Monthly Archives: May 2013

Wool I Never!

Occasionally someone unexpected appears in The Piggery. Today was one of those days.

Hello there. Who are ewe?

Wool I never! A curly coated sheep type person has come to stay! She looks all innocent and young. Must be pure new wool.

I bet she can spin a good yarn.

Just call me Fairy-Curly-Locks.

Errr . . . you could say . . . I am feeling a little sheepish.

What’s that? Your favourite food is, is, is GRASS?

What did I say?

Fairy Has Bugs!

Meet my two very special friends, Mr Bee and Mr Ladybug!

You can tell they are special bee-cause they are allowed to sit in my armchairs.

Mr Bee is especially useful, he has a jolly comfy lap to sit on . . . he’s the bee-knees.

And he does particularly good back scritches, useful when there isn’t a handy Daddy around!

ooohhhhh . . . ahhhhh, up a bit, now down a bit! Mmmmm! Lovely! You’re a real honey.

You can all buzz-off now, it’s time for our snackettes.

Salad and pollen, please, waiter!

Thank you, Auntie Dona and all your super-duper family for thinking of ME – I love my Mr Bee very much indeed!

Fill ‘er Up, Please!

Look! A lovely friend made me a jolly special Fairy type dinner bowl, just for ME!

It’s very nice, although I have to say it is rather lacking in the snacks department. I am only saying, like.

Nom, nom, nom!

That’s much better! C’mon Pixie and bear, you can help me test my new bowl!

Thank you very much, Auntie Annie, I love my new bowl – especially when it is full!