Famous Fairy!

You might be forgiven for thinking we’d all gone away for good this summer when actually we were all just very busy indeed. What with lawn-mowing duties, salad growing and testing the outcomes duties, plus all sorts of untold summery type jobs, these last few wheeks have been somewhat hectic. But we are BACK!

It’s a super-duper autumn day and here I am minding my own business (and showing off my jolly white fur and pink nose, if you hadn’t noticed) when the postie popped a Very Important Package through our letter box.

What do you reckon this is, Bear?

Oh my paws and whiskers! It’s the brand new 2014 hot-off-the-press Guinea Lynx Calendar!

C’mon, bear, stop pretending you are all shy and what-not, you are HERE on these hallowed pages! LOOK!

Now then, let’s take a peek inside . . . it’s all a bit dark if you ask me.

Well, I am Fairy-flabbergasted! It’s ME! Adorning the page for January. Crumbs! I look a proper little pin-up girl, don’t I?

That’s Pasquale Bear, his cuddly arms are so cosy.

Anyway, the rest of the pages are packed with fab pics of all my friends – and on top of all that there are some jolly hilarious captions for your delectation!

I think EVERYONE needs a Guinea Lynx Calendar to hang on their wall next year. And the January page is guaranteed to get your year off to a very warm and fuzzy start!

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  1. How lovely…using ‘my’ picture of you and Pasquale! xxx

  2. Yes! Now you have to share it, Alimouse 🙂

  3. How do I order one please Fairy? My piggy niece and nephew would love one for their piggy house 😀 xxx

  4. Hi Auntie Alimouse,
    We are just waiting for the link to the ordering page to go up on Guinea Lynx. As soon as we know it’s up and running we will post it here for you.
    If there’s a problem getting one I could get my mum to send you a pair of signed photos of little old me instead 🙂
    Fairy xx

  5. Here are the links for buying the calendar:

    Calendar Information


  6. Me, Burvil & Mantequilla missed you!

    Wow, Bear got big! I thought Burvil had a big bot.

    I’m making a calender of Burvil & Mantequilla for my nephew’s Christmas present. We spent the evening doing a Halloween photoshoot for October’s page.

    Will we get trick or treated by Fairy and her friends?

  7. Hello again little Fairy, Pixie and Bear !!
    How nice to see you.
    You look great on this calendar 🙂 Bouba and Canelle are jealous, they want to be on one as well !!!
    I am going to have a look to get one, hope they send it to France.

    Big hug from Bouba,Canelle and me !!!

  8. Hellooooooo Fairy xxx
    Its so lovely to see you, Pixie & Bear x… Have missed you 🙂 ……… And I see you are even more famous, (is that possible?) appearing in the fab Guinea Lynx calendar…. Beautiful photo of you & Pasquale xx
    Haven’t Pixie & Bear grown? Are they munching all your snackettes? Lol… You must keep some stashed away Fairy (for secret nom noms)
    Waves to your mum x
    Sending lots of love to you all xx
    Love Debra x Poppet x & Rosie x 🙂

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