Driving Fairy Round The Bend!

Crikey Bear. Is this . . . it can’t be?!

It IS Pixie! We are IN Fairy’s very own legendary super car!

You drive, Pixie, I will try to keep these pesky hitch-hiker type Mousies in order.

Oh-ho! I knew it was too good to last! Looks like we have another passenger, Bear.

I’d like to see you try to keep Fairy in order!

Ooooh errr, what will Fairy say when she sees I am in the driving seat?

It’s okay – it was high time I had my own chauffeur.

Right you two – are we nearly there yet? Don’t worry if you get a bit lost Pixie, I make a jolly good pig-nav.

At the next junction . . . follow the signs for the salad!

C’mon, Pixie, get your paw down!

Oh move over Pixie. Let me show you how it’s done!

Parp-parp! Make way, the Fairy-mobile is coming through! Next stop – supper!

Fairy On Manoeuvres!

Fairy is very good at posing for the camera. She is a consummate professional  – keeping still, applying just the right expression to suit the scene, she could not be more cooperative. She seems to know exactly what is expected of her and provides it willingly! Seeing her posing for the camera and taking into account she is blind and deaf, you may wonder how Fairy copes ‘on manoeuvres’! Well she has a remarkable ability to memorise where objects and obstacles are. She methodically explores an area until she is happy, and if the mood takes her, builds up her pace until she is zooming around at high speed, expertly leaning round the corners, accelerating on the straights and pulling the odd wheelie!

Here’s a short film of Fairy in action.

Fairy Bee DVD

Some countries do not allow the video with the accompanying music. You can view it without, but it isn’t quite the same.

Fairy Wins!

Fairy’s many fans were thrilled to attend the awards ceremony following her success at the Piggy Of The Year Show! She was awarded the coveted Silver Salad Bowl and made a rousing speech afterwards!

Fairy wins! (10)

The event hit the headlines in the newspaper!

Showjumping news bw

Watch Fairy’s video of her winning round on YouTube.

It’s A Trap!

Fairy’s friend, Montmorency Mouse, has been in an accident. The ever thoughtful Fairy pays him a visit. Delivering a big bunch of hay which, she is sure, will help Monty to get better.

Mr Mouse and Fairy 1 (2)

She also made a Get Well card for him! See Fairy passing the card

to Monty in this short film.

Mr Mouse and Fairy 2 (13)c

A few days later and Monty is ready to leave the hospital.

Fairy is there with her little trolley ready to bring Monty home!

Fairy takes Mr Mouse out for a spin! (1)

Go steady, Fairy, we know you can see where you are going!

Fairy takes Mr Mouse out for a spin! (9)

Nearly home!

Fairy takes Mr Mouse out for a spin! (3)

Home now! Fairy has invited Mr Bear and Monty to take afternoon tea.

B (9)

How’s your leg, Monty? That is a big bandage.

B (8)

C’mon Monty, tuck in! Pour the tea, Mr Bear!

B (6)

This is lovely, it’s a pity you can’t join us!

B (5)

Join us again soon!