Fairy Has Bugs!

Meet my two very special friends, Mr Bee and Mr Ladybug!

You can tell they are special bee-cause they are allowed to sit in my armchairs.

Mr Bee is especially useful, he has a jolly comfy lap to sit on . . . he’s the bee-knees.

And he does particularly good back scritches, useful when there isn’t a handy Daddy around!

ooohhhhh . . . ahhhhh, up a bit, now down a bit! Mmmmm! Lovely! You’re a real honey.

You can all buzz-off now, it’s time for our snackettes.

Salad and pollen, please, waiter!

Thank you, Auntie Dona and all your super-duper family for thinking of ME – I love my Mr Bee very much indeed!

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  1. Aww, i’m so pleased that you love your new friend Fairy, what a bee-autiful couple you make! Bee-ing a Royal bee, (you know, the very special ones that make Royal Jelly?) Mr Bee was MOST excited when I told him he was going to live with a real live Princess!! Hope you all have a buzzztastic future together! 🙂

  2. What lovely new friends, Fairy!…. Are Pixie & Bear jealous of them, being able to sit on your chairs? Lol… Mr Bee certainly looks very comfy to lay on x…. Whilst you were opening these pressies, were you buzzing with excitement? Haha.. Had to get a little bee joke in somewhere 😀 …….. Hope you are all well x
    Love Debra xxx & the girls xx 🙂

  3. Hehe! I think Fairy decided it was better to have Mr’s Bee and ladybug parked in her chairs – no room for a certain Bear or Pixie then;)
    Lots of scritchy scratchy to your girls :0 xx

    Thanks again, Pyretta! Every day we are cheered by the sight of your fantastic creations :))) They are so smiley and cheerful! xx

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