Fairy Welcomes A New Princess!

Greetings my loyal and faithful followers.

We have an extra special cause to celebrate today – apparently. Not only has mummy presented me with a rather splendid vase of smelly and totally inedible flowers (no – I don’t know why either), but we have a visit from a right royal official celebrity type mousie – oh bliss!

Now then me ducks – how’s tricks and errr, who are you anyway?


Princess Anastasia? Never heard of you – when do we eat?

Oh I see, you are actually really important because everybody says so and anyway you’ve got a very smart crown thingy.


Call that a crown? I have my very own integral fur crown that is far, far posher and all white and cute and everything!


Now we have got that all sorted out it’s time for our official portrait. Say ‘Sherry’ Mr Bear.

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  1. Princess Mousie has finally met Princess Fairy!
    She looks very pretty, for a mousie – in her floral dress & silver crown – And, a mousie with blue eyes too!
    But, still not as pretty as you, Fairy dear x 🙂 …… Will she be sleeping in that big posh ‘princess & the pea’ bed?….. Did Mr Bear show himself up, with his liking for sherry?… You must tell us all the gossip, Fairy? Lol…
    Lovely photos x
    Sending lots of love to you, Fairy x.. Pixie & Bear too xx

  2. A bit late catching up but Mr Bear you always make me laugh. A bear after my own heart, any reason for a toast eh?

    Fairy, I thought you might like to know that I printed off your Hello Piggy magazine (wasn’t going to use my very own, posh, glossy copy!) and I’ve put it in the book corner in my classroom. You are now a very famous piggy amongst my class and they love it!

    Hope you’re all cosy and snug and not getting too battered by the cold easterly winds.

  3. Oh wow! I am so pleased your class likes my magazine, Auntie Alimoouse!

    That Mr Bear, he seems permanently attached to his sherry these days, just like I am pretty fond of my salad.

    All cosy here, we hope YOU are cosy too xxx

    Hello Antie Debs! That Pricess Mousie isn’t quite as pretty as moi, you are correct, but she is a jolly little mouse. She seems to have taken over the mouse house, bossing those other pesky mousies around. Talking of bossing around, I need to go see to Pixie and Bear, they appear to be eating all my hay up!

    See you soon , Fairy xxxxx

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