Fairy: At Home!

Fairy shares her time between the kitchen, the Piggy Playhouse and the lawn.

She has a special, custom made bedroom to sleep in, filled with cosy Cuddle Cups and Hidey Huts.

At 7am she is up and ready to start her day! Along with her sisters, Marigold and Mariella, they make their way to the Piggy Playhouse. This heated and air conditioned building in the garden gives them room to play and romp. In and out of tunnels and burrowing in a box of fresh, clean dust free hay! There are lots of quiet places to have a snooze too.

After elevenses, lunch is served at midday, and afternoon tea follows at 3pm.

On warm, sunny days the gang spend a couple of hours on the grass in their secure ‘lawn run’.

The girls return to the kitchen around 5pm. After tea, at 8pm, they enjoy an hours floor-time, interacting with their Mum and Dad!

Fairy enjoys plenty of cuddles throughout the day. Most evenings she can be found snuggled up with her Daddy for some extra special cuddling, chin tickles and ear rubs. here she is with her friend, Pasquale:

10pm and it is bedtime. Snacks are provided in case they wake up and find their tummies rumbling. Of course, hay and water are provided at ALL TIMES.

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  1. Oh I love this part, I am reading through all the pages again! Is this bit new? Fairy has an action-packed day!!!!!!!

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