A Fairy In The Post!

Can you just hold on a minute while I examine this marvellous card that arrived for moi today?

Hehehe! Not only is it for ME, it’s full of ME too – and even a bit of Pixie and Bear as well!

Look! There we are, full of festive-ness!

Thank you very much indeed, Poppet and Rosie! I LOVE my new card and all the Christmassy bits in it – and I especially love the back, you really are a pair of gorgeous girls! and you are wonderful!

Big lots of Christmas-love to YOU both (and to my Auntie Debra too) xxx

Santa Paws Grotto!

I understand it is traditional to pay a visit to a certain Mr Santa Paws type person at this time of year.

My invaluable advice would be to go and see him as soon as possible so you can give him all your special requests nice and early. Although why this request process differs from my usual daily talk to Mummy, I do not know.

Here I am all nice and comfy, having a quiet word in his ear. It does seem unusually pesky piggy free and peaceful around here.

Dear Santa Paws, I need you to organise three tons of organic carrots, a few dozen extra juicy cucumbers, plenty of mixed lettuce leaves, a 100 bales of your finest meadow hay, 126 jolly cosy beds, 253 cuddle cups, two lawns worth of munchy leaves of the greenest ever grass . . . and . . .

Whoooa there. What on earth caused that soft furnishings related earthquake?

Oh, I might have known.

Do keep still, Pixie, I haven’t finished my very important discussions with the beardy one yet. In fact I’d hardly even got started with my basic essentials Christmas ‘must have without fail or else there will be big bother’, wish list.

Oh Pixie, I appreciate that all this talk of food may be making you peckish, but do stop nibbling his beard.

Now, where was I?

Oh yes, can you please also organise a very, very, very big sack of cereals, a few 1000 bunches of juicy dandelions . . .

Sorry Bear, yes I do appreciate that you have been extraordinarily patient and everything, but I haven’t finished. We haven’t even posed for a Christmas Card type family photo portrait yet.

Pixie, that may well be your ‘best side’, but I do have to finish my list.

Have I missed anything important do you think?

DAAAADY! Do something about Pixie – NOW!

She’s going? About time too!

Watch where you’re pointing that rear end Pixie.

Err, I feel I should warn you Fairy, a certain rather rotund type Bear is about to invade your space.

Oh good grief. What bear faced cheek! Get this furry mountain out of my ear!!!

Oooofh! There are times when a well mannered little Fairy just can’t take any more – DAAAADDY!

Order! You’ve got to hand it to him!

Come on you two, it’s time for our official Santa Pawtrait, gather round NOW.

Pixie, what are you up to? OH! Well, you should have thought about that before we started.

Oh for goodness sake you two. Lets get the portrait thingy over and done with and then I can get back to making my demands, er requests, of that Mr Christmas type Santa Paws person.

Everyone say ‘Salad’!

Yes, I know tinsel is itchy – serves you both right for being so obstreperous?

Now where was I? Oh yes, 245 blankies, 126 tasty nibbles incase of emergency hunger pangs between snacks . . .

And why, I hear you all asking, does one little Piggy need all these provisions and treats? Well I want them delivering to all the Guinea Pig Rescues and Communities who help my furry friends all around the world so that Piggies less fortunate than us can be helped to have a nice life too.

A very Happy Santa Paws day to you all, may it be filled to brimming with Fairy-Magic!

And It’s Night-Night From Me!

Here I am again. Would you believe some nosey friends asked my mum recently ‘Where does Fairy sleep’? As if that is anyone’s business but my own. I will tell you anyway, but only if you are nosey enough to read on . . .

First off the important bits – getting me fed! This photo was from a while ago, didn’t I look cute? I still do I expect.

Once my tummy is suitably filled I get my superior Daddy-cuddles.

Then it’s into my bedroom where I find supper has been laid out along with a tasty heap of hay – and my jolly yummy snack bowl has been topped up with the finest super-snacks! All present and correct then.

Oh and look here, some fresh grass. Could life get any more perfect?

On goes my handy keep-Fairy-free-from-draughts device . . .

. . . then another little back rub! I like this best best!

Into position now, a heated underblanket and the warm stove . . .

. . . and a bit of distance between moi and that pesky pair, Pixie and Bear.
Peace at last! Night-night!

Famous Fairy!

You might be forgiven for thinking we’d all gone away for good this summer when actually we were all just very busy indeed. What with lawn-mowing duties, salad growing and testing the outcomes duties, plus all sorts of untold summery type jobs, these last few wheeks have been somewhat hectic. But we are BACK!

It’s a super-duper autumn day and here I am minding my own business (and showing off my jolly white fur and pink nose, if you hadn’t noticed) when the postie popped a Very Important Package through our letter box.

What do you reckon this is, Bear?

Oh my paws and whiskers! It’s the brand new 2014 hot-off-the-press Guinea Lynx Calendar!

C’mon, bear, stop pretending you are all shy and what-not, you are HERE on these hallowed pages! LOOK!

Now then, let’s take a peek inside . . . it’s all a bit dark if you ask me.

Well, I am Fairy-flabbergasted! It’s ME! Adorning the page for January. Crumbs! I look a proper little pin-up girl, don’t I?

That’s Pasquale Bear, his cuddly arms are so cosy.

Anyway, the rest of the pages are packed with fab pics of all my friends – and on top of all that there are some jolly hilarious captions for your delectation!

I think EVERYONE needs a Guinea Lynx Calendar to hang on their wall next year. And the January page is guaranteed to get your year off to a very warm and fuzzy start!

Fairy Gets Behind The Camera!


Good day one and all.

I have an extra special treat for you today – meet a certain set of neighbourly interlopers, who appeared on the scene yesterday just in time for yours truly to practice my skills with the camera type thingy seeing as mummy can’t control it one-handedly at present (she is recuperating following a little shoulder procedure, or something horrid).

So without further ado and unaccustomed as I am and other grand sounding orations, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Nibbles (black fur) and Fudge (tri-colour fur) – particularly as Mummy has laid-on extra nibbles.

Pixie: Fairy! Am I glad to see you – we have been invaded by some sort of furry alien munching machines.

Gimme this bit, Fudge, and you can have that ONE leaf to be going on with. If i’m not mistaken it looks as if you need a bit of preparation before Fairy takes any more pics.

A quick trim up here . . . and you’re done.

At least there’s plenty of yummy grass for everyone. Remember to look intelligent Nibbles.

Bear: Err, mind if I take a look? I just need to check you haven’t been eating MY snacks.

Nibbles: Ooooo errr – it looks like a Piggy, but BIGGER!!!!!

Bear: Not only bigger, little Nibbles but I can do impressions too. Here’s my ‘walrus’!

Fairy: I am rather proud of the following shots taken with a little help from my super duper Official Fairy Friends, Auntie Annie and Auntie Ellen.

I thought for a minute that Fudge had applied a dollop of my mummy’s lipstick – actually though, it’s a tomato!

That’s better, you get a good glimpse of all the juicy seeds and everything here. And to think Daddy calls ME a messy eater!!!!!!

Mmmmm, that was tasty. Now when do we eat?

Pixie: Hurry up and take the photo Fairy, before Nibbles upsets the magic carrot. I can feel it tipping over what with her swiftly expanding ‘largesse’!




Green-Nosed Fairy!

Top’o’the morning, friends and all! I expect you think I have been lazing around all summer, snoozing in a shady corner, or enjoying a spot of warm sun on my back. Well, you would be wrong!

You have, I am sure, heard of the saying ‘green fingered’, meaning someone is a dab hand with plants and stuff in the garden. I represent that little heard of group of ‘green nosed’ gardeners, true experts in the cultivation of all things piggy-saladdy.

Cast your eyes, if you will, across my extensive, packed to bursting veg bed.

Look at this rather fetching leaf I am holding for inspection. You will have to take my word for its scrumptious tastiness!

And here’s my jolly attractive herb garden, of which I am particularly fond . . . I’d better just thin out these seedlings, hold on a moment please.

Oh this parsley stuff, it spreads like mad. I will just shift a few of the excess bunches.

nom, nom, nom, burp!

Hey, daddy! Can you scoop me up now, please? I have finished gardening for today.

There’s just time to show you this flowery bit, although WHY anyone would bother filling their garden with inedibles I do not know. It may look pretty but it seems a waste of space to me!

A Right Royal Birthday For Fairy!

Hello there my lovely followers.

What a truly excellent and all super duper type extended Birthday Number Four I am having!

Lo and behold it seems there’s another special little parcel arrived for me somewhere. Now where on earth can it be?

Oh yes – here it is. I knew that!

I has been tastefully adorned with trendy stickers and that is definitely MY name and MY address on the label, so it must be for me. So there!

I’ll just have a sneaky peek in here. Gently does it, you can never be too careful – it might be a Bear trap to get me all inside the envelope and packaged off to goodness only knows where!

Hmmmm – looks harmless enough. Two intriguing parcels wrapped in tasty . . . I mean tasteful wrapping paper.

Quite cosy too! What a wonderful gift, my very own spotty, dotty Fairy-cave.

What! There’s MORE? Wow!

Rustle, scrunch, and an exploratory fuffle!

Hold it! I am just taking a break for a quick snackette or three.

Tra-la-la! Ooooooh lookit! A regal crown and a splendiferous throne!

And an instructional manual type card thingy.

Hum, yes, I see . . . place piece A . . . and insert tab B . . . and . . . oh all things too complicated to bother with!

Basically, it says the crown goes ON my head top and the throne goes UNDER my . . . errr . . . under ME!

I knew that! Wow!

Queen Fairy here, rehearsing an address to her loyal and faithful slaves/followers! Three cheers (or even a couple more would be nice), for Fairy.

Hahaha! Ooops – hats off to me too – they are wonderful wonderful pressies!

There’s also this rather sparkly little crown number – ideal for my summer going out and about engagements.

I am such a very regal little Royal piggy and now I have all the appropriate accoutrements to make it all official and everything! Vivat, VIVAT, Lethal!!!

Dear Pyretta,

I LOVE my Crown and my Throne and YOU!

Thank you xxx


Happy Birthday, Fairy!

Hello again!

I’ve been extra good for almost a whole minute now because . . . IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

A time to celebrate, to rejoice, to let the bells ring loud throughout the land and, and to bring on the pressies!

Errrr, that’s a nice snack, thank you Auntie Rachel and Auntie Alice, but it is hardly enough to sustain a big four year old such as moi though. It’s the thought that counts? Well, think a bit bigger thoughts next time, please – parsley AND some lettuce would be jolly good.

Anyway, as I was saying, BRING ON THE BIG PRESSIES – PRONTO!

Off you go to the kitchen, Bear, and lock-up the Sherry quick, Mr Bear is on his way – with MY PRESSIES.

Jolly nice card, by the way.

Hello, Mr Bear, this is much more like it. How exciting.

Move over  – Fairy coming through.

Oh wow – what a smashing card from Auntie Debra.

How clever of her to find one with such a stunning picture on it!

Woo hoo – another Bear – super dooper – and a very fetching hat too. Thanks, Auntie Debs!

Not that I am one to complain, but that Piggy on the card has a very tasty looking apple. You’d have thought there was room in the envelope for a real apple, or two, and a bit a salad, maybe some grass . . .

Oh, hang on a minute – what does this extra special fridge shaped parcel contain???

It’s very promising – even the string is tasty.

Oh joy unbounded – it’s my very own FAIRY TELEVISION!!!!!!!

It was only a matter of time before I starred on my very own TV programme.

Perhaps I should hold some auditions for co-stars.

Very nice Bear – but I’m not convinced that there is much demand for a virtuoso display of yawning and snoozing – NEXT!

Or, to be honest, Pixie and Bear trying to remember the punchline to a very funny joke I told brilliantly ages ago, is not exactly Morecambe and Wise, is it?

Good grief – I’ve got it. The perfect programme . . .

A compilation of the very best Fairy Stories. Genius!

Sit still you two, no popcorning.

What a fabulous day. Lots of super pressies and good wishes from loads of lovely people – thank you very, very much. But you’ll have to excuse me for now –

It’s Birthday LUNCH TIME!

After a short siesta I have a feeling I am in for more exciting pressie opening! This being 4 is great fun!

Fairy’s telly was made by Jenny @ Piggy Palace as a one off, with permission from Helen @ Cosy Cavies – thank you BOTH!

Thank you Aunties Rachel and Alice for my parsley snackette! I love you both 🙂

Thanks Auntie Debra for the gorgeous bear and the most amazingly special card ever!

Thank you Auntie Jenny for my fab party hat, new pawbag, super wonderful bunting and the smashing round whatsit thingy, the garland! And I loved the Big Apple card very much too.

And thank you Daddy xxxx

PS And thank you for the surprise that has just arrived in the post – more about that soon!

The Start of Fairy’s Big Day!

Today is my Very Special day – I am FOUR!

Time to don my tiara and get ready for my Birthday Party later on!

Bear: Happy Birthday from me and Pixie, Fairy.

Pixie: Yes, yes, enough of all that, looks like Daddy has something lined up over yonder.

Come on, you two, we have exciting things to do!!

Wool I Never!

Occasionally someone unexpected appears in The Piggery. Today was one of those days.

Hello there. Who are ewe?

Wool I never! A curly coated sheep type person has come to stay! She looks all innocent and young. Must be pure new wool.

I bet she can spin a good yarn.

Just call me Fairy-Curly-Locks.

Errr . . . you could say . . . I am feeling a little sheepish.

What’s that? Your favourite food is, is, is GRASS?

What did I say?

Fairy Has Bugs!

Meet my two very special friends, Mr Bee and Mr Ladybug!

You can tell they are special bee-cause they are allowed to sit in my armchairs.

Mr Bee is especially useful, he has a jolly comfy lap to sit on . . . he’s the bee-knees.

And he does particularly good back scritches, useful when there isn’t a handy Daddy around!

ooohhhhh . . . ahhhhh, up a bit, now down a bit! Mmmmm! Lovely! You’re a real honey.

You can all buzz-off now, it’s time for our snackettes.

Salad and pollen, please, waiter!

Thank you, Auntie Dona and all your super-duper family for thinking of ME – I love my Mr Bee very much indeed!

Fill ‘er Up, Please!

Look! A lovely friend made me a jolly special Fairy type dinner bowl, just for ME!

It’s very nice, although I have to say it is rather lacking in the snacks department. I am only saying, like.

Nom, nom, nom!

That’s much better! C’mon Pixie and bear, you can help me test my new bowl!

Thank you very much, Auntie Annie, I love my new bowl – especially when it is full!