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A Right Royal Birthday For Fairy!

Hello there my lovely followers.

What a truly excellent and all super duper type extended Birthday Number Four I am having!

Lo and behold it seems there’s another special little parcel arrived for me somewhere. Now where on earth can it be?

Oh yes – here it is. I knew that!

I has been tastefully adorned with trendy stickers and that is definitely MY name and MY address on the label, so it must be for me. So there!

I’ll just have a sneaky peek in here. Gently does it, you can never be too careful – it might be a Bear trap to get me all inside the envelope and packaged off to goodness only knows where!

Hmmmm – looks harmless enough. Two intriguing parcels wrapped in tasty . . . I mean tasteful wrapping paper.

Quite cosy too! What a wonderful gift, my very own spotty, dotty Fairy-cave.

What! There’s MORE? Wow!

Rustle, scrunch, and an exploratory fuffle!

Hold it! I am just taking a break for a quick snackette or three.

Tra-la-la! Ooooooh lookit! A regal crown and a splendiferous throne!

And an instructional manual type card thingy.

Hum, yes, I see . . . place piece A . . . and insert tab B . . . and . . . oh all things too complicated to bother with!

Basically, it says the crown goes ON my head top and the throne goes UNDER my . . . errr . . . under ME!

I knew that! Wow!

Queen Fairy here, rehearsing an address to her loyal and faithful slaves/followers! Three cheers (or even a couple more would be nice), for Fairy.

Hahaha! Ooops – hats off to me too – they are wonderful wonderful pressies!

There’s also this rather sparkly little crown number – ideal for my summer going out and about engagements.

I am such a very regal little Royal piggy and now I have all the appropriate accoutrements to make it all official and everything! Vivat, VIVAT, Lethal!!!

Dear Pyretta,

I LOVE my Crown and my Throne and YOU!

Thank you xxx


Happy Birthday, Fairy!

Hello again!

I’ve been extra good for almost a whole minute now because . . . IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

A time to celebrate, to rejoice, to let the bells ring loud throughout the land and, and to bring on the pressies!

Errrr, that’s a nice snack, thank you Auntie Rachel and Auntie Alice, but it is hardly enough to sustain a big four year old such as moi though. It’s the thought that counts? Well, think a bit bigger thoughts next time, please – parsley AND some lettuce would be jolly good.

Anyway, as I was saying, BRING ON THE BIG PRESSIES – PRONTO!

Off you go to the kitchen, Bear, and lock-up the Sherry quick, Mr Bear is on his way – with MY PRESSIES.

Jolly nice card, by the way.

Hello, Mr Bear, this is much more like it. How exciting.

Move over  – Fairy coming through.

Oh wow – what a smashing card from Auntie Debra.

How clever of her to find one with such a stunning picture on it!

Woo hoo – another Bear – super dooper – and a very fetching hat too. Thanks, Auntie Debs!

Not that I am one to complain, but that Piggy on the card has a very tasty looking apple. You’d have thought there was room in the envelope for a real apple, or two, and a bit a salad, maybe some grass . . .

Oh, hang on a minute – what does this extra special fridge shaped parcel contain???

It’s very promising – even the string is tasty.

Oh joy unbounded – it’s my very own FAIRY TELEVISION!!!!!!!

It was only a matter of time before I starred on my very own TV programme.

Perhaps I should hold some auditions for co-stars.

Very nice Bear – but I’m not convinced that there is much demand for a virtuoso display of yawning and snoozing – NEXT!

Or, to be honest, Pixie and Bear trying to remember the punchline to a very funny joke I told brilliantly ages ago, is not exactly Morecambe and Wise, is it?

Good grief – I’ve got it. The perfect programme . . .

A compilation of the very best Fairy Stories. Genius!

Sit still you two, no popcorning.

What a fabulous day. Lots of super pressies and good wishes from loads of lovely people – thank you very, very much. But you’ll have to excuse me for now –

It’s Birthday LUNCH TIME!

After a short siesta I have a feeling I am in for more exciting pressie opening! This being 4 is great fun!

Fairy’s telly was made by Jenny @ Piggy Palace as a one off, with permission from Helen @ Cosy Cavies – thank you BOTH!

Thank you Aunties Rachel and Alice for my parsley snackette! I love you both 🙂

Thanks Auntie Debra for the gorgeous bear and the most amazingly special card ever!

Thank you Auntie Jenny for my fab party hat, new pawbag, super wonderful bunting and the smashing round whatsit thingy, the garland! And I loved the Big Apple card very much too.

And thank you Daddy xxxx

PS And thank you for the surprise that has just arrived in the post – more about that soon!

The Start of Fairy’s Big Day!

Today is my Very Special day – I am FOUR!

Time to don my tiara and get ready for my Birthday Party later on!

Bear: Happy Birthday from me and Pixie, Fairy.

Pixie: Yes, yes, enough of all that, looks like Daddy has something lined up over yonder.

Come on, you two, we have exciting things to do!!