Dear Fairy

It is with the utmost sadness I am writing to tell you our dear, sweet, beautiful and very magical Fairy passed away this morning.

She had a little seizure yesterday morning and fell into a coma soon after. Being Fairy she wasn’t in a hurry to leave her wonderful life but she finally went peacefully this morning at 10am

I know many of you will be as heartbroken as we are.

Let’s be thankful for the fantastic life Fairy had, every day was filled with love, fun, the best salads, hay and the most beautiful pig-sisters ever! She brought so many lovely people into our lives too and huge enjoyment with her little tales!

One day, I want to post some photos and to celebrate her life. It may not be for a little while . . .

Thanks for everyone’s support and for the kind words I know will come. I may not answer them but reading them will mean such a lot to me and Ian.

Fairy – June 11th 2009 – March 9th 2014

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  1. Dearest Fairy !

    Little Princess, we are so very sad ….. you are gone …..
    but you will be always in our hearts.
    Little Fairy, we want to thank you so much for …..
    so many wonderful stories and insights into your life ….
    so many beautiful Pictures … you and your Family ….

    One day ….. in January 2011, I saw a photo in the WWW …..
    it was YOU !
    And I had a Feeling ….
    to drop a note to your mum …..
    FAIRY ….. you brought us together …..
    your Family and my Family …..
    thank you so much sweet Fairy for that and …
    for so many many precious moments in
    our lives …….

    Fare well, Little Princess …..
    sleep well ……
    Fare well, Little White Beauty …..
    Make you do well ….. there …. where you are now …..
    So far away ….. so near though.

    May my Tears For YOU turn to Stars to …..
    guide and protect you … on your way …….

  2. Dear Anita & Ian xxx

    We are so sad hearing this news 🙁 ….. Fairy was an extraordinary, magical piggy xxx
    Anita, thank you for sharing her amazing life with us, through her stories and many beautiful photos… Will miss her very much 🙁

    Love to Pixie x Daisy x and Pansy x

    Take lots of care..
    Love Debra xxx
    Poppet x and Rosie x


  3. Ingrid, thats a beautiful post xx

  4. Dear Fairy’s family,

    I’ve been a tacit follower of Fairy’s blog for the past couple of years, and have thoroughly enjoyed every picture and post that you’ve shared of her adventures in defying the odds of being a lethal pig. Your posts have often brightened an otherwise dreary day for me, and made me appreciate the company of my 3 boar pigs even more. It is clear that Fairy lived a life of love and luxury, and her absence will be sorely missed. I, a random follower of the blog and fellow cavy slave, share in your grief and stand with you as you mourn. Much hugs and love from the middle of the USA.

  5. Beautifully put Ingrid. I too saw a picture on WWW of a tiny white sparkle being cuddled by a protective teddy called Pasquale and was hooked. Dearest Fairy, thank you so much for the joy and laughter you and your piggy sisters have brought to my life over the years. A sad loss, the world isn’t quite so rich today 🙁 xxx

  6. I just saw this, and needed to send my condolences to you all. I am broken down in tears right now. Fairy was a truly special piggie, but she also had truly special people looking after her – you gave her a magical life, and for that, I thank you. All the posts and all the pictures will have a special place in my heart, forever. I am going to go light a candle for her.

  7. I am so very sorry to hear about sweet little Fairy’s passing. I started to cry when I read it! My heart aches for you and our family & piggies are sending lots of warm wishes and comforting thoughts to yours. You gave her such a good life and it was fun to see her stories and how much you truly loved her and interacted with her and her sisters.

  8. I don’t know what to say. I’m so sorry… I have read about Fairy in many years and I’m so impressed of what wonderful life you gave her. I have many piggies living in my home and several of them is old and many have their small handicaps. Fairy have been a loadstar in my work to make them comfortable and happy. She will Always be remembered.

  9. The first picture I saw from Fairy was 3 years ago on a french forum. Fairy was deeply asleep in her bed and I thought “Oh my God, what a precious little piggy !!!!”
    I needed a moment to arrive in Fairyland.
    And then, I have discovered a little white princess and her two sisters living in a magic world thanks to a special mom and dad.
    From this moment, I use to come in this magic world very often. Because yes, a little magic Fairy could bring you joy, tenderness, humility, sweetness, love and a lot more.

    Dearest Fairy, you have touched my heart so deeply …. Thank you so much for that, you, little thing… you, little flower… you, little precious princess… you, little ANGEL.

    Today, it’s you who is looking at us and you can see how much you are missed.

    Forever in our hearts,

    Love from Sofi, Bouba and Canelle xxxxxxxx

  10. Dear Mildred and “Daddy”,
    I just saw this and I can’t stop crying. Every time I have checked your website, I have been relieved that Fairy is OK. To loose both Bear and Fairy just breaks my heart for you. Your site has always brightened my day and I very much appreciate all the work you have put into your stories. The gentle loving care you gave Fairy always helped to restore my faith in humanity. We got our 2 piggies 2 years ago and your site has always brought such inspiration. I know when I die, I want to come back as one of your piggies. My piggies are jealous that Fairy and Co. got a house and all they got was a lousy 2×6 cage. I live in Virginia and you are always invited to visit if you are in the US. Va is not too different than the UK, so you will feel right at home. Sending lots of hugs from VA.

  11. QLD Guinea Pig Refuge and myself want to express our sadness at the passing of Fairy and Thankyou for sharing her with the world and educating people on the Lethal piggies and that their live is worthwhile!
    Godspeed Fairy you hear and see it all now.God Bless you and I hope you continue sharing your Blog in Memory of your beautiful Fairy!
    Jane Andrew

  12. We just want to say ‘thank you’ very much for all your kind words – it has helped such a lot knowing how much joy Fairy brought to others, and how well loved Fairy she was too.

    These last two weeks have been very hard, we miss her so much. Our lives revolved around that little bundle of white fur for almost the last 5 years and now it feels like the Fairy-shaped space is a huge cavern . . . the grief is immense.

    I know, in time, we will look back and be so happy for the life she had, the joy she brought and the love she shared.

    Thank you all again, Anita and Ian xxx

  13. Dear Fairy’s Mum, Dad and family,
    I am writing to thank you for sharing Fairy’s story online. When my little Keller, my tiny lethal white guy, was found in the stairwell of my apartment building along with his family, I felt so overwhelmed, not knowing how to care for him. I found FairyMagic and your stories about all of Fairy’s needs and abilities. Fairy’s experiences encouraged me in caring for my little fella, and reassured me that I could make a great quality of life for him. I tried to be as dedicated to him as you are to Fairy, making up special lunches and syringe feeding him. Sadly, my little pig passed quietly yesterday from a URI, only 5 months old. I always hoped that he would have a long wonderful life like Fairy.
    Thank you so much for sharing Fairy with us – I hope you will keep her site available so that new mums and dads with Fairy cousins might find support and guidance the way I did. I send you my deepest sympathies on her passing, and grieve both our losses. I know exactly what you mean… they are so tiny, and have taken such a huge part of our hearts with them. You are such wonderful pig parents – I am awed by your love and dedication to Fairy and her siblings. Please keep on keeping on.
    <3 Autumn & Keller

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