New Additions!

Life goes on . . . and it is time for an update.

Welcome to the new arrivals! Meet Poppy and Posy – a pair of proper pirate-pigs, into mischief and causing mayhem at every turn!

And another new guinea pig joined us recently, Big Bear, in memory of our own beautiful Bear.

She is an amazing and very beautiful chainsaw carved sculpture, created for us by the very talentedΒ Mick Burns. He also created Big Mavis and all the other ‘Bigs’Β a few years ago.

She is a very BIG Bear indeed! We may need to acquire a new fridge to store the vast quantities of salad and snacks needed to sustain her!

As summer approaches, Pixie and Pansy have been enjoying a few minutes in the garden.

And the whole herd went for a ride in Fairy’s wheelbarrow. It was remarkable they all managed to face the same way for their photo – if only for 2 seconds!

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  1. So lovely to see your new piggies, Anita πŸ™‚ ……. Poppy and Posy Pirate certainly look full of mischief! Haha πŸ˜€
    Pixie and Pansy will have to keep an eye on them! Big Bear is beautiful x
    Take care,
    love Debra xxx


  2. dearest meeris and …
    dearest mum and dad of the meeris !

    so lovely to see here your ‘new Little furry friends’ …… πŸ™‚

    unforgotten FAIRY is always there …..
    and takes care of you all !
    always in our hearts.

    sending love
    ingrid and ….
    1 husband
    6 meeris
    2 bunnies
    3 cats
    2 Dogs
    and the fishes

  3. It’s a bit late but I haven’t seen this new post before !! Welcome to Poppy and Posy πŸ™‚ I am not surprided when you say they are little pirates, I had a couple of hymalayans pigs few years ago and they were just so funny and with a great charactere !!!! I miss them a lot. They are my favorites pigs πŸ˜‰

    I wish you a very nice time all together.

    Love from France xxxxxxxxxxx


  4. I love the thought of the circle of life and how the new piggies are going where Fairy went and doing what Fairy did…the wheelbarrow is my favourite πŸ˜€ The saddest thing of all would have been if you hadn’t given more piggies the chance to have such a beautiful home and life with you. Poppy and Posy look like they are full of mischief. Pixie and Pansy have the same look about them as Marigold and Mariella used to have as they were teaching Fairy the ropes all those years ago.

    The Fairytale continues <3 <3


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