Fairy: Quiz!

Exercise your brain cells with our exclusive Salad Break Quiz Pages!

Salad break 1

Hello Issue 1 Salad Break 2

Salad break 3

Salad break 4

Hello Issue 1 Salad Break 5

Hello Issue 1 Salad Break 6 Easter

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  1. I just found the Quiz pages! They are great! Can I print them out please? And is there a link to a bigger image of them at all? Thanks!!!!!

  2. Thanks very much, FairyFanatic! You are most welcome to print them out – you can obtain larger images from Fairy’s Flickr Set if that is better for you!

    Here’s the link:

  3. ahh, Mildred, what a beautiful website, I must’ve said that already:P I even feel pampered myself coming here browsing through everything. All the effort you put in is so admirable!! Do you have children? Bet your hubby loves his pigs too just as much:) ^^ Love the spot the different pages, my mom loves spot the difference quizzes, lol.

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