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Fairy’s Blog is dedicated to the most wondrous of creatures – The Guinea Pig! And to one very special character in particular – Fairy, who along with her Mouse and Guinea Pig pals, brings their magical world to life.

Fairy is a very special little piggy. She is pure white and oh so dainty! She is very loving and likes nothing more than to snuggle up for a snooze on a comfy lap, dreaming away for hours on end. Or being hand fed choice morsels in between scritches. She loves being with her sisters too.

When Fairy was brand new, Matilda and Marigold went to great lengths to make sure she knew what’s what when they went to play in their very own Playhouse: Where the food bowl is, who sleeps where and the best games the piggies like to play. But it seemed maybe Fairy wasn’t listening, because she always seemed to be in the wrong place. She missed the tastiest food and always ended up snoozing on the most  uncomfortable of beds!  For some reason baby Fairy kept bumping into her big sisters. While Marigold didn’t mind this odd piggy behaviour too much (possibly because of her extra thick padding she hardly noticed!), it really upset Matilda and it took a couple of wheeks before they understood exactly what her problem was.

You see, the reason for Fairy’s strange behaviour is because she was born both blind AND deaf. She is what is known in the Guinea Pig world as a ‘Lethal White’ Guinea Pig. You can read all about this condition in the Guinea Lynx Forum. Fairy has a genetic condition due to certain genes present in some breeds of Guinea Pigs. ‘Lethals’ often have short, difficult lives and are a lesson to us all that we should never allow our Guineas to breed unless we fully understand the implications of what we are doing. We make sure Fairy has the best life possible, with lots of love and cuddles, and good healthcare. What she lacks physically she more than makes up for in personality. Welcome to her magical world!

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  1. This Blog is truly magical and a credit to its creator!

  2. Fairy is so precious and adorable. Mildred, have you ever posted the very first picture of Fairy? I’d love to see how small she was back then. Its a credit to your tender loving care that Fairy is so healthy and robust now.

  3. Hi ffleur, thanks very much! You are right, Fairy was a tiny little piggy. The very first Blog post shows her as a toddler but I have some when she was new born.
    I will post some early photos in a day or two.
    Thanks for all your positive comments 🙂

  4. i too have a special little pig, called Cobweb, who is a lethal. She is blind and deaf, but lives with her two best friends, PigWillow and Rosie-Posy, who look after her. Cobweb is very partial to spinach and loves going for a play in her run, especially if there are tubes to run thru. She may be the smallest pig, but she has the biggest personality.

  5. Hi gen! Oh Cobweb, what a beautiful name for a beautiful piggy, by the sound of it! And her little pals . . . more super names! A lovely piggy family! Thanks so much for leaving a comment on Fairy’s Blog – she sends lots of happy Fairy Wishes 🙂

  6. I have sabastion he is also a lethal. Blind and deaf with 1 bottom tooth that grows and then falls out thats when i have to grate up his food. He is 6 years old and has the vets tomorow to examin his teeth as he is loosing weight very fast. I love him so much and i know if they find the teeth ok then i might have to say my goodbyes!!!!

  7. Aw, Sabastion sounds wonderful, they ARE very special, these little lethal White Pigs. He is a wonderful age. We will be thinking about you tomorrow at the vets. Sending gentle little ear rubs for Sabastion

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