And It’s Night-Night From Me!

Here I am again. Would you believe some nosey friends asked my mum recently ‘Where does Fairy sleep’? As if that is anyone’s business but my own. I will tell you anyway, but only if you are nosey enough to read on . . .

First off the important bits – getting me fed! This photo was from a while ago, didn’t I look cute? I still do I expect.

Once my tummy is suitably filled I get my superior Daddy-cuddles.

Then it’s into my bedroom where I find supper has been laid out along with a tasty heap of hay – and my jolly yummy snack bowl has been topped up with the finest super-snacks! All present and correct then.

Oh and look here, some fresh grass. Could life get any more perfect?

On goes my handy keep-Fairy-free-from-draughts device . . .

. . . then another little back rub! I like this best best!

Into position now, a heated underblanket and the warm stove . . .

. . . and a bit of distance between moi and that pesky pair, Pixie and Bear.
Peace at last! Night-night!

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  1. Fairy, how lovely to see where you sleep 🙂 ….. It looks very comfy & filled with snackettes (which is always handy!)….. I see you also have a heated blanket – that must be fab when its extra chilly 🙂 …….. Great to see Pixie & Bear – their little setup looks lovely too x
    I can’t believe that Christmas is just round the corner, Fairy… What have you asked Father Christmas for? 🙂
    Sending lots of love to you all x… Hello to your mum x
    Love Debra xx Poppet & Rosie xx 🙂

  2. Hello Auntie Debs and co! Fairy here saying thank you very much for reminding me about Christmas! I have just TODAY been to see Santa! Watch this space!!
    I hope you and Poppet and Rosie are keeping cosy this winter . . .
    Lots and lots of Fairy-Magic wishes to YOU! XXX

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