A Fairy In The Post!

Can you just hold on a minute while I examine this marvellous card that arrived for moi today?

Hehehe! Not only is it for ME, it’s full of ME too – and even a bit of Pixie and Bear as well!

Look! There we are, full of festive-ness!

Thank you very much indeed, Poppet and Rosie! I LOVE my new card and all the Christmassy bits in it – and I especially love the back, you really are a pair of gorgeous girls! and you are wonderful!

Big lots of Christmas-love to YOU both (and to my Auntie Debra too) xxx

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  1. Merry Christmas Fairy xxx 🙂

  2. How will I know that I am able to read and also post comments? Im struggling to understand how to use this site. I am not computer savy and just learning to navigate this. let me know. I was touched by this as fairy is deaf and blind. I am a deaf person that LOVES guinea pigs. let me know. thanks

  3. What a wonderful blog! My friends want me to do a blog with my 4 pigs because of how I dress my pigs up for all the holidays in little hats ,etc. and have so much fun with them ….and I am sure my pigs don’t mind because there are always treats involved. But I think I will just send my friends over here to see yours ! I like that you are doing the same that I do and not forcing your pigs into anything and they all look happy and healthy. Yours are all so cute, and of course Fairy is awesome. Special needs piggies are so totally worth the time and attention they require.Love them and this blog !

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