‘Twas Three Nights Before Christmas!

Greetings from a fabulously festive Fairyland my loyal and faithful followers.

Just so you get an idea of what’s what, it’s almost Christmas. Last year Pixie and Bear were too new and giddy to fully appreciate what a special time this is. Unfortunately, Daddy must have whispered the ‘present’ word within their hearing and so they are over excited and determined to find theirs NOW. The hunt is on!

This very one says ‘Fairy’ on it so it’s MY present Bear, NOT yours.

Stand by to repel pirate pigs. Oi!, Bear, sling your hook. It’s not up here either?

Hummmpf – Pixie – I can see you. Kindly desist from taking not so crafty nibbles out of my pressie.

And just for your information, only good piggies get presents at Christmas.

Better luck next year!!!!

Not to worry. Fairy is only teasing. Bear and Pixie will be getting more than their fair share of Christmas cheer.

We all hope you and your piggies have a wonderful time too – Merry Christmas x x x

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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS FAIRY x… And a Merry Christmas to Pixie & Bear, Mum & Dad too x
    Lots of lovely pressies there, are they all for you piggies? Lol… That big red pressie you’re sitting on Fairy, Im guessing its one of yours? 🙂 … Think you are very sensible in sitting on it, will keep away other nosey piggies, who may want to nibble it open! 😀
    Fab photos, as always x… Have a wonderful time, all of you… Merry Pigmas xx
    Love Debra x Poppet & Rosie xx 🙂

  2. aw! Merry Christmas to you, Debra, and Poppet and Rosie 🙂 xxxxx

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