A Bus Load Of Flowers!

Now then Pixie my old fruit. Kinda peace-able in these here parts of late. It’s been very quiet – too quiet some would say. Happen there’s a storm blowing in to town. Either that or a double decker bus.

Between you, me and the salad bowl, I think there may be a very special delivery on it’s way. I overheard Daddy on the telephone the other day arranging for some very romantic Flowers for our Mummy. Don’t know what he did this time!

Yep – and here it is now – bang on time! Looks to have lots of passengers on it too. Must be another coach party of tourists.

Err . . . excuse me, sorry to be a bother and everything, but is this the marvellous land of magic we have heard wondiferous tales of – where the famous Fairy lives?

Oh Pansy, I think we must be at the right stop, it all looks super duper lovely.

It does too Daisy. I wonder if the catering type salad bar establishment is open for business.

Well, maybe we are a little earlier than expected. It would appear that lunch isn’t quite ready yet.

Are you sure Pansy? I’ll just clamber up onto the top deck to get a better view.

Oh Daisy, quick, come and look at this? It’s just like in all those wonderful stories. I can see mountains of salad, hay and grass, cosy cuddly beds and, oooo err . . . FAIRY? Oh WOW!

That will be little ol’ moi – and I get to be bus driver because apparently that is the pivotal starring role that really moves the plot along and everything!

C’mon you little ‘uns! All aboard, nothing to see here, time you were going. Tickets please, two halves is it? Ding ding and other highly significant and profound Bus type utterances!

Err excuse me Fairy your eminence, me and Pansy, we err, were wondering . . . seeing as we don’t have a forever home, whether it might be . . . if we could . . . maybe you could possibly see your way . . . perhaps we quite thought we might be allowed to errr, STAY HERE WITH YOU AND PIXIE. If you don’t mind too much please, thank you! What’s for tea?

DAAAAAAAAAAADDDY! When I accidentally overheard you mentioning ‘Daisy and Pansy’, I thought you meant the smelly, petal-y flower kind, not the smelly, ravenous furry sort!

What’s that? We will have to have our salad and pellet ration increased dramatically because there are two more mouths to feed???? Brilliant!!!! Welcome aboard you two – everyone off the bus please, ding, ding, hold very tight please, ding, ding again because I like saying it, this bus terminates here – you two have arrived at your destination – Fairyland.

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  1. HAPPY MEERIS ….. four Little Darlings …..
    in a caring and loving home …..
    we are happy to know you ….
    and we love you …. ALL …..
    what a wonderful little story !

    Please pick me a little flower,
    a sweet scented flower with bright red petals,
    A flower nurtured with heart and plucked with care.

    Please pick me a flower to make my day
    A flower to aid my failing tongue
    a little flower to make me smile
    a little flower to make my wish.

    Please pick me a flower for my thoughts
    a flower for my mind
    a flower in sorrow a flower in grieve
    A flower in joy a flower in happiness
    Please pick me a sweet little flower

    Macwolls Kay

  2. Hé hé, a warm and sweet welcome to Daisy and Pansy 🙂 Here you are, in Fairyland to have a magic life !!! Lots of love from Bouba, Canelle and me xxxxxx

  3. Sending hugs for the new little piggies, Daisy & Pansy x…. What a wonderful life they will have with you Fairy, and of course, Pixie, mum & dad. (& mousies & Mr Ted, the sherry drinker!) 😀
    What very pretty girls too! Such lovely news x

    Love Debra xx
    Poppet x and Rosie x

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