In The Beginning . . .

It has been a little over a year since Fairy left us. There hasn’t been a day we haven’t thought about her and remembered her funny little ways, the love and joy, and all the magic she brought – not only to us but also to everyone who knew her, far and wide.

If you are new to Fairy and want to see how it all began then take a look at her very first blog post. By clicking ‘next’ at the foot of each post you can enjoy her life story through her tales and also meet her many friends.

A basket full of piggies!5

We are really sorry to report Pixie left us a few wheeks ago. We miss her smiley, happy face very much. We will never forget the long journey to Scotland to collect her from Wendi at Thistle Cavies Rescue. Along with her pal, Bear, she brought a lot of joy and fun to our lives and I know how much she in turn loved Fairy, her special friend. Pixie will always have a special place in our hearts.


We presently share our cottage and the Piggery with our little family of 4 guinea pigs, Posy, Pansy, Flo and Poppy. Sorry to say that they are not the natural posing models that Fairy was (and hence the scarcity of photographs!). Hopefully, with a little sprinkle of Fairy-Magic, we will find a way of capturing their joyful, playful (pirate-like) dispositions! For now though you will have to be content with this photo of them.



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