It’s MY Big Day!

Hello there my adoring Fairy Fans. Today is an even more special day in the Piggery calendar than usual – It’s VALENTINES DAY!

I wonder what tokens of everlasting love have winged their way from far flung corners of the globe to my cuddle cup?

Judging by all the excitement the postman’s made a delivery!


Errr, Bear, what’s this Valentine’s Day thingy about then?

Ummm, that’s easy Pixie – no idea! But if I’m not very much mistaken, it involves presents and therefore a strong likelihood of tasty treats too.


Quick, while Fairy gets herself all beautified, let’s check what’s snackable in here?

I say Pixie, steady on there. I rather suspect that that there packaged was addressed to little ole’ me.

Stand back – Fairy coming through.

Goodness me – there are tasty treats! I’d better tell Bear quick, while Fairy pontificates about something or other.

Bear, you should have seen it. More gloriously hearty mouthfuls than you could shake a piggy butt at.

Time to hatch a cunning wheeze type plan.

Fairy – why don’t you check to see who sent this wonderful Valentines Day tribute, while we tidy up.

Hummmph – tidy up? I can’t help thinking those pesky twosome are up to something.

Now, let me see. Oh yes, this wonderful card was sent by my gorgeous boarfriends Gomez, Frederick, Ernie, Humphrey, Vincent, Oscar, Elmo and Herman, and posted by their Pig-Mummy, Auntie Pyretta. A jolly great big thank you to them.

What on earth is all that chomping noise coming from behind the card? I can hardly hear myself read!!!!!


Ha, those two will need to get up earlier in the afternoon if they want to out smart Fairy. I cunningly deployed a decoy packet of substitute tasteless treats. So while those two greedy piglets have a snooze to recover, I get to nibble the real pressie packet all to myself AND – I get to wear a trendy hat too!

Oh, I do love Valentine’s Day – almost as much as I love all of you! xxxxxx

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  1. Aww, your devoted Scottish boarfriends are most pleased that you liked their little PigValentine’s gifts girls! :)They saved up all of their pocket money to buy them just for you. Silly billy piglets Bear and Pixie though thinking you could out-smart Her Royal Pigness like that – tut tuts to you!! Pigs might fly before that ever happens – just ask your little Mousie friends! 😉

    Wheek love you all toooo – even more than Fairys’ very fetching new ruby encrusted crown, hehe!! xxxxxx

  2. Hello there, Fairy xxx
    Had lots of fun, looking through your Valentine pics!…… What lucky piggies, getting tasty treats in the post, from your Auntie Pyretta… And, using the parcel bag as an extra hidey hole!… 2 pressies in one 🙂
    Did you tell Pixie off, for hijacking your blog?… 😀 …….. Fab photos as always… And Fairy, you look a little poppet with your pretty crown on 🙂
    Love also to Pixie, Bear, Mum & Dad x

  3. little sweet:
    How are you?
    I’m mosaic. Do you know, your story has already been told to chinese. Now in China, there are a lot of people look for your blog and silently bless you. We all love you .
    We told the guinea pigs in China there has a lovely girl named Fairy in the distant place.I think they’re very happy to know you.
    Best wishes for you.
    Love you

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