The Start of Fairy’s Big Day!

Today is my Very Special day – I am FOUR!

Time to don my tiara and get ready for my Birthday Party later on!

Bear: Happy Birthday from me and Pixie, Fairy.

Pixie: Yes, yes, enough of all that, looks like Daddy has something lined up over yonder.

Come on, you two, we have exciting things to do!!

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  1. Birthday Best

    Every year that comes and goes
    Brings its flowers and its snows;
    With each birthday, every year,
    I celebrate you, for it’s so clear
    You’re really special; you’re the peak,
    One of a kind, you are unique.
    Happy Birthday; may your day
    Be blessed, like you, in every way.

    bussi for YOU and PIXIE and BEAR ….
    we love you !

  2. Dear Fairy xxx
    Sending you lots of love on your 4th BIRTHDAY!
    Have a wonderful day – hope you don’t get too tired, opening all your pressies & stuff, lol…
    Love Debra xxx
    Happy Birthday squeaks from Poppet x and Rosie x 🙂

    Ps.. Lovely poem by Ingrid 🙂
    PPS.. Love the pics

  3. Oooh! Thank you dearest Ingrid, what a beautiful poem you have written for Fairy, very special indeed xxxx and Happy Birthday to Uncle Helmut from Fairy! xxx

    And thank YOU dear Debra, Poppet and Rosie, fairy LOVED your gift and wonderful, very special card. We can’t thank you enough xxxxx

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