Wool I Never!

Occasionally someone unexpected appears in The Piggery. Today was one of those days.

Hello there. Who are ewe?

Wool I never! A curly coated sheep type person has come to stay! She looks all innocent and young. Must be pure new wool.

I bet she can spin a good yarn.

Just call me Fairy-Curly-Locks.

Errr . . . you could say . . . I am feeling a little sheepish.

What’s that? Your favourite food is, is, is GRASS?

What did I say?

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  1. oh dear …..
    what a lovely little ‘story’ …..
    I love sheeps and I love FAIRY.
    sweet little curled darlings …..
    have fun there in your beautiful home !
    ingrid and seven meeris ….. 🙂

  2. Your new friend is lovely Fairy…but you are the loveliest, of course 😀 xxx

  3. Oh Fairy.. look at ewe & your new friend!… She looks a very sweet & curly sheepy 🙂
    Your new wooly hair do looks fab – watch out though, Pixie & Bear will be jealous, lol… 😀
    Lots of love, Debra xxx & the girls xx 🙂

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