Reminscing . . .

If you have just arrived here unnanounced, a brief introduction may be in order.

Fairy, our beautiful, loved and very magical piggy inspired us to create a series of little stories illustrating the wonderful antics in her fun packed life. You will find an index to all her stories here.

She gathered many friends along the way, and one particularly special family – The Mousies. In the following story we find our heroes enjoying a ‘grand day out’ at the seaside. Roll-up your trouser legs and join us for a paddle in Fairy’s world!

SQUEEK – Oh this is the life. A holiday by the sea. Peace, perfect peace. Nothing to do but relax, lots of lovely sun and no one to boss us about. What could possibly disturb this idyllic tranquillity?


Yoo hooooo – Mousies, don’t panic, your beloved Fairy is here.

This looks just the spot to li-lo for a while.


SQUEAK – Oh well, it was good while it lasted. They do say ‘Life’s a Beach’!

Looks like our holiday just started to get ‘interesting’.


What’s all this then? Oh no, no, no. We can’t have itsy bitsy little undersized sand pies cluttering-up the beach now can we?


Right, everyone pay attention and everything. There has been far too much slacking going on.


And, more importantly, it has come to my notice that the sand pies on this here beach are far too small.

If we are going to win the inaugural Fairy’s Biggest Sand Castle on the Beach competition, there will need to be some changes.


SQUEAK – well this one looks plenty big enough to me – I can hardly see over it.


SQUEAK – resistance is futile!

When Fairy has a ‘Big Idea”, it’s a lot quicker and certainly an awful lot quieter, just to let her get on with it.


Hummmph – very artistic, but we need it to be much, much, MUCH bigger!


Goodness, that was quick. Better, but still not quite the ticket.


Oh I see the problem here. You can’t reach up any higher.


Well luckily for you, Sir Plantagenet Big-Mouse is here to lend his mighty paw.


Oh I do hope he gets a move on – it must be nearly snack time.


Finished? Brilliant! About time too.


It was lucky I had arranged for Sir Plantagenet Big-Mouse and Primrose to show you the way.

And now it’s time for the grand prize giving ceremony.


Ahem – it gives one great pleasure to declare ME the winner of the highly prestigious Fairy’s . . .


Ooooh – what’s this bit for?


Obviously I really do know of course – just checking that you are on the ball young Buster m’lad.


Ah yes – clearly, it is a super duper, 5 star luxury extra-cosy beach apartment Sand Castle for entertaining A-List celebrities.


You can all carry on doing whatever I might require you to be doing – and be quick about it.


I’ll just rest my eyes for a few min . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


SQUEAK – phew, that worked jolly well. Let’s enjoy a bit of peace, while it lasts.

Give us a kiss!

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Wishing You A Very Merry Pig-Mas!

Merry pigmas


From left to right, Baby Betty, Young Bertie, Flo, Poppy, Posy (on Santa’s chair), and Pansy (looking for the reindeer!) all wish you much happiness, salad and joy this Christmas-time!

In The Beginning . . .

It has been a little over a year since Fairy left us. There hasn’t been a day we haven’t thought about her and remembered her funny little ways, the love and joy, and all the magic she brought – not only to us but also to everyone who knew her, far and wide.

If you are new to Fairy and want to see how it all began then take a look at her very first blog post. By clicking ‘next’ at the foot of each post you can enjoy her life story through her tales and also meet her many friends.

A basket full of piggies!5

We are really sorry to report Pixie left us a few wheeks ago. We miss her smiley, happy face very much. We will never forget the long journey to Scotland to collect her from Wendi at Thistle Cavies Rescue. Along with her pal, Bear, she brought a lot of joy and fun to our lives and I know how much she in turn loved Fairy, her special friend. Pixie will always have a special place in our hearts.


We presently share our cottage and the Piggery with our little family of 4 guinea pigs, Posy, Pansy, Flo and Poppy. Sorry to say that they are not the natural posing models that Fairy was (and hence the scarcity of photographs!). Hopefully, with a little sprinkle of Fairy-Magic, we will find a way of capturing their joyful, playful (pirate-like) dispositions! For now though you will have to be content with this photo of them.



Poppy Is In The Driving Seat!

Pixie Finds Her Voice!

Quick! The camera is here! You do it, Pixie, I’m too small!

It seems I have been voted spokes-piggy so, if we may have a drum roll, please . .

It gives me great pleasure . . .

. . . to announce the arrival of a brand new family member!

Freshly delivered yesterday may I introduce Lady Florence Plimsole!

A grand name for a rather grand piggy, bestowed upon her furry little head by our friend and celebrated writer, Auntie Alden.

This is the bit where we eat our lunch, Lady Flo – tuck in!

Go steady, you don’t need to eat it all! (I can see I’m going to have my paws full with this one!)

I’m sure you will agree her new title suits her most suitably – I think Fairy would approve being such a Royal piggy herself.

Did I do it ok, Pansy . . . PANSY!

It’s the little ‘uns you have to watch, Flo!

We’d better get all this grass tidied away before Pansy finds it – get munching!

If you need a reminder of Fairy’s Royal and Titled connections you can go here, here or here!