Fairy: Chat!

If you feel like a natter, you can email Fairy:


You can also find her among the Guinea Lynx Forum Pages.

Very special friends can have a chat on the phone!

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  1. Hello lovely Fairy! This is so sweet! A big cuddle to you from Auntie Malilla

  2. Oh! Hello, Auntie Malilla, I am so happy you have joined us 🙂
    I am really excited to be Blogging!!
    Lots of love, Fairy

  3. hello, have just come across ur wesbsite and i am so moved by fairy what an amazing little piggie she is, great website have had so much fun reading this, i can see how dedicated u r to looking after all ur girls and just wanted to say what inspiration u are to me,keep up the good work.davex

  4. i also have 4 piggies, alfie barney oscar and rupert,(aka the boys) they loved it to!!!!!

  5. Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your lovely comments, david! Do give your boys an ear scritch from me 🙂

  6. A chat on the phone with Fairy! Puffy would like to arrange a long distance phone call from Hong Kong:P

  7. Truly delightful. Marvelous photographs! Shall be catching up with Fairy in the future :-).

  8. Thank you, Auntie Serena! And Gerald . . . I am so pleased you liked my photographs – everyone is always saying how cute I am! Fairy x

  9. I was referred to your site for inspiration. My piggy, Blueberry who is 5 months old is a lethal. He has no front top or bottom teeth and is blind and deaf. He is the sweetest little boy! He is a small little thing, he weighs only 262 grams. Fairy is my Blueberry’s idol. 😀

  10. Oh Blueberry! I feel like I know you already and I think you ARE just like me! I DO have front tooshies but they grow all wrong so you are not missing anything . . . ! And it sounds like you have a really great MUM, that IS VERY IMPORTANT as you will be wanting extra cuddles and care and things.
    I am so pleased you got in touch!
    Lots of Finest-Fairy-Magic, Fairy x

  11. Hi Fairy,

    My name is Maynard and my mummy found your site for me to chat to you about being blind. I am 15 month old rex who has just been told by the vet that I have cataracts in both eyes 🙁 I have been very sulky and confused recently from not being able to see suddenly, I was hoping you may have a couple of tips for my mummy to help her cheers me up and get me back to my chirpy lil self 🙂

    Much squeeks

    Maynard x

  12. Hello Maynard,
    Thank you for dropping by. Don’t worry too much about not being able to see, although I can understand it must feel a bit funny right now because it is all new to you and it probably seems a bit scary. The thing is, as long as you can find your salad, and I do that though my sense of smell, you will be as right as rain!
    It sounds to me you need lots of extra cuddles and gentle ear scritchy-scratches for starters! Some extra soft places to sleep and hide would be jolly nice too, I expect. And a big bunch of yummy treats wouldn’t go amiss, some tasty nibbles should help cheer you up no end.
    You need to be made to feel special – because you ARE, you are very special indeed . . . and you are very loved, by the sound of things.
    I have to nip off now, it’s pre breakfast snack time. Take care and enjoy all your treats! Fairy x

  13. Hi Fairy,

    Thank you very much fo replying to my message, my mummy tells me I am very very special and handsome lil chap every day 🙂 I will remind her to give me lots of extra cuddles cause I love snuggling into her neck to snooze!

    take care and enjoy ur nap 🙂

    Maynard x

  14. Ello Fairy!
    Jolly good to meet you! Our names are Cookie(me) Bear(my daughter) and Callicka(The pig kept in the cage next to me) and we are delighted to actually be in aquaintance with the all special Fairy! 😉
    C B and Callicka

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