A Very Magical Memorial Stone For A Very Special Fairy

Fairy’s Memorial Stone has arrived – we are so happy with how it looks and it feels good to mark Fairy’s special spot in the garden.

Here are the troublesome foursome, in their barrow, heading along to inspect things.

Mmmm, smells good.

Let’s check all round it first.

I like this bit!

We ALL like this bit!

But that’s enough of posing for now . . .

Daddy only has so much patience!

Fairy would be proud of us (maybe not)!

Thanks to Teucer Wilson for creating this wonderful, magical piece for us.

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  1. M A G I C

    magic makes the miracles,
    magic finds those who need it,
    looking around,
    moving around the world,
    creating peace and battle,
    we search for a great peace,
    the nature around us,
    full of magic,
    the love and harmony cross,
    loving those that love it,
    searching for friends and allies,
    love of magic is truthful,
    and magic shall love you always.

    you are always in our hearts.

    dearest and very pretty MeeriGirls around the fairy-stone….
    Fairy would (is!) be proud of you all….. 🙂

    sending love
    ingrid xxxxxxx and the bavarian meeris and co. …..

    a beautiful and worthy Memorial Stone in a magical garden there.
    a very special place for precious FAIRY.

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