairy’s Blog but who do not post, thank you every one.

This is the saddest time . . . but I KNOW we did everything to make Marigold’s life wonderful, magical and as happy as can be . . . . thank you all xxxx and thank you, Marigold. You will always be in a safe part of our hearts and we will think of you forever with so much love.

Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside – The Finale!

Following a particularly vigorous and rumbustious game of Pirates, peace and tranquility has returned to our holiday idyll.

Although with a certain young lady in attendance, albeit briefly.


Oh yes, this all looks very pleasant. I particularly like Marigold’s new bikini. Very fetching indeed.


Enough of all this indolence. It’s high time to resume my salad snacking.


Waaaah Mummmmmy! No salad!!!!

I’m sure I left my tasty pignic around here somewhere


I did, I did, I DID! It was right HERE.


Right – you pesky mousie types. WHERE’S MY SALAD?????


No one plays fast and loose with my grub without there being major repercussions.

Best talk fast, Mousies, the tide is coming in.


Whaddya mean – cruelty to Mousies?!

Do you really think Sir Plantagenet Big Mouse would let them come to any harm?!


Oh, I ate it all up did I? I knew that. I was just, err, just checking.

Ahhhmmm – moving swiftly on . . .


Wow Buster – you’ve found a lovely cool rock pool. That does look very inviting.


Hummph – Mummy usually gives me a helping hand in these tricky getting in to water situations.


Buster – you should be looking away when a Lady is getting in to her bath, don’t you know.


Gently does it. Smashing!


There we are – nothing to it. What was all that fuss about?


I hope I don’t have to have a nail trim too!


Muuuuuummmmmy – get me out of here NOW – I need a wee!


Just time for a vigorous rub down.

What’s that awful noise? Oh NO – The Rev Mr Bear is having a sing song.


That was fun. Time for another relax.


What’s that Angela ‘Fairy’ Mouse? You want a memento of our super Holiday.


Well here’s a perfect way to remember our perfect holiday.

Everyone say ‘SALAD’!

Oh, We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside – Episode 2

Meanwhile – back at the beach.


SQUEAK – Sssssh, keep the noise down chaps and chapesses. We don’t want to rouse the ‘sleeping beauty’ from her slumbers just yet, do we?


Asleep? Moi? Oh no . . . I was just resting my eyes a bit.


Now where was I? Oh yes, time for some organised Fairy-Fun and games.


The Rev Mr Bear wins the ‘Deckchair sitting-on’ competition with another personal best.


Well, that’s enough ‘fun and games’ malarkey for the moment – it’s time for a huge slap-up pignic. Hope it’s not sand-wiches!


‘Tis a well known fact . . . munch . . . that food tastes even better when . . . chomp . . . eaten out of doors.


Hummmph – just a moment, is this all there is? I thought Mummy was joking when she mentioned the ‘diet’ word. Looks like a case of Salad Distribution Malfunction to me.


Goodness that was close – watch-out for low flying seagulls everyone!


Excuse me Primrose ma’am – you couldn’t send one of your flunky type mousies to the nearest ‘All things Bright & Munchable’ Food Emporium for a hearty top-up or two could you?


The main problem with all this jolly holiday spirit is that people loose all their inhibitions and begin to act out of character. Not that you would notice any differences in Monty and Minty, hehe!


Marigold!!!!! Put the Rev Mr Bear’s sherry down. Oh you already have!


Right, that’s it! Time for a little ‘Life on the Ocean Wave’ type activity to take everyone’s mind off the Sherry.


Yes Sir, I do appreciate that it might be a little futile in the Rev Mr Bear’s case.


Luckily his recovery rate is very rapid these days.


Woo Hoo – ‘We are sailing. We are sailing . . .’


. . . and the winner of the ‘Most Mousies crammed into a boat Award’ goes to . . .


MEEEEE! Well, who do you think stuffed them all in there?


Budge-up Marigold – time to play Pirates.

Avast m’hearties, shivver m’timbers, standby to board and other swashbuckling type utterances.


SQUEAK – while Fairy tries to make Marigold walk the plank – we’re taking Mr Bear to the Sherry Shop for a swift top-up.


Episode 3, The Finale, is HERE!

Oh, We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

SQUEEK – Oh this is the life. A holiday by the sea. Peace, perfect peace. Nothing to do but relax, lots of lovely sun and no one to boss us about. What could possibly disturb this idyllic tranquillity?


Yoo hooooo – Mousies, don’t panic, your beloved Fairy is here.

This looks just the spot to li-lo for a while.


SQUEAK – Oh well, it was good while it lasted. They do say ‘Life’s a Beach’!

Looks like our holiday just started to get ‘interesting’.


What’s all this then? Oh no, no, no. We can’t have itsy bitsy little undersized sand pies cluttering-up the beach now can we?


Right, everyone pay attention and everything. There has been far too much slacking going on.


And, more importantly, it has come to my notice that the sand pies on this here beach are far too small.

If we are going to win the inaugural Fairy’s Biggest Sand Castle on the Beach competition, there will need to be some changes.


SQUEAK – well this one looks plenty big enough to me – I can hardly see over it.


SQUEAK – resistance is futile!

When Fairy has a ‘Big Idea”, it’s a lot quicker and certainly an awful lot quieter, just to let her get on with it.


Hummmph – very artistic, but we need it to be much, much, MUCH bigger!


Goodness, that was quick. Better, but still not quite the ticket.


Oh I see the problem here. You can’t reach up any higher.


Well luckily for you, Sir Plantagenet Big-Mouse is here to lend his mighty paw.


Oh I do hope he gets a move on – it must be nearly snack time.


Finished? Brilliant! About time too.


It was lucky I had arranged for Sir Plantagenet Big-Mouse and Primrose to show you the way.

And now it’s time for the grand prize giving ceremony.


Ahem – it gives one great pleasure to declare ME the winner of the highly prestigious Fairy’s . . .


Ooooh – what’s this bit for?


Obviously I really do know of course – just checking that you are on the ball young Buster m’lad.


Ah yes – clearly, it is a super duper, 5 star luxury extra-cosy beach apartment Sand Castle for entertaining A-List celebrities.


You can all carry on doing whatever I might require you to be doing – and be quick about it.


I’ll just rest my eyes for a few min . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


SQUEAK – phew, that worked jolly well. Let’s enjoy a bit of peace, while it lasts.

Give us a kiss!

Don’t miss ‘Oh, We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside, Episode 2

Fairy Packs It In!

Right then my adoring fans, after weeks of eager anticipation it’s time to put aside all those brochures and for Mr Bear and me to set off on our jolly holidays.

There’s just the small matter of the packing left to do.


So Mr Bear, I hope you have been following my carefully written instructions to the letter?


I have been rushing about all day getting my things together. What precisely have you got ready?


Oh – just the Bear Essentials?!! I might have known!!


Actually I didn’t really have to do all that much running around – my willing army of Mousie helpers have been a little less pesky than usual today. They got all my everythings ready while I had a light snack and a snooze, and another not quite so light snack and a snooze and . . .


So let’s see how well they have done.


Glad they remembered the chairs – you never know when you might need a nice sit down and a cuppa.


I’ll just check there’s sufficient beds – 1, 5, 17, 8, 23 – Oh yes, that seems just about perfect.


Deckchair, spare blankie, emergency wheeled cart with integral helping hand device . . .


Steam Iron, to keep my fur coats all smooth and crease free . . . tra, la, laaaaa.


That all looks to be in order. Well done me. I simply need to pack everything into this capacious traveling portmanteau, then, it’s off we go.


What? Why are you all looking at me like that?


No problem with the packing. All you need is a little bit of Fairy Magic.


Hold tight Mr Bear – oh do leave those Duty Frees alone – we’re off!

Keep a look out for my Holiday Postcards.

Happy Three-Day!

Greetings my loyal friends and followers. It’s here! The day you have all been looking forward to for simply ages, is HERE!

I am THREE today! Yippee and everything. Yes, I am all big and grown up now.

I can’t believe my eyes, a jolly big party has been laid on for little ol’ me, and there’s bunting and, Mousies and, and everything . . . can’t spot the snackettes yet, but I am sure they will be some tasty morsels somewhere.

I’d better go mingle, meet some guests and what have you.

Hello, Mr Bear, fancy seeing you here. Is that your first glass of sherry today? Oh, it’s your third is it? Better make it your last, we don’t want any ‘unpleasantness’ now do we?

Time to check out my Birthday Cards . . . this one is from Mummy and Daddy and Marigold, and it’s a perfect fit!

And this one . . . it has a lot of very flattering words inside . . . can’t quite make them out, but . . .

. . . it is definitely for me. Look, it’s got my name all over the front. Nice bear pic too. A very nice SOBER bear!

Are we having party games? Hunt the Lettuce? No? Not much of a party, is it?

Oh . . . there’s a PRESENT? For ME? Thank you Mousies, this is such a WONDERFUL party!

I LOVE IT! All purple and a jolly nice place to sit and have a well deserved rest.

I am not usually one to complain, but it is actually a bit hard and crispy crunchy.

Oh! I see. My real present was hiding inside that integral, disposable seat cover arrangement.

It’s a jolly nice bed fitted with ladybirds and the best bit is it is pink with more pink all over.

Was that the dinner gong?

Hooray, this looks more like it, an itty-bitty salad hamper, if I am not mistaken!

Oh Mr Bear, that glass looks suspiciously on the empty side.

And a super bouquet of grass for . . . nom . . . . me? Nom, it is very nom nom nom nice, thank you, daddy – very tasteful.

Can someone come and cart Mr Bear off to bed please? He has ‘overindulged’ again.

Too late – he had better stay here and sleep it off.

It is traditional to have special Birthday Scritchy-Scratches. I’ll have the full three minutes worth please, seeing as I am three today.

All this hectic partying has made me rather sleepy . . . I’ll just double check this new bed for . . .



6 hours later . . . .

Marigold, guess what? Seeing as how you overslept and missed my big Birthday Bash, we will have another one – EVERY day of the year!


Jolly Boating Weather, ma’am!

Greetings my loyal subjects.

Apparently there are lots of Street Parties and everything in the UK today –  are Roads and Motorways invited too?

There is also a huge flotilla of boats type pageant extravaganza going on down the River Thames in London town.

All this festivity must be to do with MY upcoming Birthday. But all is not well. HRH The Queen and Prince Philip were invited on to my luxurious Barge to view proceedings and I can’t see them anywhere.

Oh I see – how thoughtful of Her Majesty – she didn’t want me to think she was muscling-in on ones big day.

As if anyone could outshine Fairy indeed? The very idea! She isn’t even wearing a proper crown.

Phew – all this pageantry is very hungry making – now who said something about there being cucumber sandwiches?

Fairy Has A Request!


Fairy is what is known as a Lethal White Guinea Pig. She basically has a genetic ‘fault’ due to certain breeding conditions. She is blind and deaf and like many LW’s she has problems with her teeth. Because of the way they are formed they require regular trimming as they do not meet and therefore just keep growing.

LW’s tend to be quite high maintenance (even more so than a regular guinea – yes really!) and their life expectancy tends to be less than normal too. We are so proud that Fairy will be 3 in June!

You can learn more about Fairy and her condition by clicking on the ‘Fairy:Hello!’ link at the top this page.

We thought it would be a lovely way to celebrate her Big day by asking friends to donate just 3 £ or $ in her name. We chose Wee Companions because they in turn support a small rescue establishment, Cavy Castle. Julie at Cavy Castle has 7 Lethal White guineas in her loving and expert care.

If anyone would like to donate to Wee Companions, or if they would rather donate to a different guinea pig charity, then we would be thrilled to bits and would like to say ‘thank you’ in advance.