Green-Nosed Fairy!

Top’o’the morning, friends and all! I expect you think I have been lazing around all summer, snoozing in a shady corner, or enjoying a spot of warm sun on my back. Well, you would be wrong!

You have, I am sure, heard of the saying ‘green fingered’, meaning someone is a dab hand with plants and stuff in the garden. I represent that little heard of group of ‘green nosed’ gardeners, true experts in the cultivation of all things piggy-saladdy.

Cast your eyes, if you will, across my extensive, packed to bursting veg bed.

Look at this rather fetching leaf I am holding for inspection. You will have to take my word for its scrumptious tastiness!

And here’s my jolly attractive herb garden, of which I am particularly fond . . . I’d better just thin out these seedlings, hold on a moment please.

Oh this parsley stuff, it spreads like mad. I will just shift a few of the excess bunches.

nom, nom, nom, burp!

Hey, daddy! Can you scoop me up now, please? I have finished gardening for today.

There’s just time to show you this flowery bit, although WHY anyone would bother filling their garden with inedibles I do not know. It may look pretty but it seems a waste of space to me!

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  1. I’ve missed you! You look so well Fairy – it must be all the fresh veg and sunshine 🙂 Thinning out all the young shoots, you’re so clever, what a good idea.
    Sending you lots of love dear Fairy, Bear and Pixie (and mummy too – for allowing me little ‘escape to Fairy land time’ he he! xxx

  2. Helloooo Fairy xxx…. As well as being green nosed, you have a little green mouth too! Lol… thats nom nomming all that parsley, lol… Like Alimouse said, have missed you & all your escapades (with your naughty sisters, Pixie & Bear – hope they are well)
    Beautiful pictures, as always… Love the last one, you in amongst the flowers & where you are nomming a huge sprig of parsley 🙂
    Lots of love from London xx
    And a big hello to your mum 🙂

    Love Debra xx & the girls xx

  3. sweet FAIRY !!!!!!
    there you are …… 🙂
    long time no hear …….
    your little green nose fairy grass flowers and gardenstory
    is really refreshing …….
    wish you were here to hug you and your meerifriends
    pixie and bear …. and your mam and dad …………
    big bussi from germany/bavaria and 7 heat wave-meeris
    love you all …. ingrid xxxxxxxxxxx

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