Fairy’s New Three Piece!

Oh hello! Has my new three piece been delivered?

Good! Oh whooo! It’s lovely and pink, my favourite colour.

Now then you two, I will spell this out for you – it says FAIRY, that means ME!

This means this is the place where I will sit – not YOU, Bear, or YOU, Pixie, if you don’t mind.

Allow me to demonstrate.

Yes, it is very comfy indeed . . . can we get the removal men in to move it into my house?

Psst! Bear, do you think it really does say ‘FAIRY’? It might SAY Fairy when it really means BEAR.

Well, this armchair suits me just fine, Pixie! It may not be quite my size but it will do.

Err, excuse me, Bear, but I see the cushion has been squashed down on MY CHAIR!

You will have to wait until I have finished my snack before I come and sort you out. I may be a few minutes . . . !

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  1. Helloooo Fairy xxx…. I see you’ve had a sofa delivery from DFS (the sofa people) :D….. Its a lovely colour & looks very comfy – we are very jealous, lol..
    Love the cushions spelling out FAIRY x… Pixie & Bear are looking very well – you must let them sit on the sofa & chairs though (occasionally) 🙂
    Sending love from London x… And hello to your mum too x
    Take care Fairy..
    Love Debra & the girls xxx 🙂

  2. I only can say this:
    what wonderful and lovely photos of you three !!!!
    what an amazing still life with happy meeris !
    love to you all ….. 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, what lucky piggies you are to have a new ‘three pigs suite’. What clever person made that for you?!

    Happy, sunny spring to you all xxx

  4. OH MY GOD!You have your own little garden!!!
    How I wish I could have such a happy!!!

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