Happy Easter Bunny-Pigs!

Hello there my lovelies.

Mummy says it’s Easter – time for another of my splendiferous set-piece photo portrait type heirloom thingies. As it’s Easter Mummy wants us to be all good and colourful and very well behaved – no problems there then! I’ve recruited a clutch of fluffy chicks to make up the numbers. I can’t help but notice that everything looks all under control though. Is there something missing?

Oh yes of course, my pesky little(!) pigsisters. Here they come. It was never going to be straight forward was it?

‘I say Pixie, I don’t think much to that droopy looking salad’

‘Don’t panic Bear, I’ll check to see if Fairy has hidden some tasty treats behind here.’

‘Egg-celent idea, Pixie.’

‘The weather looks nice for the time of year, Bear – all that sun will get the salad growing nicely – Yum.’

Never mind grazing out the window Pixie, get your bottoms over here pronto for an Easter family portrait.

‘Hummph, call this a snack Bear? I suppose it will have to do.’

‘I’ve nearly finish all of mine Pixie – time to sneak off to pastures new.’

Goodness me – what a kerfuffle. Lucky I had ordered a couple well behaved and very photogenic chicklets, Basil and Dill, to help me look all photogenic and everything.

Happy Easter everyone!

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    Sending lots of Easter wishes to you all x…… How sweet you look, sitting in your Easter basket, Fairy…. And the chicks are visiting too! Hope they are keeping an eye on Pixie & Bear (from getting upto any mischief)…..
    Have a lovely time x… Hoppy Easter (lol)… ^..^
    Love Debra xxx & the girls x 🙂

  2. Fairy! Grumpy Burvil was put in exactly the same kind of Easter basket for a photo but her bum was too big for it and she and the basket rolled over onto their sides.

    Burvil’s not even properly grown up yet like you, she’s only 6 months old!

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