Our Beautiful Bear

It is with the saddest heart I have to write the words we all dread. We have lost our dear, sweet, cuddly Bear.

How could it be just a few days ago when I was spring cleaning the Piggery accompanied by a noisy rumbly thundering noise – it was Bear, zooming back and forth, popcorning with gleeful pleasure. And Saturday morning, while we ate our breakfast in the piggery, there she was bouncing hither and yon, checking each and every tunnel and bed. A cuddle Saturday evening while we watched a DVD, one eye on me and one on Pixie snuggled on Fairy’s daddy’s lap. Sunday morning brought more dashes and a game of ‘follow my leader’, Fairy being the one in the front, Bear bringing up the rear.

At 3pm that afternoon Bear seemed a little sleepy. By 7pm it was obvious Bear was having problems, and by midnight we knew this wasn’t going to end well.

Bear left peacefully, with both of us stroking her, at 4.20am.

Dear Bear, the best pig-sister Fairy could have asked for, and also a very close pig-sister to Pixie – they were the best of friends, always side by side. She spent two Christmases with us, and although her time here was just not long enough it was packed with fun, happiness and love.

They bring us so much joy, and Bear did that in overflowing sacks full, and they give so much love – and then they break your heart.

Our dear and much loved beautiful Bear, we loved you so much x x x x


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  1. Am just so sorry to hear about beautiful Bear xxx… We send all our love, at such a sad time xxx… Losing our piggies is heartbreaking 🙁 …. We never forget them, but miss them terribly.
    Take lots of care, Anita xx.. Please give Fairy & Pixie a little hug from us x

    With love,
    Debra xxx Poppet x Rosie x


  2. Just wanted to say, if anyone is having trouble logging in, please consider re-registering (as I did).. I’m now able to comment with no problems x


  3. Thank you, Debra, I am sorry you had a problem logging in to leave a comment. I had to add some new security things to stop spam comments and new user registrations – I was getting 100’s each week! I think it has also blocked some previous users.
    Thank you for taking the time to re register and for leaving your very kind comments.

  4. As I’ve said to you in our email, I am so sorry about sweet Bear xxx

  5. A tender thought to your lovely Bear <3 Love xxxxxx

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