A Right Royal Birthday For Fairy!

Hello there my lovely followers.

What a truly excellent and all super duper type extended Birthday Number Four I am having!

Lo and behold it seems there’s another special little parcel arrived for me somewhere. Now where on earth can it be?

Oh yes – here it is. I knew that!

I has been tastefully adorned with trendy stickers and that is definitely MY name and MY address on the label, so it must be for me. So there!

I’ll just have a sneaky peek in here. Gently does it, you can never be too careful – it might be a Bear trap to get me all inside the envelope and packaged off to goodness only knows where!

Hmmmm – looks harmless enough. Two intriguing parcels wrapped in tasty . . . I mean tasteful wrapping paper.

Quite cosy too! What a wonderful gift, my very own spotty, dotty Fairy-cave.

What! There’s MORE? Wow!

Rustle, scrunch, and an exploratory fuffle!

Hold it! I am just taking a break for a quick snackette or three.

Tra-la-la! Ooooooh lookit! A regal crown and a splendiferous throne!

And an instructional manual type card thingy.

Hum, yes, I see . . . place piece A . . . and insert tab B . . . and . . . oh all things too complicated to bother with!

Basically, it says the crown goes ON my head top and the throne goes UNDER my . . . errr . . . under ME!

I knew that! Wow!

Queen Fairy here, rehearsing an address to her loyal and faithful slaves/followers! Three cheers (or even a couple more would be nice), for Fairy.

Hahaha! Ooops – hats off to me too – they are wonderful wonderful pressies!

There’s also this rather sparkly little crown number – ideal for my summer going out and about engagements.

I am such a very regal little Royal piggy and now I have all the appropriate accoutrements to make it all official and everything! Vivat, VIVAT, Lethal!!!

Dear Pyretta,

I LOVE my Crown and my Throne and YOU!

Thank you xxx


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  1. Aww, you are SO welcome HRP Fairy! 🙂 *curtsies*

    Wheek thought it was about time our very own Royal piggy had her very own bejewelled Crown and Throne…..and never a prettier Queen have wheeek ever seen!! xxx

  2. Oh Fairy – I LOVE YOUR CROWN!
    What a lovely pressie from Pyretta.. you look so pretty & regal.. Fab fluffy throne too (I see it has jingly bells attached)…. Will you let Pixie & Bear sit on it? (Think I already know the answer, lol)
    What a super birthday you’ve had, Fairy xxx 🙂

  3. Aw! Thank you again, Pyretta! We love Fairy’s crown and throne 🙂

    You are right, Debra, I am pretty sure Fairy isn’t going to let Bear squash . . . Err I mean SIT on her throne!!

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